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10 Reasons To Avoid Dieting

Written: 08/02/2007

There are many people who feel they should eat a healthy diet but for one reason or another they fail to do so.

Consider the following list of reasons not to change your eating habits. Do any of the reasons sound familiar to you?

1. “I have no time.”

2. “I’m too busy at work.”

3. “I always feel rushed.”

4. “I have more important things to do.”

5. “I don’t like vegetables or low-fat foods.”

6. “I crave sweets and high-fat foods too much.”

7. “What if the changes I make don’t make me feel better or become healthier?”

8. “My friends, co-workers, or family would tease or embarrass me.”

9. “I am not good at making changes.”

10. “I’m too old, fat, or set in my ways to make changes now.”

You must not let yourself be defeated by such reasons and concentrate on the essential keys to ensure that your diet is a success!

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sunneebooh %{author} wrote %{time} 96 months ago:
Yes, this is me..If its not stresses in my marriage, its my oldest daughter needing my help to move, or its the week of my period or ? ? ?..this is me...I know I can do better...

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