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Only in a Week?! How to Get Really Skinny Really Fast

Is it possible to lose weight quickly? Yes it is, but how you go about it is the most important thing. There are several diets and programs you can start to help you lose weight fast. But to lose the weight and keep it off you need to incorporate the weight loss program as part of your lifestyle. Otherwise you will just gain the pounds back.

Healthy eating is a no-brainer. If you have not changed your diet, you're never going to win. What bothers me about some diets is that people will consume foods that tell their body they are full, but they are not going the proper nutrition. Eat a well-balanced meal, and then consume the type of foods that send a signal that you are full. Otherwise you will have vitamin deficiencies.

As for exercising, cardio is what you will need to do. Just make sure not to exhaust yourself, and keep yourself hydrated.

So if you want to get skinny fast, it is possible, but do not kill yourself in the process. As long as you are consistent, you should be able to reach your goal. As stated earlier, to keep the weight off, weight loss and maintaining your desired weight has to be part of your lifestyle—not something that you do off and on again.

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Anonymous wrote 30 months ago:
I agree with this exercise isn't everything but it is a part of getting skinny. As myself I have and still am struggling with thinking that I'm not skinny enough or thin but this is a good example of how to keep getting skinny and getting your cardio on ....
Anonymous wrote 21 months ago:
What is your diet plan and what we have to do if we want to get really skinny fast

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