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Trying to get back to business--

Funny, I didn't remember blogging those two other history posts in my blog here.  I will have to continue those.

 After logging my food very regularly from approx. January 2012 to solmetime in the summer of 2013 (I have to check when it stopped) and then stopping, I have been feeling convicted to start again.  I have not lost any more since the 12 or so pounds I lost in 2012, and my blood pressure is up.  I plan to increase veggies, water, fruit, and decrease junks and too much saturated fat.  I need to review my calorie settings, etc., and have started all the logging again today.  I have been exercising fairly well and most (but not all for some reason?) of my Map My Fitness logs in my phone usually show up here, so I just need to keep exercising the way I have been (probably the reason I haven't had a big gain, with my eating inconsistencies!)

Hoping to lose 10 more pounds by Christmas!

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