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Introduction to my weight journey

My regular blog is at  I have been entering weight/diet posts on there periodically the whole time, since I started it in 2003.I had also extensively journaled on a web site I made in 1999/2000, but believe those posts may be gone due to some lost web sites and backups.

 My weight loss/gain summary:


I was chubby throughout childhood, always about 10-15 pounds overweight.  My first successful weight loss (to normal weight) was in 1977 or so when I was 12.  I was about 5'2" or 5'3" and went from 130 pounds down to about 115.  I stayed there a few years and felt comfortable with that weight.  I also often practiced gymnastic flips and went jogging and played basketball.

 In around 9th grade more studying and less exercise caught up with me and I found myself back at 130 or so.  I definitely was a solid 5'3" by this time.  I never got back to 115 then, but I did yoyo for the next three years from 130 to 125 and back up again.  

 Senior year brought me back up and OVER 130 as I worked in a restaurant with some very good pies!  I went back on a plan, this time very different with no sugar and only eating two times a day, and quickly went down to 120 pounds.  I started senior year at that weight and heard many compliments.  I no longer worked at the job, but took on many many classes and had a goal of bringing up my GPA to get into college easily so stressed myself out, obtaining a 4.0 for the year and packing on a whopping 25 pounds in just a few months.  I graduated weighing more than I had in my life, 145.

 Started college and by Christmas I was 160 pounds.  A comment in a clothing store that I need to go to the "big women's" store caused my weight loss again.  I calorie counted my way from 1984 - 1986 (very slowly, like I'm trying to do now) back down to 124 pounds.  In November of 1986 I contracted pneumonia and went all the way down to 111 pounds.  For the first time in my life I was underweight and looked it.


To be continued...



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