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Trying to get back to business--

Funny, I didn't remember blogging those two other history posts in my blog here.  I will have to continue those.

 After logging my food very regularly from approx. January 2012 to solmetime in the summer of 2013 (I have to check when it stopped) and then stopping, I have been feeling convicted to start again.  I have not lost any more since the 12 or so pounds I lost in 2012, and my blood pressure is up.  I plan to increase veggies, water, fruit, and decrease junks and too much saturated fat.  I need to review my calorie settings, etc., and have started all the logging again today.  I have been exercising fairly well and most (but not all for some reason?) of my Map My Fitness logs in my phone usually show up here, so I just need to keep exercising the way I have been (probably the reason I haven't had a big gain, with my eating inconsistencies!)

Hoping to lose 10 more pounds by Christmas!

Continued introduction to my weight loss journey

In my prior post I talked about my dieting in middle/high school/college.  I was rather obsessed for that 8 years or so and was SO HAPPY to finally reach my goal in 1986!  As I wrote I did go way underweight at the end of 1986 after contracting pneumonia.  That weight (111) fairly quickly went to 120 and I maintained between probably 119 and 124 for the next three years - it was heavenly!!!  I got married during that time, graduated with my associates degree and continued working as a secretary (which I had started on and off in 1986, along with working at Orange Julius since 1983) - yes had to learn to only eat a TINY bit of their food!!

 The method of calorie counting or portion counting was my main method, and continued to be for the next decade or so.  I however, didn't see 124 after 1989.  Somewhere in that 24th year for no reason or change I gained 10 pounds, and a pants size.  I was really unhappy with buying size 9s but just couldn't get myself back on a diet to LOSE weight for any length of time nor find time to exercise enough once I was out of the restaurant (it closed in the middle of 1989).  I succombed to settling at 135 and wearing size 9s, and got pregnant with our son Christopher in 1990.  3-4 months in I got SO sick that I did lose that ten pounds, got back in my 7s for like a month, and then put it all back on and had a healthy boy ....

When Chris was 3 I did finally get on another portion control plan (Richard Simmons Deal a Meal!) and got down to 132 (I had maintained at 145 after Chris was born).  This didn't feel so bad and I enjoyed it for about two-three months before I got pregnant with my daughter Colleen.  Determined to only gain the adequate amount of weight (which I pretty much did with Chris) I was surprised to gain TWICE the weight I did with Chris, and didn't lose the 10 pounds, ending up maintaining at a hefty 165 after she was born.

 Certain numbers of times later not succeeding with sticking to any weight loss plan went by, and then something changed in 1999 with a new method I learned about called Weigh Down.  I actually wouldn't recommend it now as I think it can wreck metabolism if taken too far, but it was simply a method of eating only until barely satisfied but whatever you want to eat.  I went from my then high of 180 down to 155.  I did quit losing then (surely because my metabolism was suffering, but I didn't realize it) and then became pregnant with our third and last child.  I DID only gain the recommended 35 pounds and went back to a fairly decent weight afterward of 165.  

to be continued. 

Introduction to my weight journey

My regular blog is at  I have been entering weight/diet posts on there periodically the whole time, since I started it in 2003.I had also extensively journaled on a web site I made in 1999/2000, but believe those posts may be gone due to some lost web sites and backups.

 My weight loss/gain summary:


I was chubby throughout childhood, always about 10-15 pounds overweight.  My first successful weight loss (to normal weight) was in 1977 or so when I was 12.  I was about 5'2" or 5'3" and went from 130 pounds down to about 115.  I stayed there a few years and felt comfortable with that weight.  I also often practiced gymnastic flips and went jogging and played basketball.

 In around 9th grade more studying and less exercise caught up with me and I found myself back at 130 or so.  I definitely was a solid 5'3" by this time.  I never got back to 115 then, but I did yoyo for the next three years from 130 to 125 and back up again.  

 Senior year brought me back up and OVER 130 as I worked in a restaurant with some very good pies!  I went back on a plan, this time very different with no sugar and only eating two times a day, and quickly went down to 120 pounds.  I started senior year at that weight and heard many compliments.  I no longer worked at the job, but took on many many classes and had a goal of bringing up my GPA to get into college easily so stressed myself out, obtaining a 4.0 for the year and packing on a whopping 25 pounds in just a few months.  I graduated weighing more than I had in my life, 145.

 Started college and by Christmas I was 160 pounds.  A comment in a clothing store that I need to go to the "big women's" store caused my weight loss again.  I calorie counted my way from 1984 - 1986 (very slowly, like I'm trying to do now) back down to 124 pounds.  In November of 1986 I contracted pneumonia and went all the way down to 111 pounds.  For the first time in my life I was underweight and looked it.


To be continued...



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