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i need to vent, so i am sorry for this in advance......

i have a husband and a (28yr) son living with me. both work from the house for their jobs. they don't have offices to go to. they use their cells, computer for their jobs. they get their lists and leave in their trucks. son works for directv(works days), DH is pest control(works nights). they both go their warehouses to pick up supplies. i stay at home. this is just a quick backround.

so, because of this, they don't have another coworker or office person to complain too. it's me. everyday when they get home i get to listen to the bit**ing of the rude customers, the way people are. the traffic. i hear it all. they never say thanks for listening to them. i get to hear about their managers doing this or that. i hear it all. i am just fed up with it all. thank goodness son is moving out next week. but, he will just be calling me and telling. i don't want to hear it.

today DH had to go to a meeting about 1 to 2 hr drive from here. he comes home pissy, and goes into the den. i walked in and he starts in on me. "i have been sitting here for 5 mins and i still can't connect". well, hello to you too. i just rolled my eyes and walked out of the room. i get so tired of this. now son is having trouble with a customer and can't get a phone number and he's getting pissy. now he's having to go out and repair someones box. pissing all the way out the door.

i have just said something about this whole thing last week. i guess i am going to have to say something again.

i know i should listen to them sometimes and help when i can. but, give me a break. i can't be the punching bag every day. but, when i want to talk to them about what may have happened to me. no one will listen. talk about bottling up and eating for feelings.

and today, i thought oh good, DH was going to be gone at meeting, son will be gone working. i planned on doing an exercise on demand, and than clean house and shower and just chill on the couch. it's been a steady rain all day. well, DH leaves, i am 1/2 into my workout and in walks son with mcdonalds and sits there at the table and eats and watches. (have a living rm/dining rm combo). made me mad. so i finish and he sits on the couch watching tv while i clean. so much for a peaceful day. i don't get these often. thinking ok, next months meeting i will be alone, son will have moved out. DH tells me tonight that they aren't haveing monthly meetings anymore.

ok, gym here i come. i will just begin using that place as my anger and peace time place. LOL.

thanks for listening/reading my vent. i feel some what better now.....


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July wrote 118 months ago:
Hang in there! Sounds like your family could use some exercise and blogging to take out their frustration, too!

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