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some time has passed

good morning

some time has passed. my son hooked me up with a wireless keyboard so i am trying this out on the ellipical and see how it goes.

i still haven't done much in my diet and exercise.  have had some new goals this  year.. i really want to get this weigh off.

 i started a part time job this week. i was to answer phones for a promotion company at the gym. but, the mailers aren't showing up in the mailboxes. so i have been doing hair/makeup and going in for an hour just to be sent home again, when we find out. i don't plan anything for the day, cause i think i will be at work. the job was to last just this week. today we shall see again. so if they show up i will have to work saturday and monday. i was to be paid $100 a day and work from 9am to 7pm. so for $500 for a week sure i would sit on my behind and answer phones. we shall see now. they said they have another going out in another city hours from here. that starts thursday next week. so we shall see today. they have been told the fliers were sent to the post office. i don't know what i am going to do if it happens again today. i was going to use the money for new running shoes and DH said i could get my coach purse i have wanted for years. we just don't spend that kind of money of stuff we really done need. and money we don't have. if i had balls i would tell the company today that i won't be able to do this anymore. (if the fliers don't show today). but, i did plan this for the week. so i really don't have anything else i could have done without preplanning.

well, the keyboard didn't work as well as expected. will have to read or watch my taped shows. need to shower and get ready for another hour of nothing.


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