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rest period


my trainer put me on a rest period of 3-4 days because i workout too much and only take a day of rest every couple weeks. i was told my body needed that break for a FEW days not just one. so i am on day 3 of rest.


things i have learned through these three days.


1) i feel tired, lazy, blah, cranky. all withdrawal signs.


2) i had a fear of eating while resting. i have found i went over on my WW points about 2-3 every day. it was at nigh with my 8pm snack. i have always had this snack and the same foods. so it isn't anything new. maybe because i felt i was missing something? something to think about. now to prepare myself with this fact for the next rest period.


3) someone said to me that i may be using the treadmill as a crutch. i really like that thought. i had never thought of exercise that way. it makes perfect sense to me. i need to find another "hobby". i have said before it's my drug of choice.


 do i miss exercising? YUP. sure do. i miss the high. i feel like i can't do finish my trip unless i get back at it.  the scale has gone up/down for these 3 days. everyone told me i would lose weight this week. i don't think i will. i am ok, but, disappointed. i believe everything every ones me. i am very gullible. i have had scale issues for weeks anyway. i did have a nice loss last week, but, i increased my cardio. that is something i love to do. another tidbit of info for my journal. 


 these are just my finding for my own information. will add when it's done and over and i weigh in on monday.


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