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keep moving


i think i have discovered something.


during the fall/winter i was reading. i would sit for hours some days and read. my routine was workout, chores, errands, sit and read, fix dinner, sit and read, bed. i scale just slowed, some weeks stopped. well, now that spring is in the air and weather is warmer i have been outside, started spring cleaning house. over all going most of the day now. the scale is on the move again. not at a really slow clip either. during this winter i have been so cold. i just don't have the stuffing anymore. i would be wrapped up in sweatshirts, hoodies, throws. now that i can get around without freezing i am.


so, for me i have to keep moving most of the day. this information will help me when it's time to maintain. i will store it away. this whole weight loss journey is really about learning about yourself. learning about your body. it becomes an interesting story. a puzzle to put together to make a great picture when done.


i am taking an exercise break this week of three consecutive days. i was told by my trainers (2), friends and family i really need to do this. i balked at it, cause it meant i had to stop my drug. i have a fear of doing that. i am afraid i won't be able to get going again, of back sliding. but, i know i can and need to do this. this will reset my body, rest my joints/muscles. trainer says since i am older my joints get inflamed my all the workouts and intensity i do. that with my body fighting the inflammation doesn't help me lose the weight. body doesn't function correctly. this makes total sense to me. so tomorrow begins my 3 days rest. i do have many things planned. he said i can go for walks, no speed. i can do this. i will do this.  


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Next50years wrote 71 months ago:
You put in words wonderfully of this weight loss journey...thanks for the great start of my day!

Enjoy your break from exercise 1 more are figuring it out and you will move again tomorrow!

Have a great day!

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