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help i am eating...

help i want to eat....shouldn't say want, i am eating...not sure why. thought maybe if i write i might figure out why. the scale is just going up. i do good until afternoon, than fall. i won't gain back this nice little loss i had. i only have about 6 weeks left to get under 200. my gp and i agreed if i can get below 200 i can cut my metformin in half. i keep telling myself that, it's just not making a difference.

i am lonely, maybe that is why i am eating. or it could be all the other stresses in my life right now. i am going to work on this. i think i might head back to the gym next week. will have to see how i am feeling. i am going to push myself harder on the treadmill tomorrow. maybe getting back into the exercising will help boost the feelings. which i know it will.

maybe i ought to look for a job. maybe something part time. i should check into that. sign up for a temp service. i don't want to have to pay them. i should send my app in for the clinic and start the vol. work. or maybe some selling at parties type of stuff. will have to see whats out there.

going to search for some jobs and see whats out there.


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