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figuring this whole thing out....

i am trying really hard to figure this whold calories in calories out thing. some people say eat exercise calories, some don't. not knowing what is right for me. i tried going by what they set for me on site. i was starving and not losing a darn thing. upped calories and started losing. i just want what i had years back.

see back in 06 when i first started to lose the weigh for the umtenth time. but, more seriously. i was dropping the pounds right and left. in just 9 months i lost 75 pounds. well, i quit smoking gained some back, so in july of 08 i decided it was time again to finish losing this weight. i has been now 7 months and i have only lost 26 pounds. yes, that's good, but, not like it was. so i have been telling myself "you just need to redo this or that and try this or that". when all along it has been.

to eat better 7 days a week and not just 5. to get the workouts done 5 days a week and just 2 or 3. it's not going over the calories by just a 100 every other day and saying it will be ok. it's NOT ok to do this and think why am i not losing weight, only losing here and there. to lose every week it to be honest with myself and stay on my plan for the whole week, whole month. if i slip here and there fine, but, not every day, every other day. once or twice a week. that just does't work. it has been mind work. once again it's always doing mind work.

i think tomorrow is a new day and new week beginning. i am going to stick to my rules and goals and limits and see what happens. i will try this for a few weeks an see where it takes me.


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1Corinthians13 wrote 119 months ago:
When you eat your calories - make sure you're for the most part eating the RIGHT calories. That will help you feel more full, and you won't NEED to eat as much.

give yourself a break! :) You have done wonderful! You've lost a lot of weight! Don't beat yourself for going over your calories occasionally. I think it seems like whatever you're doing is working, so chin up, my friend!

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