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i am trying to talk myself into beleiving i need a change. when in actually i just need to let my body adjust to 109#s gone. talking with my trianer today. he asked what my weigh ranges have been in my adult life. almost 30# more than what they are now. i was a teenager when i weighed this much. my body isn't just going to accept that number over night. my loss has just slowed. i just want to get to my range and be done. i think i am looking to relax on the weight loss front. not eat or any of that. just not be so hard on myself by not haveing something i really want.

this whole weight loss journey is nothing but, mind games. your mind will convince you of so much.

so here i am trying to fix something that isn't broken. i need to just accept it and move on. learn to be where i am at in this time frame. to accept me. i have learned allot of lessons in this past year. this will be my lesson for this year to work on. 

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