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bummed again

today was my measurements day. i do this every other month. i am so bummed by what i found out.

lost a total of 1" in two months. mine YTD are 3 1/4". total of 7#s. 

i just am at such a slow pace. it gets me down. i think because i lost at a nice pace. i really think my body has said enough. it's where i want to be, be happy. i just want to get to 165. i am stuck again at 172. that is my final goal. it's not that far. i have so much extra skin. that could be some of it. i am looking for the finish. i have no concern now of going maintenance with WW. i think i can maintain that 2# up/down for 6 weeks. i do a good job of it now. i will go up/down 2# for weeks/months and than just drop about 5 and do it all over again. 

this whole game is really a changing process. you are always changing you minds. changing your habits. changing your exercise. changing your eating. it has consumed my life. i want to get to this goal to begin the final stage. it's just the way my mind works. i really think i can maintain my loss. i am going through some mind changes again now to accept this last stage to get to where i want to end.

i am looking back and eating and doing what i did when i lost for 3 weeks straight. repeat and see what happens. maybe there is a clue in there somewhere. i know i did more cardio. lately i have been doing more strength. i love cardio. i was also outside more, cause of the weather getting nicer. now it rains and i am not. 

see again it's so much in the mind. i have to settle my thinking and move onto other things. 

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