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after thanksgiving thoughts...

good morning....

this post is going to be all over the place. just a typing of feelings kind of post.

i have been hearing allot of people complaining about the scales going up after thanksgiving. i really need to say something about this.
as people know me, i have been on this "not excuses" kick all year. so why use thanksgiving as an excuse to eat? if you are trying to lose weight great. but, you really need to eat well daily not just pick and choose. you won't lose weight that way, and have a harder time getting back to eating right when you want to. yes, it's a day of food as most people see it. but, why can't you just have a serving size and move on, or if there's so much food, just a 1/8th to 1/4 cup of things and move on. your body will like it better, than stuffing. if you are eating things that are only made that day. why? why, can't you eat it any other time of year? if it's because someone will be upset you won't eat. no one is forcing you to eat. just have a bite. explain to them that you are fine and move on. you don't have to tell a whole story about losing weight, so your not eating. you just have to eat the food, you have no control over it. you do. no one is forcing you to eat it. yes, i have a food addiction. it has taken me years to over come it. i think i have fought it well. it's a battle daily. 

i am big now on control. i have to have control of the food in my life. or it just won't work for me. i don't like people taking that control. it's my journey and i have to do it the way i see fit. 

people ask me all the time "how long did it take you?" i use to ask the same thing. but, now i look at it as my journey of lessons to learn. it has taken me years to learn that food didn't put a roof over our heads, when steve lost his job. it didn't find him a job, it's didn't make people feel better, when they were sick. it's didn't family disagreements go away. that only thing food did, was make these things worse. i would eat, than feel bad i lost control, and eat some more. than really feel upset and throw my hands up in defeat of food. it won! now i realize food isn't the answer. it's the worse answer to any just about anything. i find now when a problem comes up that i would normally turn to food, i don't. at first i really had to work on that. now it just happens. i feel better. my mind is clearing. now i use exercise as my escape of stress. i really think my body enjoys the changes also. it will be ready for anything now. i am not loading it down with food to deal with life. 

don't use food as an excuse to eat for the holidays. just being with family and friends is why we are gathering. Jesus is the reason for Christmas, not the ham, and fixings. i would rather be outside walking or playing a game than eating now. because i feel good. my body feels good. 

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lulabellewoowoo wrote 73 months ago:
Thank you SOOOOO much for this. Exactly what I needed to hear and a good inspiration. I miss you.
_ylime_ wrote 73 months ago:
well said Cathy. I used you an an example and inspiration this Thanksgiving... and guess what... eating in moderation = weight loss after thanksgiving instead of the typical 2-3lb gain... it is possible (when you are in control) to enjoy good food and company, and stay on track, all at the same time! Thanks Cathy - as always you keep me focused! :)

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