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Off Brand Band-Aids to the Rescue for my Nips and my Wallet

Sometimes you hear the same advice over and over again, but never take it until you are under duress or left with no other options. Well I don’t know if you have ever watched The Office but there is a pretty funny scene where the character Andy declares he is “terrified” of nipple chaffing. It is hilarious and I laughed at the time because I hadn’t run into the same problem, but I must admit that I too am terrified of nipple chaffing! Recently, I took some advice how to stop it.

For those that don’t know, if you run long distances depending on your body type, sweat level, shirt type, etc. you  can get nipple chafing, which can be extremely painful.It gets even worse if you get it one day then have to run the next day. Typically this isn’t a problem for me unless I am running upwards of 6-9 miles or 6 miles back to back.

I know there are actually these things out there called Nip Guard, but I would rather chafe my nipple off than spend such a pretty penny. I had also heard of people using plain Band-Aids. I never tried it though because I thought a whole Band-Aid is going to bunch up and look terrible. I was to worried what people would think – which was dumb and an entire other topic. Well after having run 6 miles on Saturday followed by 11 miles on Sunday, let’s just say I wasn’t ready for Tuesday’s run.

The pain was more intense than any social humiliation could be. So, I decided to try the Band-Aids. However, trying to save myself some money and social embarrassment, I remembered a tip I found deep in some forum. Don’t use an entire Band-Aid. Doing so makes it too bulky and really makes you use more Band-Aids than you need to. Instead just cut one flap off of a typical Band-Aid then cut it into two squares. If you can’t figure out where these two squares go, ask your parents.

Doing it this way actually works way better than using a whole Band-Aid. I tried it and they stayed on perfectly and completely solved the pain. They weren’t noticeable and didn’t even hurt to remove after leaving them on for a while. Instead of spending $1 per run by using Nip Guard, just buy some off brand Band-Aids. With my method it will only cost you about $0.05 per run. With my upcoming marathon, I am absolutely titillated to have found a solution to my tit problem! Give it a try!


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Why Run Any Farther?

In the Fall of 2012 I had just finished the Fun Run, a 2 mile run that is encouraged (some may say forced) upon the student body by the surprisingly powerful health department of Oral Roberts University.  I was in decent shape then running 2 or 3 miles a couple times a week and mowing about 20 lawns a week with a push mower. Immediately after the run, while walking to the dorms and basking in my glorious, yet unnoticed 2 mile finish, some friends drove by and asked if I wanted to go run the Tulsa Run starting in about 1 hour.

Not having trained or knowing the actual distance but feeling competent from my decent two mile run, I agreed, jumped in the car, and headed to the race. I believe I had never run more than about 3 miles at a time and was very intimidated when I was informed that the Tulsa Run was 15 km or 9.2 mile. Fearful of the social embarrassment of saying, "Drop me off at McDonald's" I pressed on and did quite well in the race. It was that experience, of trying something new that I would normally never have considered, that made me consider running a marathon.

About 10 months later, I signed up and started training for the Route 66 Marathon scheduled for November of 2013. Mowing 20 yards a week and going to school full time I did most of my training on the weekends, making sure to always do the longest run of the week. I ran these long runs on the trails that trace the Arkansas River in Tulsa. It was honestly a very nice experience, that I look back on very fondly. I would run while my girlfriend  (now my wife) would ride her bike alongside me, likely swooning uncontrollably. Afterwards we would go have a big meal in the cafeteria and avoid doing the school work inevitably due the next morning.

For those that have never seen me one of my favorite basketball coaches once told me, "Charlie, you are the most athletic, non-athletic looking people I know." Long story short, I ended up running that marathon at a 8:13 second mile pace, a shocker for me and most people who knew me.

Fast forward about 5 years and the story is less encouraging. I would say that I peaked out physically on the day of that marathon. In January of 2018 I weighed about 234 lbs - about 40 pounds more than my marathon weight. I was working from home, 10 ft from the refrigerator, and not working out. I found it very difficult to stop the snacking during the day. In my head I started to play around with the idea of not letting myself eat until after work or just having one meal a day. We have all been told to eat three meals a day etc. and that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having come up with this idea on my own and knowing of no one recommending one meal a day, I held off trying it.

When talking about my troubles to a group of good friends, my friend Megan suggested I look into intermittent fasting. Basically the idea is to restrict the hours of the day you allow yourself to eat. After she said this I began reading, listening, and watching lots of information about intermittent fasting on the internet. Suddenly, I started to think of eating one meal a day in a whole knew way. The idea I thought was unhealthy and unsafe became an idea that at the worst would have little affect and at the best would improve my health dramatically - possibly turning me into Clark Kent himself.

Over the last 7 months I have lost about 21 pounds and done different levels of intermittent fasting. Sometimes I don't eat till noon, 3 pm, or 6 pm. Other days I eat all day. About 40% of the time I track my nutrition with too. I stay very flexible, and virtually never turn down a meal with friends. I think the biggest lesson I have learned from trying intermittent fasting is that my body doesn't need to be fed every 3 hours, and in many ways I feel much better not eating every time my computer has to load something.

Intermittent fasting and tracking my diet has helped me get to a point where once again I think I will try another marathon. I had considered it multiple times over the last 2 years as a method to loose weight. However, I felt that if I had to train for a marathon to get down to a healthy weight, I would likely not remain at a healthy weight post marathon. However, I believe that with what I have learned from tracking my nutrition using and trying intermittent fasting, I now have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to maintain a healthy weight when I don't have time or desire to train for a marathon.

I fully expect the marathon to help me lose weight, but that is not the primary reason I am doing it. I have decided that it probably would be a fun, healthy, and motivational experience to train for another marathon. Not to mention I like the idea of getting in better physical condition than I have probably ever been. In a burst of sudden inspiration and excitement I signed up for the marathon in Minneapolis on October 7th. I have my running plan imported to my phone calendar, and have now run the first two training runs. I have been running some over the last 7 months. So, starting a running plan where I am already 4 weeks behind isn't a complete shock to the system, but has still been a little rough, but so far I am enjoying the challenge.

I think I am going to be intentional about documenting this marathon experience for two reasons. First, I could certainly use some encouraging words - even if they come from random people I don't know on the internet. Second, I don't think there are that many people that have tried or documented well if intermittent fasting has worked well for them while marathon training. Traditionally, I think most would recommend against fasted marathon running. I may find that they don't work well together and need to change my plan. However, I think I am going to try it and see how it goes. If you want to follow this experience or offer some of those encouraging words, I will probably post most of my big updates here at, but my more detailed health posts may appear only on my myfitnesspal blog By the way if you are on myfitnesspal, let me know. Thanks for reading!


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