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It occurs to all of us - traffic or the unusual mishap incident, that is - but what should we expect after we experience the sudden? This section lists the different kinds of events that an individual may encounter while owning and running a vehicle, what these incidents generally entail, and what can be expected to result from the incident with respect to future car insurance prices and someone's driving record.

This section isn't going to address the way to connect to your insurance provider about the episode. That process, which is called the claims procedure, is covered in the claims section.Let us first discuss the difference between an episode and an accident before we start. All mishaps are incidents whereas not all incidents are accidents, although it may seem like we're splitting hairs here. No, this really isn't a setup for a question on the SATs - there's only a major difference between the two. Traffic accidents usually result in property damage, vehicular damage or, heaven forbid, a casualty.

 This normally means someone's insurance prices are going up (the at-fault party, the affected party, or occasionally both.) Traffic episodes might result in damage, but they can also be minor citations for events that don't result in damages. These may result in increased insurance prices, but will normally be to a lesser-degree. For our purposes, we are going to call all events which result in vehicle damage, tickets, citations, or in any manner alter your insurance policy or driving record an "occurrence." With that at heart, we've prepared articles to enable you to explain what you are able to anticipate should one of these episodes happen to you; and prepare for or respond to episodes where you're involved; describe the various forms of incidents you could expect on the road.

Choose the article that best -describes information or the event you're seeking from the list below.Pre & Post Incident Guides Most folks have a tendency to believe "it could never happen in my experience," but the truth is a vehicle-related incident occurs more often than once every three seconds in America. What should you need to do if you weren't prepared at the time, but you want to make sure you're set up to make the most out of a lousy situation now? How will your driving privileges be impacted? This section covers these topics in detail all.


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