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Resurrection Of The Weight Loss Blog... Circa 2018!

Hey guys (and gals!),

I am refreshing this blog after 4 freakin’ years!

So that means I’ll be regularly posting here.

And before I start posting, I just want to establish some ground rules.

So here goes… from now on, this blog won’t be for…

1. People who want someone telling them exactly how to eat!

And spewing out more “dogma” about the so called rules of healthy eating and dieting.

This blog is not going to about telling anyone what they should and shouldn't eat, although there will be plenty of resources provided for you to learn more about nutrition.

Rather, it's about empowering you to make the choices that best suit your life and belief systems. So, if you need a diet book telling you what to eat or not eat, this isn't it. (Although there will be some good tips and recipes.)

This blog is meant to fill in the gaps with what most diet books leave out, and that is how to get a diet to work with your life rather than against it.

Next, this isn’t going to be for…


2.People looking for an “easy” fix and who want to avoid a challenge.

While many of the strategies in my teachings are simple, if someone goes into something believing it must be easy, they may not be willing to face the obstacles that will inevitably occur going through the process.

The truth is, there are no easy buttons to making changes in your life (and especially your weight) because all change require effort.

The good news is, if you are willing to make a commitment to change yourself for the better and accept that it can be an exciting challenge, you may find it's far easier than you ever imagined it to be.

Next up… don’t bother reading if…


3. You take diets and dieting too seriously!

Taking better care of your body and health is meant to be a part of your life, not the sole purpose of it. You will make mistakes, and I know this because everyone makes mistakes including myself.

Rather than seeing a mistake as complete failure and an excuse to give up, it's better to accept that you'll make mistakes along the way right now and welcome those mistakes as learning opportunities.

Making better choices about what you put into your bodies and perhaps getting leaner and sexier along the way can be achieved with these mindset techniques.

This blog may not for those who want to argue about whether something is or isn't really “healthy.” Even though I often use that word, it is admittedly extremely subjective and used mostly as a relative term to oppose “junk food” (another subjective term).

Regardless of one's thoughts on what constitutes “healthy” or “junk,” well over 90% of this blog will be relevant.

4. People who are looking for the ultimate weight loss solution.

This blog is written by a person who has had real struggles with diets but has worked through them. I will “keep it real” with you.

This is not going to be some “academic literature” or a Wikipedia entry with countless citations.

I've decided to use my research and real world experimentation to distill everything down into really simple guidelines for the everyday person to follow.

That being said, I do believe giving some in depth explanations, those are often times necessary.

Please understand that when you can comprehend at least some of the reasons why certain things are recommended, it makes it far easier to apply the information for lasting results.

Finally, this blog won’t be for…

5. People who are not willing to make a change.

If you read this blog and expect that simply seeing the words on the page will magically make you change, help you automatically lose weight, it won't happen.

While there's plenty of inspiration here that may prompt you to a greater desire to take control of your health, I, and no one else, can make those changes for you.

If you think something sounds too unusual to work, then you're free to accept it or reject it. In fact, I encourage you not to blindly follow something just because a person wrote it on a blog.

But ask yourself, is what I'm doing right now working?

If not, doesn't that mean I need to try something different?

Not everything in this blog will work for everyone as we're all unique. I encourage you to experiment and give new things an honest effort to discover what is most effective for you.

That’s it, from now on, we will adhere to these principles, help each other, share recipes, and of course, help you all lose weight, get fit, and hey… have some fun in what is a wonderful experience called LIFE!

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