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Slimquick Reviews - Is It Worth The Hype?

Slimquick Review - Does It Even Work?

The official website of Slimquick on the World Wide Web says that it is a natural formula that’s designed to help women lose 3 times the weight in 13 weeks.

The natural extract in the capsule that is to be consumed on a daily basis helps women shed off more weight than what a normal diet plan would help them do.

It claims to be clinically proven where overweight women using Slimquick’s key ingredient along with a 1,350 calorie diet (usually called a
low calorie diet) lost an average of three times the weight compared to those who just followed the 1,350-calorie diet. These women lost an average of 25 pounds in just 13 weeks.

All the ingredients used in slimquick are scientifically proven to result in an effective weight loss of an individual.

Even though this may seem like a not – so – healthy way to resort to when wanting to lose weight, the undeniable fact still remains that the ingredients used to constitute slimquick are 100% natural.


Following are some of the real customer reviews of slimquick:

Tina from New York says...
Let’s not ignore the fact that women go through a lot more stress and hormonal changes than men. I, being a single mother, have been through so much. It is really hard to keep up with everything in life when all the responsibilities drop down on you.

Which is why, I was very glad when I came across a pill that is designed especially for women. Slimquick, let me tell you, is so wonderfully designed.

I feel much more confident now that I am over the weight issue and can concentrate on other, more important things in my life. All thanks to Slimquick. I highly recommend this product if you are a single mother.


Dana from Los Angeles says...
Slimquick may get you the results in 13 week’s times, sure. But attached with it are loads and loads of consequences which I am sure you don’t want to experience. Due to unbearable work stress in my life, I was compelled to resort to a method like this to lose weight.

At first, it seemed like a very good and convenient idea, since it hardly required any hard work and time. But later on, I started facing it’s side effects. I started losing focus on my job.

I observed that my nervousness levels were higher than usual. I could not even sleep properly. All this and more caused grave impact on my professional and personal life. This product is not worth it. I really hope I am able to convey this message to all of you.


Rita from Ohio says...
After going through numerous reviews and feedbacks on several fitness and health websites, I decided that the only way to know of whether the product Slimquick works or not is to try it myself.

So I did.

 I ordered for a supply of six months. Keeping in mind all the safeguards and warnings, I started with my programme. With time, I did experience quite a few changes in my lifestyle. For instance, my sleeping patterns were different.

I would have random mood swings and so on. But I was mentally prepared to face all of this. As time passed by, I observed changes in my body. I had started losing weight. My main motive was to become thin, by hook or by crook, which I ultimately did. Yes, I did face unusual effects in my life but they weren’t that major. So I suggest that you try it for yourself to see if this product suits you.

Amanda from Fayetville says...
After consuming Slimquick for over 13 weeks, following are the main advantages and disadvantages that I observed throughout the process :-


  • No proper exercise pattern provided.
  • Causes lack of sleep
  • Body becomes hyperactive.
  • Mind tends to lose focus.


  • Claims to be made of natural ingredients.
  • Designed especially for women.
  • Hardly takes any efforts from the consumer’s side.

After looking at the above mentioned pros and cons, I am sure you will be better able to decide whether or not this product is suitable for you.

It really depends on how much you are willing to give up in exchange for losing weight. I hope this helped you in some way.


Now let's have a look at the Slimquick side effects

Slimquick is not just one product. It is a variety of products whose central motive is to help women shed weight in the shortest time possible.

The formula used in the capsule to make the weight - losing process happen aims at the following six key points ...

  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Reduce appetite
  3. Boost energy
  4. Reduce excess water
  5. Support hormones
  6. Reduce stress

It claims to be clinically proven where overweight women using Slimquick’s key ingredient along with a 1,350-calorie diet lost an average of three times the weight compared to those who just followed the 1,350-calorie diet.

 Here's the slimquick 'nutrition' label by the way...

And here are some of the main ingredients of Slimquick...

Vitamin B: Vitamin B, as we all know, are water soluble supplements that play important role in cell metabolism. This particular substance helps to provide and generate energy within the body. This particular ingredient is added because it is important for the individual to maintain their enthusiasm and energy levels high while losing weight.

Fibre: This is probably one of the first and perhaps, the most primary ingredients that make up Slimquick as a whole. A number of edible fibres constituted together help target and absorb calories and fat within the body.

Diuretic Component: A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine. There are several categories of diuretics. All diuretics increase the excretion of water from bodies, although each class does so in a distinct way. The purpose of this ingredient is to stimulate the kidneys and help in the removal of excess water.

Caffeine: In humans, caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. Therefore, this ingredient is added for it plays a critical role to help the individual with his/her energy levels as well as stimulating the body’s metabolism. (Here's the
truth about caffeine.)

Natural Appetite Suppressant: Natural Appetite Suppressant help an individual reduce his/her appetite. It tricks the brain into thinking that no more food is needed in the system. This plays a very important role in the contribution towards the ultimate weight loss of the consumer.

All the ingredients mentioned above are scientifically proven to result in an effective weight loss of an individual. All are designed to fulfil one purpose – burning off extra fat.

Due to the variety of ingredients present in this product, there are a lot of side effects as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the worse slimquick side effects and how one can possibly overcome them.

Rapid heart rate: Guyana, which is one of the prevalent ingredients in Slimquick is known for its ability to energize. This causes shortness of breath and therefore, a rise in the heart rate levels. Take special care when taking this medication and take advice from your doctor about the proper use of Slimquick.

Loss of concentration: One of the possible drawbacks of Slimquick is that it causes the individual to lose focus. Due to the number of ingredients present in the capsule, this consequence is inevitable. Therefore, the consumer should make sure that he/she is fully aware of the changes taking place around them.

Lack of sleep: The presence of caffeine causes loss of sleep, or even insomnia. You can avoid this by not consuming the capsule beyond the evening time or further late during the night.

Anxiety and nervousness:  It is important to recognize these possible side effects when eating these pills and take the appropriate actions to minimize their occurrence.

Dehydration: The cause of this side effect can be directed towards the high levels of diuretics in the various forms of this diet pill. To avoid this side effect drink plenty of water; drink at least 32 oz. each day to keep your body hydrated.

If you are interested in consuming Slimquick, then I honestly suggest that you consult with a physician before beginning the diet and supplementation program.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend Slimquick to my blog readers. First of all, it's very name sounds a lot like snake oil, because in the real world, you REALLY cannot get slim quickly! At least not safely.

The only true way to
lose weight permanently, is to correct your eating habits and start some kind of physical activity. Unless you do these two time tested corrections in your life, no amount of powders, pills and shakes are going to "correct you".

So the best advice to you, yes you who is reading this right now, is to start hunting for real eating, food advice. Once you get something reliable, STICK TO IT for 6-8 weeks, you WILL see results that are far more safer and consistent than with such products.

My personal experience using Slimquick has been weird at best. I did lose some initial weight (about 8lbs), but as soon as I used to stop taking it, all the lost weight crept back!

It was as if as long as I was "on it", it was all great. I guess that's what the company wants then! Keep using their product and "stay slim" rather than help you "get slim" once and for all. (How would they keep making money then!?)

So dear reader, please do not be influenced by products such as Slimquick, they are only shortcuts, aids to the real thing - which is correcting and improving your diet!

Remember, diet contributes more than 90% to your weight loss success. All these products are just aids, use them as such! Don't rely on them to correct the 90%...


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Anonymous wrote 71 months ago:
Fantastic review Betty, I was almost on the verge of falling for this, will wait and research a bit more...
Anonymous wrote 66 months ago:
Betty, I feel the same way. I was looking for a quick fix, but I know that healthy eating habits and exercise is really the only way. Glad I read this before I went to the pharmacy!I am going home and fixing a healthy dinner and taking a walk with my dog.
Anonymous wrote 66 months ago:
Great review! thank you so much for this and it really is helping me with my decision. Very helpful and wrote in plain easy to understand text. Thanks again!
Anonymous wrote 66 months ago:
Thank you. This really helped me make my opinion. And to not take the pill, going to lose weight the elnatural healthy way.
Anonymous wrote 66 months ago:
Great review.. was in the verge of buying this product as well. ..
Anonymous wrote 65 months ago:
So it "helps" weight loss, but doesn't necessarily "cause" it. That's what the commercial says....
Anonymous wrote 64 months ago:
Informative review but i have used this product and it Does Work. I went from a size 16 to a size 6 in 11 months. I have kept the weight off for almost a year and i feel so much better about myself. Not saying it's for everyone, just saying it helped me reach my goals.
Anonymous wrote 62 months ago:
I took it and I ended up in the hospital panic attack heart rate though the roof nausea and diarrhea and shortness of breath .. Never again!!
Anonymous wrote 61 months ago:
I feel great! Slimquick may not be for everyone! I take the powder formula. I drink plenty of water and eat sensibly. Plus I exercise. Of course there's not quick fix to weight lost, but having an aid boost your efforts to get you going on the right track. It's all mental. You have to put the time and work into getting healthy and fit.

Sorry, but there's not a miracle pill to fix our lives. We have to fix it manually by, eating a healthy balanced meal, exercise, and staying active.
Anonymous wrote 61 months ago:
So good to see the pro and con experiences of the writers here. Real people with real experiences, not remunerated ones, will tell the truth and not simple write raving reviews about a supposedly "wonderful" product. There are ALWAYS 2 sides to every coin! ☺
riverotter3 wrote 60 months ago:
The Drug Induced Liver Injury Network recently published a paper in Gastroenterology that indicated that Slimquick has been associated with very rare cases of severe liver injury. I'm not saying not to take it, but if you do use this product, please be aware of symptoms of liver injury: yellow skin and/or eyes, pain in the upper right side of your abdomen.
Anonymous wrote 60 months ago:
I just want to say I weighed 262 and started slim quick on September 2 2014 and with eating healthy and exercise and my slim quick I have now lost 96 pounds as of today and I feel good and I would tell anyone who wants to start .... Do it ! It's not just the slim quick but it plays a part and I call it my majic drink !! It really does work anything you eat or drink can have side affects but I will say this saved me ! I love slim quick and it does work ! It's like anything else in life you have to do it and eat right and exercise some but I can prove it too that it lost it and it's still off ! Thank u slim quick!!!!
Here's my email and I'll show you pics if you email me
I don't know how to put a pic on here thanks
Anonymous wrote 56 months ago:
I have been taking slimquick for two weeks and though I experienced some mild side effects in the beginning, overall I feel fine. I am drinking plenty of water and don't have any real complaints. I know that there is no magic miracle pill for weight loss but I chose slimquick because it addressed two of the main issues I needed help with most, suppressing my appetite and lack of energy. I know that the best way to lose weight is by cutting calories and exercising. However when I tried to do those things on my own I end up being miserable and cranky because I'm hungry and too tired to do any real exercise. So slimquick help me with those two issues. I have immediately noticed that I had a significantly lower temptation to snack during the day and I find myself becoming full more quickly when I do sit down to have my meals. And when I'm finished my day at work instead of being too exhausted and only wanting to veg on the couch I actually have the energy to go and get some exercise, whether it be a brisk 20-30 minute walk around my neighborhood or just running around with my kids. I have lost 8 lbs and I'm looking forward to seeing more weight drop off on the coming weeks and months.
Anonymous wrote 55 months ago:
I started slimquick two weeks ago and I already lost 3 kilograms. I do have problems staying focus but it helped me a lot.i do not feel the need everything that is on my fridge. I get full with smaller portions. I would definitely recommend it if you want to lose weight.
Anonymous wrote 52 months ago:
of course nothing is a magic pill but it is working for me i have lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks. you do have to drink alot of water with this but as far as side effects i have had none. it curbs my appetite, it gives me energy, and i have slept better at night but of course i dont take them past 2 pm and i also do not take 3 at a time, i have been very happy taking just 2 at a time. i would recommend this product but with any diet pill you have to be careful and drink alot of water!!
for more information visit .
Anonymous wrote 51 months ago:
Been on Slimquick Pure for three weeks and have NOT lost one single pound!!! Do I continue or give up? Very disheartening
Anonymous wrote 49 months ago:
They very first time I used this product I had lost 30 pounds in one month. I had waited about 6 months to start the product again. I had lost an additional 20 pounds. I started at 200 and ended up at 150 by the end of the year. Mind you I had only used one months worth of this product at a time.
After I had lost that weight I became pregnant and gained tons of weight. I waited 12 months postpartum to try SlimQuick again. I had lost 20 pounds in one month. I waited another 6 months and had started another course. I am on my third day and have already lost 5 pounds.
Along with this supplement, I make sure I drink 32oz of water a day. For Breakfast I eat yogurt and 4 strawberries. For lunch I eat anything, but a smaller portion of what I would usually eat. And for dinner, I don't usually eat a meal, but I will eat a snack. Slimquick is supposed to be a helping guide not an alternative to eating right and exercising.
Anonymous wrote 47 months ago:
I've been on this for 3 weeks, my moods are all over the place. Not for me.
Anonymous wrote 46 months ago:
For someone that needs to lose 6lbs in 3 weeks will this help get them there quickly. 1200 calorie diet and exercising 5 days a week?
Anonymous wrote 41 months ago:
As I peruse through the comments I would like to add a very important point for everyone; When consuming a diuretic, it is very important to stay hydrated. HOWEVER....increasing fluid intake whilst your body is being forced to ditch this fluid is horrendously hard on your kidneys and heart. I am a nephrology (kidney) nurse and have seen kidney damage due to people taking diuretics then thinking they have to increase these fluids, they inadvertently injure themselves. Please be aware of this and think twice before consuming ANY stimulants and diuretics as they are ALL very hard on your body. Your goal is to get healthier, not simply to become "skinny".
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
As a super busy 39yr old, single mother of three, with two still at home ( my first born son is in the USAF), I personally, like this product. I do miss my coffee in the mornings but I
have lots of energy and the fiber cleans me out, lol.I always watch my calories and go to the gym daily. I wanted help to control my appetite. So far so good. I have used the regular Slimquick in the past. Love all slimquick products and the drink powders are delicious even though I stopped using them because of the sucrolose in it. I wish they would use Stevia instead of sucrolose. I sleep just fine of course, I get up very early to be at work at 6:00am and my job requires me to walk over 10,000 steps daily. This product has me cleaning everything in sight and keeping everything organized and tidy, haha. I am very focused while using the pills, then again I have ADHD and not on ADHD meds. I am a half of a pot of coffee or more daily drinker, so caffeine is not a real shock to me. I do not take this product within 5 hours of going to bed and I work my booty off at the gym after work and feeding and playing with my horses, cooking dinner for my children and cleaning up the house. I needed this extra energy.No problem sleeping at all.
Anonymous wrote 37 months ago:
I just mixed my first shake and am not reading this and the comments. Torn as to if I should finish drinking it and can I return the product to the store? I am always imagine the worst, so not sure what to do now.
Anonymous wrote 33 months ago:
I just started yesterday but ive been sick so i dont know if my mood is because of this or not
Anonymous wrote 31 months ago:
Wow unbelievable this product is I LOVE it! It gave me lots of energy, and surpressed my appetite. It did make me a little jittery and I think it got me a little high. but this product is far better than anything. the bonus is as long as I take this i can throw the speed out. YAH
Anonymous wrote 31 months ago:
OK , so here are a few things to consider. NO , this is not magical and if you are taking this and expecting to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle , you wont see any changes. This product , as so many other "thermo" ( Fat Burning) products are marketed to help you get over the hump of weight loss..not to magically do it on their own. Let's face it , with any true weight loss product there are going to be side effects...Caffeine will always be an ingredient no matter the expense or whatever is in the supplement, because at the end of the day caffeine speeds up everything and thus causes the "burn" effect. I feel like many women go into taking this as the "Miracle pill" and that's why it fails. Yep , it's going to make you feel a bit jittery , so decrease your outside caffine intake. Another thing to think about , decrease your sugar intake..this too can cause jitters , a lot of people don't think about this. Do not take it any later then 12 or 12:30 in the afternoon , and incorporate a sleeptime tea or melatonin supplement to help with sleep. These will help. Also , this is a temporary assistant , this is not meant to be taken long term...that's why they talk about the 13 week plan. Long term can cause permanent damage to metabolism and other functions of the body. So life long changes need to be made ( proper diet, exercise, etc. )
I have been taking this for a few weeks , after hitting a plateau in my weight loss and work out. I , do , follow a very regimented diet and work out plan and this has really assisted with getting over the "hump". Yes , there are definitely some things to get used to and I have had to change some of my caffeine/coffee/tea intake but so far it's been a positive change.
Anonymous wrote 26 months ago:
I am only taking 1 pill in the morning and another 1/2 or 1 pill in the early afternoon. That's just enough for me regarding energy and appetite suppressant. I know I would not feel good or safe taking 6 pills per day, so 1-2 is just fine for me. Moderation is everything. I'm in no huge rush to loose the weight as long as it happens.
Anonymous wrote 14 months ago:
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