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Slimquick Reviews - Is It Worth The Hype?

Slimquick Review - Does It Even Work?

The official website of Slimquick on the World Wide Web says that it is a natural formula that’s designed to help women lose 3 times the weight in 13 weeks.

The natural extract in the capsule that is to be consumed on a daily basis helps women shed off more weight than what a normal diet plan would help them do.

It claims to be clinically proven where overweight women using Slimquick’s key ingredient along with a 1,350 calorie diet (usually called a
low calorie diet) lost an average of three times the weight compared to those who just followed the 1,350-calorie diet. These women lost an average of 25 pounds in just 13 weeks.

All the ingredients used in slimquick are scientifically proven to result in an effective weight loss of an individual.

Even though this may seem like a not – so – healthy way to resort to when wanting to lose weight, the undeniable fact still remains that the ingredients used to constitute slimquick are 100% natural.


Following are some of the real customer reviews of slimquick:

Tina from New York says...
Let’s not ignore the fact that women go through a lot more stress and hormonal changes than men. I, being a single mother, have been through so much. It is really hard to keep up with everything in life when all the responsibilities drop down on you.

Which is why, I was very glad when I came across a pill that is designed especially for women. Slimquick, let me tell you, is so wonderfully designed.

I feel much more confident now that I am over the weight issue and can concentrate on other, more important things in my life. All thanks to Slimquick. I highly recommend this product if you are a single mother.


Dana from Los Angeles says...
Slimquick may get you the results in 13 week’s times, sure. But attached with it are loads and loads of consequences which I am sure you don’t want to experience. Due to unbearable work stress in my life, I was compelled to resort to a method like this to lose weight.

At first, it seemed like a very good and convenient idea, since it hardly required any hard work and time. But later on, I started facing it’s side effects. I started losing focus on my job.

I observed that my nervousness levels were higher than usual. I could not even sleep properly. All this and more caused grave impact on my professional and personal life. This product is not worth it. I really hope I am able to convey this message to all of you.


Rita from Ohio says...
After going through numerous reviews and feedbacks on several fitness and health websites, I decided that the only way to know of whether the product Slimquick works or not is to try it myself.

So I did.

 I ordered for a supply of six months. Keeping in mind all the safeguards and warnings, I started with my programme. With time, I did experience quite a few changes in my lifestyle. For instance, my sleeping patterns were different.

I would have random mood swings and so on. But I was mentally prepared to face all of this. As time passed by, I observed changes in my body. I had started losing weight. My main motive was to become thin, by hook or by crook, which I ultimately did. Yes, I did face unusual effects in my life but they weren’t that major. So I suggest that you try it for yourself to see if this product suits you.

Amanda from Fayetville says...
After consuming Slimquick for over 13 weeks, following are the main advantages and disadvantages that I observed throughout the process :-


  • No proper exercise pattern provided.
  • Causes lack of sleep
  • Body becomes hyperactive.
  • Mind tends to lose focus.


  • Claims to be made of natural ingredients.
  • Designed especially for women.
  • Hardly takes any efforts from the consumer’s side.

After looking at the above mentioned pros and cons, I am sure you will be better able to decide whether or not this product is suitable for you.

It really depends on how much you are willing to give up in exchange for losing weight. I hope this helped you in some way.


Now let's have a look at the Slimquick side effects

Slimquick is not just one product. It is a variety of products whose central motive is to help women shed weight in the shortest time possible.

The formula used in the capsule to make the weight - losing process happen aims at the following six key points ...

  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Reduce appetite
  3. Boost energy
  4. Reduce excess water
  5. Support hormones
  6. Reduce stress

It claims to be clinically proven where overweight women using Slimquick’s key ingredient along with a 1,350-calorie diet lost an average of three times the weight compared to those who just followed the 1,350-calorie diet.

 Here's the slimquick 'nutrition' label by the way...

And here are some of the main ingredients of Slimquick...

Vitamin B: Vitamin B, as we all know, are water soluble supplements that play important role in cell metabolism. This particular substance helps to provide and generate energy within the body. This particular ingredient is added because it is important for the individual to maintain their enthusiasm and energy levels high while losing weight.

Fibre: This is probably one of the first and perhaps, the most primary ingredients that make up Slimquick as a whole. A number of edible fibres constituted together help target and absorb calories and fat within the body.

Diuretic Component: A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine. There are several categories of diuretics. All diuretics increase the excretion of water from bodies, although each class does so in a distinct way. The purpose of this ingredient is to stimulate the kidneys and help in the removal of excess water.

Caffeine: In humans, caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, temporarily warding off drowsiness and restoring alertness. Therefore, this ingredient is added for it plays a critical role to help the individual with his/her energy levels as well as stimulating the body’s metabolism. (Here's the
truth about caffeine.)

Natural Appetite Suppressant: Natural Appetite Suppressant help an individual reduce his/her appetite. It tricks the brain into thinking that no more food is needed in the system. This plays a very important role in the contribution towards the ultimate weight loss of the consumer.

All the ingredients mentioned above are scientifically proven to result in an effective weight loss of an individual. All are designed to fulfil one purpose – burning off extra fat.

Due to the variety of ingredients present in this product, there are a lot of side effects as well.

Let’s take a look at some of the worse slimquick side effects and how one can possibly overcome them.

Rapid heart rate: Guyana, which is one of the prevalent ingredients in Slimquick is known for its ability to energize. This causes shortness of breath and therefore, a rise in the heart rate levels. Take special care when taking this medication and take advice from your doctor about the proper use of Slimquick.

Loss of concentration: One of the possible drawbacks of Slimquick is that it causes the individual to lose focus. Due to the number of ingredients present in the capsule, this consequence is inevitable. Therefore, the consumer should make sure that he/she is fully aware of the changes taking place around them.

Lack of sleep: The presence of caffeine causes loss of sleep, or even insomnia. You can avoid this by not consuming the capsule beyond the evening time or further late during the night.

Anxiety and nervousness:  It is important to recognize these possible side effects when eating these pills and take the appropriate actions to minimize their occurrence.

Dehydration: The cause of this side effect can be directed towards the high levels of diuretics in the various forms of this diet pill. To avoid this side effect drink plenty of water; drink at least 32 oz. each day to keep your body hydrated.

If you are interested in consuming Slimquick, then I honestly suggest that you consult with a physician before beginning the diet and supplementation program.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend Slimquick to my blog readers. First of all, it's very name sounds a lot like snake oil, because in the real world, you REALLY cannot get slim quickly! At least not safely.

The only true way to
lose weight permanently, is to correct your eating habits and start some kind of physical activity. Unless you do these two time tested corrections in your life, no amount of powders, pills and shakes are going to "correct you".

So the best advice to you, yes you who is reading this right now, is to start hunting for real eating, food advice. Once you get something reliable, STICK TO IT for 6-8 weeks, you WILL see results that are far more safer and consistent than with such products.

My personal experience using Slimquick has been weird at best. I did lose some initial weight (about 8lbs), but as soon as I used to stop taking it, all the lost weight crept back!

It was as if as long as I was "on it", it was all great. I guess that's what the company wants then! Keep using their product and "stay slim" rather than help you "get slim" once and for all. (How would they keep making money then!?)

So dear reader, please do not be influenced by products such as Slimquick, they are only shortcuts, aids to the real thing - which is correcting and improving your diet!

Remember, diet contributes more than 90% to your weight loss success. All these products are just aids, use them as such! Don't rely on them to correct the 90%...


Xenadrine Reviews (WARNING: Crazy Results In Here)

Product reviews are good enough to tell us what a product does and where they are available. But consumer reviews have a much more personal side to it. Since they are written by someone like you and me, they seem much more reliable.

That is why I decided to write this detailed xenadrine review.

What Is Xenadrine?

Xenadrine is a weight loss supplement that was first introduced back in 2008. Although called as a supplment, this does not work like your ordinary supplements. Firstly, they cannot be taken on a regular basis like your vitamin supplements. Secondly, it serves the very specific purpose of helping you lose weight by controlling your appetite.
Why was it banned first?

Xenadrine was not banned, one of its ingredients, Ephedrine was banned by the FDA in 2005, but the makers were quick to react and they quickly altered their formula to replace the Ephedrine with other ingredients.

Soon, they launched two new products, Xenadrine NRG and EFX, with new formulas that worked equally well, if not better than the original one.

In addition to this, Xenadrine pills ensure you don’t run short of the energy you need for your daily activities. Xenadrine pills have been formulated with ingredients that are meant to make you feel energetic even while you eat less! What the official website of Saba says about Xenadrine is not at all untrue, but you know it isn’t enough to convince you to use these.

Xenadrine reviews

Hence consumer reviews play a very important role here. They not only tell you how the product worked for the individuals concerned, but also help you know the side effects, the taste, smell and dosage of the pills.

After reading a few reviews, you could be sure of using Xenadrine.
Of course, your own experience will help you even better! For e.g. my personal experience wasn't very pleasant using this product.


Xenadrine Side Effects

I suffered a lot of side effects, and if you are really going to do this, I advise you to look up some common Xenadrine side effects to see if you are prone to suffer from any of them.
The things I suffered from were :

•    Jitteriness
•    Bloating
•    Palpitation
•    Dull headaches
•    Irritability
•    Pain in lower abdomen

Some consumer reviews talk about their own alterations to the dosage and its effectiveness. For example, some people say that since Xenadrine contain some amount of caffeine, they prefer not to take the first dose during breakfast (while having coffee).
Also they consider breakfast to be the most important meal and so they want it to be a full meal. Instead they have a pill an hour before lunch so that this meal can be a lighter one.

And they cut down on caffeine by reducing their tea or coffee intake for the rest of the day. Now you all know the benefits of caffeine, don't you? Maybe I'll do a post on it specifically some other time.

There are some who think it makes sense to take the first dose in the morning before breakfast because the caffeine content in the pill acts as an effective stimulant, keeping them fresh and awake for a long time.

Many reviews will talk about the pill itself. One of the main ingredients in Xenadrine is raspberry ketones, rich in Vitamin C. The ketones are organic substances found in raspberry extract.

This gives the pills a slight sour smell. Many of us wouldn’t mind this smell, but for those who do, it can be a problem. However if you can ignore it, there is nothing else to trouble you.

Actually, there is nothing unpleasant about the smell. Some people may only be a little sensitive to sour smells. While most diet pills have processed caffeine in them, the good news about Xenadrine is that it contains natural caffeine.
So you don’t have to worry about any side effects because our body has the capacity to deal with natural caffeine that you find in your tea or coffee. You may have to cut down a little on the amount of tea or coffee you consume in a day to avoid the restlessness that kicks in due to excess caffeine.


Are the pills easy to swallow?

The pills are easy to swallow because they aren’t large like some of the antibiotic pills you must have seen.

The real pills are pale colored and can be purchased from the official Saba website.
Many other websites too claim to sell Xenadrine area cheaper rate but you are at a risk of getting the fake ones. They could be dangerous because the ingredients may be adulterated and unsafe. Once you have the right pills with you, the rest of it is easy.
You are only a few weeks away from a slimmer body.

Yes, it actually works that rapidly. But you need to understand that it only helps you lose weight and no one has claimed that you can have a toned body. For that, you will need to start working out.

The bottle of Xenadrine contains 60 pills which lasts a month. It is recommended that you shouldn’t take more two pills a day, but even one is good enough.

In addition to these 60 pills you also receive 7 sample packs of two pills each. When everyone is talking about it, giving it a try can never be a bad idea!



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