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Training Day 2

Well yesterday I think i did way to much and i ended up not only hurting my ankle more than before but I believe i pulled a muscle in the back of my leg, the same leg with the hurt ankle.. Last night while i was laid up in paid I went on my phone and I downloaded

C25K for my phone.. I just loved the way it tells you when you slow down, speed up, and i can still listen to my music.. and it keeps track of my workouts. Go to or download it at the android market.  


hopefully with my new App i wont be getting hurt anymore  :-)


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vanessaclarkgbr wrote 81 months ago:
You'll do great! Just rest up until it's properly fixed - do you have good trainers?
bestrodeo wrote 81 months ago:
I have my husband and I have my phone other than that just the support of my friends on here and always looking for more to offer good advice.

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