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False Problems similar to allergies

A young woman posted a few days ago about crying because everyone was calling her fat. She was clearly not fat at all by the weight she had posted and she admitted to having an ED when she was younger. The problem was one in her head and low self esteem issues.

 That got me thinking the way the human brain works,. Life can be hard at times and the mind is used to, nay, expects to have real problems to deal with, just like the human immune system expects to have bugs, viruses to contend with... and what happens so often these days when we're immunised against serious bugs and perhaps healthier than previous generations is when there's no threat the immune system reacts to things like pollen which are not threats at all and produces all sorts of nasty side effects in its 'protection' of you.

 So like our immune system which NEEDS something to do, do many of us need to have a problem; and if we don't have a genuine issue does our mind invent a false problem which can turn out to be as devastating as a real one. If that's the case can we recognise or show others how to recoginise these false problems in our/their heads and channel our need to tackle a problem into more positive action.

 Anyway that's my amateur philospy for the day! :) 

Success stories that are terrible examples

Just read another 'success story ' of a guy who has lost over 1/5th of his weight in 4 months.  I had to do a double-take. Worked out at almost 4 lbs a week. Turns out guy was under-eating and not eating back exercise cals. What a terrible example for newbies. Of course every poster says well done and what an inspiration he is. JFC- NO NO NO! Do people not do any research on how best to lose weight in a safe and sustainable manner. It's really not rocket science! 

I wasn't going to comment on it as being negative on these posts is really sticking your head above the parapet but had to say something, so couched my language as much as possible to get my criticism across without looking like I was being an arse (I hope). 

NSVS coming in rapid succession

NSVS all over the shop! Soz folks just too many NSVS this week for me to not to do some bragging :D

1. Karate Class last Monday was the only one of the oldies able to do a sit up from the ground right up on to my feet ( grabbing the back of a partner who was standing on my feet) without using my arms, those sit ups are paying dividends!

2. 20 full press ups in a row for first time done this morning (post workout). I couldn't do one 4 months ago.

3.  4 chin ups this morning. I couldn't do one until recently.

 I got a long way to go, but I'm well and truly on the journey! 

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