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Beachbody Ultimate Rest Cleanse Review

Before I went through the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, I felt worthless, numb, lacking, undeserving, lost, overweight, unlovable, unhealthy, self hate, scared, addicted to food, and that’s just the first layer. I was filling the voids in my life through emotional eating.

Fast food became a daily companion. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to be alive. I was lost and unsure how to make a change. I had completely hit rock bottom emotionally and my health went right along with it.

I walked through the motions of life trying to keep my head above water for two reasons – my husband and my daughter.

I had no energy and I knew my biggest issue was what I putting into my body, but felt lost on how to get myself back on track. When I stepped on the scale in April at my heaviest weight ever and officially in the “obese” category I knew something had to give.

I had no energy to workout or cook. Fueling my body with crap. I could drink pre-workouts and caffeine non stop, all it did was fuel my exhaustion. I couldn’t fall asleep.

I would toss and turn for hours then struggle to get up in the morning. My body wasn’t meant to work on 4 hours or less of sleep.

I loved how everything was set for you. I used the website every day and watched a lot of the cooking videos. It was so incredibly helpful and convenient to have those accessible to me everywhere.

The meal plan and shopping lists were easy to follow, although I had to google a lot of ingredients, because I had never heard of them. Once I started I loved the routine and how nice it was to step away from my usual routine. I also love the results!

I am so proud of myself for completing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. I was able to avoid temptations at work, home, and out.

That even includes my 8-year-old waving cookies under my nose and refusing to give in. Before I could eat an entire package in one sitting, and I was able to walk away from Oreos, cupcakes, and more. I am a recovering sugar addict. It sounds crazy saying that, but I believe it to be true.

Now I know how to find healthy substitutes or I drink my Shakeology. The thing is though… my sugar cravings are gone. That alone to me is pretty amazing!

I didn’t cheat once on this program. I have always had some “cheats” but I made it through the Ultimate Reset without doing it once! I’m proud of my results and excited about the future!

Thanks to the Ultimate Reset cleanse, I’m falling asleep immediately and having some of the best sleep of my life. I have energy now to live. It’s a new form of energy I haven’t felt in years!

I’m more interactive with my family and the world around me. My feelings of sadness still has a grip on me like it has my entire life, but I’m on the upswing. That feels amazing.

I find myself being more positive and living in the moment, yet optimistic and planning for the future.

The passion I had lost has come back full force. I have more self worth now and discipline. My sugar cravings are gone. I’m not longer craving the junk I was before.

Ohh yeah! I forgot to mention the fact that I lost 21.5 lbs and 14.5 inches, and am no longer obese! Days later and I’m still on track!

I lost 21.5 lbs in 21 days with Ultimate Reset and Shakeology



Reset with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse


You can check out the Ultimate Reset from the above links or get more details from my Ultimate Reset review below...

About Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is, as the name suggests, the ultimate reset cleanse program – a comprehensive, inner-body tuned, no-starvation product that offers more than any typical 21-cleanse programs you may have come across.

Created by Isabelle Daikeler, a health and fitness expert, and a superfood ingredient hunter, Darlin Olien, this cleanse program is the ultimate cleansing program that’s been designed with the right vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients. Unlike other cleanse programs around, this Beachbody Ultimate Reset does more than the simple elimination of body wastes and toxins, albeit naturally, while also revitalizing your body and mind, fueling the body with essential macro and micronutrients in the process.

This cleanse program is also different because it resets your body. How? The cleanse encourages you to reduce your intake of processed foods – through this cleanse, your body will make it easier for you to replace processed foods with healthier options. You see, with everything spiraling out of control in my life, I’d turned to eating unhealthy foods, and though I felt guilty eating all that junk, I always told myself that I’d eat something healthy tomorrow – but you all know how that goes.

Well, the Ultimate Reset Cleanse changed everything. I started craving healthier, cleaner foods. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset supplements were particularly helpful and helped me stay on track.

How Exactly does this 21-day cleanse program turn your life around?

  • This 21-day body and mind work in three ways, and it allows you to:
  • Reclaim the body’s natural physiological balance
  • Get rid of all unwanted compounds holding back your system
  • Restore the body to maximum efficiency.

The Benefits of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Like everyone else who’s used this cleanse, I am happy with how things have turned out. Among others, some of the good things I’ve experienced from this program include:

  • Improved digestion
  • I have more healthy energy
  • I’ve shed some pounds, and my BMI has improved
  • I’m in a positive mood often, and my focus is better than it has been in years
  • In many ways, I feel like this cleanse restored my body to factory settings, I feel great and look even better!

Importance of a Reset

Let’s face it: we live in some of the most polluted cities in the world. We are creating huge messes we may never recover from in this Century, Mother Nature is honestly furious with us, and our bodies are bearing the brunt of it all. The air we breath is nothing close to pristine, the water is impure, and the foods we eat are dangerous as they are laced with toxic preservatives, chemical additives, and pesticides. Worse, we seem to be absorbing toxins from everything else around, from pillows to the kids’ toys. When you think of all that is wrong around us, it’s clear that despite the resilience and the efficiency of the body working like a machine to neutralize and eliminate the different effects brought about by the chemical onslaught, we now live in, it needs help. If you push your body too far, it will reach its limits and break. Eating healthy foods and working out is great, but a full-body reset is ideal as it cleans the body from the inside out.

How Does It Work?

This 21-day total cleanses program works in three specific ways mentioned above – Reclaim, Release, Restore.

RECLAIM – Here, the cleansing supplements help you reclaim a healthy body by accessing your inner chemistry (biochemistry), preparing the body for a change, in the process.

RELEASE – In the second stage of the cleanse, there is the release of the unwanted, toxic, and unsafe compounds holding the system back. Detoxification also starts here.

RESTORE – This is Phase 3 of the cleanse. There is the restoration of the digestive system, and other system processes. Under restoration, the body system is restored with the help of enzymes, nutrients, prebiotics, and probiotics reintroduced into the body.

All these take 21 days, and after this time, I felt invigorated, energized, and a general improvement in wellbeing, physical, emotionally, and mentally.

Who Needs the Ultimate Reset?

From my experience, everyone needs the Ultimate Reset Cleanse program. But to be specific, here are the people who need it the most:

  • Anyone seeking more clarity and mental energy
  • Individuals struggling with the digestive system
  • Individuals on the weight loss journey (you might not get your beach body in 21 days, but this will set you off in the right direction.
  • Individuals who wish to improve their wellbeing overall.
What’s in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Kit
  • Supplements

Power Greens – a combination of 6 powerful greens: matcha, kale, celery, chlorella, spinach, and cucumber.

Soothe – Aloe vera and turmeric

Optimize – Enzyme blend with added camu-camu that boosts the bioavailability of nutrients

Mineralize – Pink Himalayan salt formulation

Revitalize –Prebiotics and Probiotics

Detox - Flax seeds, chia seeds, and turmeric

  • Cleanse program and nutrition guide
  • Reset caddy
  • Reset Bracelet
  • Daily support from the Beachbody team
  What Not to Expect
  • An abrupt cleanse with damaging effects
  • A harsh colon-focused, laxative-based cleanse that doesn’t really reset the body functions
  • A starvation diet – Unlike other cleanses, you get to eat three whole and healthy meals daily.
For the success of the Beachbody cleanse, drink plenty of water during the cleanse/ reset to encourage full detoxification. Hydration with water also helps minimize the temporary headaches that come with the cleanse. But don’t hesitate to seek medical attention if the headache persists or if you have other body aches.
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