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3 Shakeology Price Cuts: MUST Read BEFORE You Buy

Before we look at the Shakeology price or you consider buying Shakeology.... Let me tell who I am...

I used to weigh close to 300 pounds!!! Don't belive me?!? Check out my before and after pictures below:

21 day fix reviews rachelle hosick

 21 day fix reviews rachelle hosick

Yes... That's me up there... Before losing weight. I tried to do my own thing, which got me 0 results...

It wasn't until I stmbled onto the 21 Day Fix & Shakeology that I finally started losing weight.

While I love working out with the 21 Day Fix workout, I truly believe Shakeology made the biggest difference in my life.

Shakeology Will TURBO CHARGE Your Weight Loss like it did me.

Shakeology helped me crave less sweets.

Lower both my blood pressure and cholesterol, keeping me from taking medication.

Greatly INCREASED my energy.

It felt like my fat was simply burning away.

And I felt healthier and healthier every day that I drank it.

I was more focused and made life better… Like I was just high on life.

I truly believe I would not have gotten such amazing results without Shakeology...

However, I know many people hesitate to buy Shakeology when they see the Shakeology price... Here are the prices for your referecne...



Buy Shakeology in the USA
Buy Shakeology in Canada
Buy Shaekology in the United Kingdom


If you’re serious about buying Shakeology cheap, then you’ll want to check out the following top 3 Shakeology price discounts. These discounts are organized from just trying out Shakeology to those serious about using Shakeology every single day…

1. Buy Shakeology Cheap with Monthly Auto-ship


This is the most common way to buy Shakeology cheap when you’re first trying out Shakeology.

By buying Shakeology with monthly-auto ship, you can save anywhere from $11 to over $15 per month on shipping. Plus, you’ll be sure to always have Shakeology on hand as it will soon be arriving before you even run out!

Of course, ordering Shakeology with monthly autoship, comes with the following benefits as well:

Shakeology comes with a 30 Day Bottom of the Bag Money Back Guarantee! This means that if you don’t like Shakeology (which is unlikely) you can send back an empty Shakeology bag and get your money back! – It’s that simple.

You can cancel your monthly auto-ship At ANY TIME or Make Changes Best of all, Beachbody makes it easy by emailing you a notice that your Shakeology is about to ship. With the email notice you have several options before your Shakeology is even sent:

By using a simple online form, you can

  • Change your Shakeology flavor.
  • Push back your Shakeology shipping date.
  • Or cancel your order

Start saving money on Shakeology today, order Shakeology with monthly auto-ship below:


Buy Shakeology Cheap Here

2. Burn Your Fat Faster & Buy Shakeology Cheap


There’s no doubt that you will lose weight and feel more energized with Shakeology. However, how would you like to lose weight even faster?

Or maybe you desire to get a more defined body. If this is the case, then you’ll want to cut your Shakeology cost with a Beachbody Challenge Pack, which includes:

Proven Fitness Program – You can choose any complete Beachbody Fitness Program that you know you’ll love. Not only will you get the workouts on DVDs but also the Nutrition Guide and Workout Calendar. (Doesn’t include the Beachbody on Demand Challenge Pack which doesn’t include a physical workout but instead you access everything online.)

Shakeology – You’ll receive Shakeology on monthly auto-ship (best way to save money on Shakeology without becoming a Coach.)

Beachbody on Demand (BOD) – You have the option of trying out Beachbody on Demand for 30 days or going for the FULL year access. With Beachbody on Demand you’ll have instant, online access to not only the workout program you ordered but also every single workout created by Beachbody. Plus, EXCLUSIVE BOD workouts you won’t find anywhere else.

Personally, I recommended getting a Beachbody Challenge Pack because that’s what I did to lose so much weight from XXL to a Size 2!

I went for the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack because to me, it was the easiest program to follow.

The workouts were super short and simple. Only 30 minutes a day.

The Nutrition Plan focuses on using color coded containers so that I can easily measure out all my food.

And of course, Autumn Calabrese was super energetic and truly inspired me to keep going. Even though I felt like passing out right there on the floor.

I recommend you check out the Beachbody Challenge Packs below. Best of all, Beachbody always has some kind of additional discount every single month.

Compare Beachbody Challenge Packs


Compare Beachbody Challenge Packs in Canada

Compare Beachbody Challenge Packs in the United Kingdom

3. How To Really Buy Shakeology Cheap


If you’re serious about drinking Shakeology every single day, then you’ll want to become a Team Beachbody Coach.

As a Coach, you get the largest Shakeology price discount of 25% off the retail cost. You can only become a Beachbody Coach if you’re a US, Canadian, or United Kingdom Citizen.

Yes, there is a Beachbody Coach fee of $15.95 (US) monthly. However, let’s do a little math and estimate your Shakeology savings:

Buying Shakeology at Retail Cost with monthly auto-ship:

  • Shakeology – $129.95
  • Shipping – $2.00
  • Estimated Taxes – $10.56
  • Total – $142.51

Buying Shakeology as a Beachbody Coach with monthly auto-ship:

  • Shakeology – $97.46
  • Shipping – $2.00
  • Coach Fee – $15.95
  • Estimated Taxes – $7.96
  • Total – $123.37

If you compare the numbers, you’ll see you can buy Shakeology at less than retail cost ($123.37)… And this includes shipping, taxes, and even the Coach Fee!

Best of all, as a Beachbody Coach, you’re

  • NOT required to sell anything.
  • NOT required to buy anything.
  • And you can cancel your Coach account at any time.

In fact, most Beachbody Coaches are Coaches simply to get the 25% discount on multiple Beachbody products. Not just on Shakeology.

If you’re serious about losing weight and staying health, then I recommend becoming a Beachbody Coach so that you can really buy Shakeology dirt cheap!

Beacome a Team Beachbody Coach Today!!!




Final Thoughts…


There you have it… The 3 ways you can get Shakeology at a discount. I hope this helps.

And here’s something else to consider since many people like to ask me, “How do I afford TWO bags of Shakeology for me and my husband?”

Here are some ways that I’ve been able to save money in order to afford Shakeology every month: Things I DO NOT buy:

I DO NOT buy bottled water. The price of water is simply outrageous. Instead, I have my own filter and make my own bottled water.

I DO NOT buy any of those fancy coffee drinks. With Shakeology I feel much more energized. Plus, Shakeology comes in Café Latte Shakeology flavor if you’re really into coffee.

I DO NOT buy gum, candy, cookies, any snackie things, or desserts. Shakeology is now my favorite dessert. Plus, Shakeology helps curb those sweet tooth cravings I used to have constantly. Thank you Shakeology!

I DO NOT eat out very often. Some months, I’ll eat out twice, other months, I eat out zero. I love the new and delicious food I got to make with the 21 Day Fix.

I DO NOT subscribe to cable TV. Everything I ever want to see I can online. I especially don’t miss those annoying commercials.

I DO NOT have a fancy phone or expensive plan. I try to keep my life as simple as possible.

I DO NOT have a gym membership. Instead, I work out right in my living room. At first I used to only use my 21 Day Fix workout DVDs, but now I have access to every single Beachbody workout I could ever want with Beachbody one the Demand. I love being able to mix up my workouts whenever I want. Plus, I don’t have to deal with spending money on gas, getting stuck in traffic, and dealing with annoying gym goers.

I DO NOT buy extra vitamins and minerals. I used to buy separate superfoods to add to my smoothies. Then I realized that I was spending way more on my separate superfoods per month, even from discount sources, than I would spend on Shakeology.

I hope this article has helped.

Looking for another Beachbody Product? Check out the Team Beachbody Discount stores below...

USA Beachbody Discount Store
Canada Discount Store

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