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21 Day Fix Reviews: REALISTIC Diet Plan?

Can’t Lose Weight? Guaranteed Weight Loss Within 21 Days – with No Calorie Counting


How to Lose up to 15 Pounds in Only 21 Days Without Counting Calories, Without Starving Yourself, and Without Yo-Yo Dieting!

Secrets of Celebrity Trainer, Working Mom, and NPC Bikini Competitor – Autumn Calabrese – are finally revealed with her NEW, Super-Simple, Weight Loss Program. Which is teaching today’s busy woman to lose weight fast and maintain weight loss without counting calories, without buying expensive gym equipment, and without risky weight loss pills!

I, myself, was once lost in all the confusion of the weight loss industry… Let me share with you what I had to go through before finally losing weight…

This used to be me...

Rachelle Hosick before 21 day fix

This was back in April 2013 before I tried Shakeology with 21 Day Fix Program… Oh! My! Gosh! Why did I do that to myself? Why did I let food be my happy place? Why did I stop caring about my health?

I'm going to share some things I've never shared before.... because... frankly, they're super embarrassing.

Those jeans I was wearing (24w) didn't even button or zip. Those shirts were bought for my husband and I stole them from him just so I'd have something to wear that would semi-fit and cover up the unbuttoned/unzipped pants.

I wore my old maternity clothes for years because they were about the only thing that fit. When we'd go out to eat, I could barely even fit into a booth.

If Austin and I went out to eat by ourselves, we couldn't sit on the same side of the booth because of my size. Prior to me gaining all the weight, we were that annoying couple that sat as close to each other as possible.

I didn't wear my wedding ring or engagement ring for years because they didn't fit. I told myself that I wasn't going to keep having them sized up because I was going to lose the weight so they fit again.

In fact I stopped wearing necklaces Austin gave me because they were like chokers around my neck. I really wanted a nice bracelet for Christmas in 2015... My wrist was so big that I had to look at anklets as they were the only thing that would fit around my wrist. So… so… so… embarrassing.

 I made up some excuse as to why I didn't want a bracelet anymore and didn't get one.

When we bought our van, I put on the seat belt and it barely buckled. I was actually looking at seat belt extenders online!!!

My Refusal to Accept That I Needed to Lose Weight Made Life Difficult…


I so wish I could go back and have a redo on these past 10 years. I wish I would have listened when my mom brought up my weight gain (I weighed around 200 pounds at that point).

At the time I was so mad at her for it, but looking back, I know she was just trying to help me..

  • If I would have listened to her, I wouldn't have had gestational diabetes during my 1st pregnancy.
  • If I would have listened to her, I wouldn't have all the regrets I do now.
  • If I would have listened to her, I wouldn't have had to spend the past year working my butt off to shed the weight.
  • If I would have listened to her, I wouldn't have the loose skin and stretch marks that I do.
  • If I would have listened to her, I wouldn't have ruined my body.

But I didn't listen. Instead I was mad and I stopped talking to her and my family…

I missed out on important things in my sister's life. I didn't even know my sister was dating her now husband. Like, what in the world was wrong with me???

We were so close and I let my weight keep me from my family.

If you're struggling like I was, you've got to take control! Today is the day! You have to do something to change…


  • With each passing day you will be gaining more and more weight, which will require you to work even harder to get rid of…
  • With each passing day you will be gaining more and more stretch marks…
  • With each passing day you increase the risk of saggy, loose skin hanging down past your waist after losing weight…
  • Not to mention the need for more and more medications as your weight leads you towards diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, several types of cancer, sleep apnoea, liver disease, kidney disease, gallstones, pain and stiffness in joints and back, and much more…

Soon, if nothing is done, you’ll be living your life on the sidelines like I used to…

I couldn’t play with my two boys! I had to sit back and watch other moms play with their kids and have fun with them.

Other parents even played with my kids as I was on the side lines trying to catch my breath.

Sometimes the other parents looked right at me and I would just know that they were judging me.

I’m sure they were thinking...

  • “How could I leave me kids to play on their own”
  • “How could a mom let herself get SO HUGE"
  • Or worst yet, they probably thought I was a fat, lazy, slob without any self control.

Let me ask you… Has your weight ever held you back from enjoying life?

Get rid of the excuses. I've heard all the excuses out there as to why you can't do it. I had the same excuses for years!

Yet, I wasn’t fully ready to lose weight at 206 pounds… Things got worse…

Would a Kid Ask You if You’re Pregnant?.. They Did Me…


I remember in detail having a family gathering during Thanksgiving in 2015. We had everything on the table. A nice 10 pound turkey, two kinds of stuffing, rolls, mash potatoes, cranberry sauce, a chicken gravy, a beef gravy, corn on the cob, green salad, and so much more.

Everything smelled delicious!

I was ready to just eat everything I can. After all, Thanksgiving is a time to fully enjoy every single food that you can!

Just before it was time to eat, however, there was one little girl named Tiffany that came up to me and looked me up and down real good. And then she asked “Are you pregnant?”

I just stood there and didn’t really know what to say besides, “No”. Luckily, no one else heard her question. However the damage was done. That was my worse Thanksgiving ever.

I ate some food but not all the food I wanted to eat. My husband noticed I wasn’t my usual self that day.

However, when he asked me if something was wrong, I simply told him that everything was fine… I was lying of course. Everything WAS NOT OK….

That’s when I knew I needed to lose weight and unfortunately, I had all the excuses as to why I couldn’t. And I continued to let those excuses win until February 2016. 

Life was a struggle for me…

  • My body constantly hurt! I was taking so much ibuprofen for different pains I had that I was worried I would over dose one day…
  • My shoulders constantly hurt.
  • I’d wake up every morning and my feet would hurt so bad I could barely walk.
  • I’d get sharp pains down my legs and I WAS ALWAYS TIRED…

Yet, with one simple shake I was able gain MORE ENERGY and start reducing my joint pain and body aches… More on this later…

Finally, on February 2, 2016, I decided to step on the scale. I was shocked to see 296 pounds. I weighed almost 300 pounds!

After seeing this I went straight to the kitchen and dumped an unopened 2 liter of Mountain Dew down the drain. I haven’t had soda since.

ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH!!! I knew I had to lose weight and get healthy for me and my family.

Doing My Own Thing Got ZERO Results


I started eating healthy... This simply meant I tried to eat a little less food, less fast food, and a few more fruits and vegetables.

Although not too many vegetables because at the time I just straight out HATED VEGGIES…

I also started walking 30 minutes a day. Sometimes taking my boys along and other times doing my best on my own.

In about a month, I realized that I really had no idea what to do to lose weight. I had not lost a single pound!!!

I searched through weight loss forums to see what other people were doing to lose weight and most people kept saying the same old stuff over and over again…

  • Keep track of your calories.
  • Figure out how many calories you should be eating.
  • Use a food scale.
  • Exercise.

There was nothing new there at all…

Writing down every single calorie is a pain in the butt!!!

I wasn’t about to buy a food scale because I don’t have the time to be weighing everything out…

And it still didn’t help with WHAT I Should be eating to lose weight…

I felt defeated… Lost… Why does losing weight need to be so difficult?!? Or does it???

Weight Loss Results in 21 Days Possible?... Experts Say: “YES!”


One late night I was watching tv by myself…. My two sons were already in bed and my husband wasn’t home yet.

So there I was, in front of the tv with a bag of pretzels. After all, a bag of pretzels is healthier than chips, right?

Anyways, I was flipping through the channels when a infomercial caught my eye. It was about weight loss of course, a new program called the 21 Day Fix.

They were showing all kinds of 21 Day Fix reviews and everyone just seemed so happy and thin…

Even girls that looked almost as big as me in their before picture were losing 30, 50, 70, and over 100 pounds with the 21 Day Fix workouts!

There I was, glued to the 21 Day Fix infomercial trying to figure out if all these reviews were the real deal.

I was looking for anything to claim this program as fake… Yet, I was not able to find anything…

With each passing 21 Day Fix review, I kept thinking: “That Can be Me, I Can Lose Weight Too.”

I can keep track of my food with those silly looking portion control containers. Sure does beat adding a bunch of calories.

I can exercise for 30 minutes a day. I’m already doing that with only walking…

And what’s that?... There’s a modifier to make the workouts a little easier for a big gal like me?

Yet, I still wasn’t fully convinced… I just had to do a little more research into these 21 Day Fix workouts online…

So, I searched and looked through several 21 Day Fix reviews, the good and the bad…

Hundreds Of People Are Sharing Their 21 Day Fix Results & Recipes Online Everyday!


It wasn’t long before I realized that this is probably the most simple weight loss system on the market.

The 21 Day Fix program is set up to be a step-by-step system… Plus, it’s so popular that there are thousands of recipes that are set up to follow the 21 Day Fix program.

I couldn’t even count the number of 21 Day Fix recipes I could find online!... Take ANY meal you enjoy and you’ll find a delicious a 21 Day Fix alternative that the whole family will enjoy…

  • Lasagna
  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • And the list goes on and on!!!

Additionally, during my search, I also read about a shake called Shakeology. Many of the people who did the 21 Day Fix also drank Shakeology every single day.

From what I understood, Shakeology is a multivitamin on steroids that’s made with super fruits and vegetables from around the world.

From simply looking into the ingredients I realized it contains everything that Dr. Oz, Women’s Health, Self Magazine, Health, Fitness, and several others often declare as the best super-foods for health and weight loss.

For example: Sachi Inchi, Chia, Flax, Quinoa, Acai, Luo Han Guo, Green Tea, Rose Hips, Moringa, Pomegranate, Yacon Root, Chlorella, Kale, Acerola Cherry, Bilberry, Camu‑Camu, Goji berry, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Ginkgo, Maca, Maitake, Reishi, Schisandra, Tulsi (Holy Basil), Matcha, Chaga, and many more…

The crazy thing about Shakeology is that you wouldn’t know it’s healthy because it tastes sssoooo good!

My personal favorite is Chocolate of course because of my powerful sweet tooth.

A SUPERIOR Healthy Shake Without Beaver Anal “Juices”…


I know I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Especially vegetables, BLAH....

Thankfully, Shakeology provides a lot of my nutrients in the healthiest way possible by using real super-fruits and super-vegetables from around the world instead of using fake ingredients like other shakes.

In fact, while I was looking over several Shakeology reviews, I found that Beachbody refused to make a vanilla flavor because it was difficult to make a REAL NATURAL vanilla without FDA loop holes.

For example, did you know the FDA allows companies to use beaver anal juices as a “natural” vanilla flavor? After all, beaver anal juices taste like vanilla and are still natural, it just isn’t vanilla beans.

It took three years before Beachbody discovered a rich source of vanilla beans in Madagascar that allowed them to create both a vegan and non-vegan vanilla Shakeology flavor.

I don’t know about you, however I prefer not to have beaver anal juices that is often mixed with pee in my food…

Knowing that Shakeology has all the nutrients your body needs for weight loss and health, and it doesn’t include anything artificial, I decided to give it a try with my 21 Day Fix program.

And the resilts speak for themselves...

Just check out my 21 Day Fix Results below!!!

21 day fix reviews rachelle hosick
21 day fix reviews rachelle hosick

Simply Delicious Meal Plan that uses color coded containers to help you keep track of what you eat. Gone are the days of weighing and counting every single calorie. Instead, you get so many red, blue, orange, yellow, and so on containers per day. If it fits in the container, you can eat!

The great thing about the 21 Day Fix meal plan is that you get delicious recipes and the 21 Day Fix is SO POPULAR that you can easily find 21 Day Fix approved recipes online as well!

Finally, Shakeology Will TURBO CHARGE Your Weight Loss.  

Shakeology helped me crave less sweets.

Helped lower both my blood pressure and cholesterol, keeping me from taking medication.

Greatly INCREASED my energy.

It felt like my fat was simply burning away.

And I felt healthier and healthier every day that I drank it. I was more focused and made life better… Like I was just high on life.

21 Day Fix & Shakeology have truly given me back control of my life… I am now much happier with my family..

Here's your chance to try it our for yourself...

This is a EXCLUSIVE Offer that you will not find on Amazon nor! With this package deal, you’ll save over $50 compared to buying each item separately!

Order 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack


With the package above, there’s a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!... If you don’t feel any different with Shakeology or the 21 Day Fix workouts, then simply send it back!

However, I know for a fact, if you drink your Shakeology every day and follow the 21 Day Fix system, you will never be the same again!

Additionally, by ordering today, you’ll get access to Beachbody on Demand, which will allow to start working out with the 21 Day Fix Right Now!


Looking for another Beachbody Product? Check out the Team Beachbody Discount stores below...

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