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> 5 Great Ways to Burn More Fat

 5 Great Ways to Burn More Fat 
1. Do not eat poor quality carbohydrates before going to sleep. Poor 
quality carbohydrates are those that contain sugar or are highly 
processed. These would include most breakfast cereals, breads, snack 
foods, candies, and even fruits and juices. Eating these foods 
immediately prior to sleeping will likely result in increased fat 
deposit and will prevent your body from maintaining a successful 
fat-burning mode.

2. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body will 
burn even at rest. Muscle is extremely active metabolically. Do 
some resistance training, add some muscle, and crank up that 

 3. Never let yourself get too hungry, or too stuffed. It really is 
all about moderation. Time your meals so that you eat before you are 
starving . . . doing this one simple thing will cause you to almost 
always eat less. When you do eat, stop when your satisfied not when 
you are so stuffed you cannot even get down another bite.

 4. Double up on your cardio training. From time to time it may be 
beneficial to the fat-burning process for you to split your cardio 
training into two short sessions rather than one longer one. Studies 
suggest that people who do 30 minutes of morning cardio and then 30 
minutes of evening cardio lose more fat than those doing just one 
60 minute session.

 5. Eat more high fiber foods. Most of us do not get enough fiber 
in our daily diets, and that's just a shame. Fiber not only promotes 
overall general health, but also can significantly aid in your 
fat-burning efforts. Leafy greens and salads are ideal sources 
of fiber.

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