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Signs of Progress

I stepped on a scale for the first time in a while (well, ok, I stepped on a scale for lulz one night while eating to make a point about body fat numbers on scales being ridiculously off), just to check in at what I have been doing. I did the full 'after you pee in the morning' routine, just to be sure. Technically I should have waited until a morning after a rest day, so my muscles were retaining less water, but I only did a 6 mile run yesterday, and that is like a rest day for me.

Anyhoo - 

weight 148.2 pounds (identical to where i was 6 months ago)

body fat 11.4% (lololololololololololol)


So that body fat % is very much not real (impedence scales are going to be off by as much as 5%, and will only measure your lower body anyway), but it is down from the 12.4% I was last time, and that is the right direction.  


I'll have to go into the kinesiologist and have a hydrostatic weighing done to be sure, but it looks like the 'eat 2700 a day, at least 120g of protein, and strength train' program has been working for my slow body recomp. HUZZAH!

All the things I think when I read that 'fat girl running' post

 Yeah, you know the one. People seem to love it. I have always found it unbearably condescending. 

Well, I found the response that sums all my swallowed words about it:

"So next time you look at me on that track do yourself a favor. Look away. I do not look like I once did. I do not want to be your inspiration or your motivation.

I am a runner. I was a runner at 420 pounds and I am a runner today.

And runners do one thing.

They run.Not write about other runners."



Weekend PSA: I will put that cigarette out in your eye

I normally don't think much of people who smoke around me. My whole family smokes. I know people smoke.  I really wish they didn't, but its not my choice to make for them.  


Today, however, I almost had to c*nt-punt a girl back to the last millenium


So, hey,girl who was walking 3-abreast with her sorority sistas on the running trail that rings campus:  Lets start from first principles.   

1) UCLA is a smoke-free campus.  You can tell because there are GIANT FUCKING SIGNS everywhere with the no-smoking symbol on them. Its been that way for a year now, its not a new thing.  

2)There's a sidewalk, that's not the running path.  It was about 5 feet to your left.  If you want to hold hands and gab with your bffs, why don't you use that.

3) You were so lost in gesturing wildly during your totes important story about whatever comment Jayden left on Tyffani's instagram that you almost put your filthy fucking habit out on my abdomen, despite the fact that I had called 'on your left' before trying to pass.  

4) Bitch we are in a drought, and you are carrying a lit stick through dry brush.   


So I condensed my feelings towards  you into a few words and one hand gesture, but let me elaborate:

Smoking is fucking disgusting.You can't argue against that.  And no, it is not just about your rights. As soon as you step outside, your fucking disgusting habit becomes other people's problem.  No one wants to walk/run behind your cloud of filthy-ass smoke.   It doesn't make you look cool. It makes you look ignorant as shit. You smell bad. If you think you are 'hiding' it, you are stupider than you look, and you look pretty damn stupid.  

So smoke if you want, but realize that other people are not signing up for your bullshit. Next time you almost burn a hole through my torso by being a self-important bitchflake, I am putting that cigarette out in your eye.   

The Terminator

I got a new head lamp for night runs.  I hate white light- it screws up my night vision.  I only where it for other people, not so I can see, so I got a fancier version that has red light. 


Someone pointed out that now, this is basically what people see when I run towards them at night

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