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Working out at a snail's pace

"Why haven't you logged your exercise?" One of my observant friends here at MFP had noticed, and sure enough, he sent me a message. "Busted," I mumbled, and I told him about my cold.

Then the next one messaged me, and sure enough, he too was persistent and dared to ask me about my missing workout. "With friends like this I don't need any enemies," I thought to myself and felt guilty.

"Start slowly," both said. "Don't compare yourself to others." That's easier said than done. 

I look at my friends here at MFP, and I am very proud of them -they are killing it. They walk mile after mile. They spent hours on ecliptic riders and other torture machines, what makes them superheroes in my eyes. This can't be normal.

I hate working out. I hate it - I hate it - I hate it. Have I mentioned that I hate it?

I shouldn't call it "work out" anyway. I am trying to walk, and it's so hard on me.  It hurts before and after; it doesn't give me any pleasure. I still think about my leg. I can't breathe, I feel uneasy and very uncomfortable. How can just a few minutes exhaust me so much? I am a sweaty mess; have red cheeks and look like a Leprechaun.

Exercise, that is part of the deal here at MFP.  Deep down I know I have to get going, I just wish it would be easier. "Just do it," the voice of reason inside me whispers, and while I agree, a part of me wants to stomp her foot and scream like a little kid; "You can't make me!"

Then, Friday last week an MFP buddy who is struggling, decided to make his diary private. "This way I won't feel embarrassed when I overeat," he wrote, and I jumped on my broom and was on his case in lightening speed. "While you will be able to hide the truth from us, you won't be able to hide it from yourself," I answered and then it hit me. Am I a smart cookie or what? I call him out on something I am doing as well. Brilliant!

I didn't log my workout attempts because I felt ashamed, just like him. "This way I won't feel embarrassed when I am so far behind everybody else."

He opened his diary up on Monday, even thanked me for helping him through his conflict. The same day I logged 8 minutes at a snail's pace on the treadmill for the first time. Unbelievable, I burned 38 calories. Yesterday, three days later, I pushed myself to walk 10 minutes without a break and it almost killed me. I still cling to the handlebar, but I did it. A new Leprechaun look - 47 calories burned. Yeah, me!

Logging and seeing the numbers hurt, perhaps it has too. This is not easy; this is hard -almost as hard as being fat.

"Alright Pumpkin, swallow your pride. It can only get better from here." I can do it.

62.5 pounds lost - Only 77.5 to go



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Rincewind_1965 wrote 27 months ago:
And you will do it.

We all are here to help you.
vikinglander wrote 27 months ago:
I know who I am! LOL!

I started walking routinely at about 280 pounds (I am, sadly, slightly heavier than that know, but at least stronger...) and at first barely made it around the block. In a years time, I can now do 2 miles in about 30 to 40 minutes, which is of course, no speed record, but it's light years from where I started.

Pick a distance and keep repeating it until you can do it comfortably...then increase it by X minutes.

You will get there. Just be consistent.
Ke22yB wrote 27 months ago:
You can do this
You know my story and the things I post as to my exercise I don't post the sore muscles the waking up in the morning and the stiffness as I swing my legs over to get up out of bed.
WHY well mostly because I see the benefits and over the years yes I said years it takes time to get as crazy as I am I have convinced myself that I LOVE this blepping stuff and look forward to doing more or going faster so even though people constantly remind me how OLD I am " running 8 miles " for crying out loud your almost 70 years old I just smile and keep going.
Surely you will keep going as it gets easier you will feel the pride in what you are doing for your self and might even smile a bit as you head out the door.
Great job Keep it up

Gardengal1222 wrote 27 months ago:
You are growing in the right strides. Keep up doing what you are doing because it will surely pay off. You always inspire me when I really need it.
joanthemom8 wrote 27 months ago:
You are doing so well. Don't worry about how many calories you are burning. Just think of it as a progression..... each day that you walk (or other exercise) is another day in the right direction. We were all newbies to exercise at some point. Probably some of your friends that are "kicking it" with exercise have been at it for a while. Just think, in a few months, everyone will be saying "Wow, look how much she walked today!"
Also, have you thought about finding a walking buddy? It sounds like you may be doing just the treadmill (which is great). But maybe eventually when you go walking outside, you'll want someone. There are walking clubs, or just a friend or spouse. My favorite is one of our dogs!
jmdavid619 wrote 27 months ago:
I do a lot of walking work outs as well, and I have to two tips. 1. Walk outside, not on a treadmill, and do it in a really pretty neighborhood. 2. Listen to podcasts and not music. It will keep you better entertained and you will learn things while you exercise--good for your body and your brain!
KayTay612 wrote 27 months ago:
It is all a process and you have come so far! Just keep at it and you will be walking that mile easily before you know it. Slow and steady wins the race, after all!
Wickedwitch2017 wrote 27 months ago:
When I weighed 110k (jan 2017) I couldn't walk from my letter box to my door - about 40m - without getting out of breath - I was ashamed of myself...then, a few months later I could do it several times..and so on and so I can run it without getting out of breath..It takes time, but my god is it worth it when you can finally do it ! Today I walked 10km easily and I would never have imagined doing that a few months ago :) So, girl, one step at a time :) you too will get there, you have the will power and the balls..that's all it takes :)
kathleennf wrote 27 months ago:
Wait- you have lost 62 pounds!! Seriously!! You got this!! Great job on the weight loss- and on the exercise!!

I have a long story which I won't tell you here. I will only pass along a little piece of advice that might help. Try to find some type of exercise that you don't hate. Keep trying different things. I bet there will be something. I spent half my young adult life trying to do running/jogging because I thought I had to. I'd make myself do it fairly consistently for a few months, then I'd find some excuse to not go, and the next thing you know, I hadn't gone for yep a few years. I hated running. I still hate running. But- I like different kinds of dancing, and then I tried weight lifting and found out that I like it and I love what it does for my body. So- there I am. Oh, and I love the look on my dog's face when I take her for a walk.

Hang in there! Great job so far!
CajunTess wrote 27 months ago:
Proud of you...every step of the way!
allangirl wrote 27 months ago:
To be honest, I am far more impressed by someone who posts 8 minutes of walking vs. 30 mins of running. It is hard making changes, especially weight loss. YOU ARE DOING HARD THINGS!!!
We are both one day closer to our goals.

SueSueDio wrote 27 months ago:
Don't do it for the calories burned - do it for your health and well being. :)

Yes, I know you said you hate it... is there some kind of activity that you look forward to doing, when you have the ability to? Maybe playing tennis or golf, or cycling, or something else you think will be fun? Think of your slow walking now as progress towards your goal of being able to do something more enjoyable at some point. It'll take time, and work, but most things that are worthwhile do. :)

I used to feel embarrassed about logging my measly 10 minutes of walking when I had people on my list who were apparently burning thousands of calories running miles every day... who am I to be proud of ten damn minutes, in the face of that sort of thing? But it was all I could manage at the time, so I logged it. And now I can walk for 40 - 60 minutes at a decent pace and still hold a conversation, rather than being exhausted at the end of ten. You'll get there too. :)
Cando58 wrote 27 months ago:
one day at a time. It is hard, you will be out of breath, red faced, a hot sweaty mess. BUT- you WORKED it! Give it a chance, increase a minute a day. You count your calories, you can count 10 minutes a day, then 12 minutes a day, then 15 minutes a day. Plug in your tunes, look straight ahead and vision yourself, healthy, strong in mind, strong body and spirit..
Walk girl walk- and when you hit the shower-know that you EARNED it!!

texteach66 wrote 27 months ago:
Do it for a month and you'll be amazed. I know my exercise hasn't looked great lately. I always give myself a little leeway at the beginning of the school year, as I'm typically working long days and bringing home work until the school year falls into a routine. I think you're doing great! Consistency is key.
SpirituallyBlonde wrote 27 months ago:
Anything is better than nothing.
You rock!
timtam163 wrote 27 months ago:
You don't have to do it, but I guarantee that seeing improvement in your fitness will happen and it will be more motivating than relying on calorie counting alone. Give yourself a chance! :)
norrisski wrote 27 months ago:
Just one foot in front of the other and repeat.
RedSierra wrote 27 months ago:
10 minutes is 10 minutes more than you were doing before. Well done and congrats again on your honesty.

I've found it helpful to walk outside as well as a treadmill. The reason is because once I walk somewhere (and pick an interesting place!), I can't get off like I can with the treadmill -- I have to walk back.

Keep at it. Your body will slowly get stronger.
suzwriter wrote 27 months ago:
I'm with a whole bunch of the other commenters. Listen to podcasts, rather than music, and that way the time passes faster - and if it's a 15 minute podcast, or a 20, or a 30 eventually, you can say to yourself "I'll keep going to the end." Would recommend The Moth - it's a whole bunch of storytelling. Remember - a minute, or two, or five, or ten, is still a minute, or two, or whatever, more than you would have dome stayed sat on your bum. Keep a mental note of how long your recovery time is - while you will still get out of breath, the time taken to normalise will get shorter. And it's not just about weight, it's about health.
tdhandy51 wrote 27 months ago:
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, just now it may feel far away but every day that you hold to your goals, the light gets closer. Losing 90 lbs was a game changer for me and once I figured out how to maintain my new found size (another adventure in and of itself), I found that life does indeed become worthwhile, all the struggles to lose the weight were worth the effort.
musicsax wrote 27 months ago:
Try to do a little walking other than on a treadmill; park a little further from the door at the supermarket, go for a walk in the park even if for just 10 minutes, you make be able to break it with a sit on a bench. Try taking hubby for the walk, use it as quality time together when not sitting in front of a TV or when one is on a phone/tablet. Start to use walking time as a time to plan/ reflect. Before you know it you will be hooked and want to go on longer country walks.

But don't be too hard on yourself, it will become easier.

I walk an average of 8 miles per day outside in the fresh air, but hate treadmill walking! So try outside walking you may find it easier too.

And congrats on your loss, you're doing brilliantly X.
picciano2win wrote 27 months ago:
Kudos on your wonderful progress and inspiring writing! If your health insurance or financial situation allows, and your doctor agrees, Physical Therapy a few times per week for a few weeks or more is a great way to get (re)started after a long hiatus from physical activity. After major surgery 2.5 years ago (and overweight by nearly 100 lbs) I just sat and laid around and lost all muscle tone - couldn't walk half a block without getting unsteady. Lost 40 lbs so far, and started PT in August. It is helping so much to improve core and leg strength and get carefully started back toward a more active life - it's like having a very knowledgeable personal trainer. Highly recommend!
spepper50 wrote 27 months ago:
You are my hero! I haven't been exercising because of neuropathy in my feet which makes them numb and painful at the same time and it causes a balance problem - weird. I've been diligent about recording in my food log, but had nothing to put in my exercise log.

Today, because of you, I have a new mantra. Instead of "I can do this" It is now "I WILL do this!!!"

Thank you!!!
Fgoodw wrote 27 months ago:
Hey hon, find something that you like. If the treadmill isn't working for you try something else. I have a footbike (bought for my daughter after she broke her leg), just going for a walk at a faster pace than you would normally do, anything that you are happy with, and just change the pace alternately. It really does become addictive. Just keep trying til you find what fits for you, not everyone else. I am a couch potato, so doing something in front of the TV works for me! Don't ever give up, all the different things you try all add up! Good luck xxx
godsgift2002 wrote 27 months ago:
Hey don't quit, I am trying to lose 60lbs that you have lost already, keep going, i JUST GOT TO A MILE ON THE TREADMILL, LOL!!! had an asthma attack and had to struggle to do a mile, but I kept going and yoou can too.
Kaiz3n wrote 27 months ago:
(My first comment on MFP ever) I can see a lot of heroes posting comments here- I mean it- folks fighting through all kind of adversity. Nice to know that I am not the only one on the planet that does not love to exercise- sometimes it does feel that way. Keep up the good work, folks. You are inspiring people to "join in the fight" and to leave behind the comfort of the couch.
Hoppymom wrote 27 months ago:
You are not alone. I've lost 20+ pounds in the last few months but I am not really working out. I stretch just to get out of bed in the mornings. Working out hurts so I don't even attempt it most days. When I do log and people comment or like it I feel like a fraud because once a month for 15 minutes is poor performance. But I forget that it's more than I did yesterday AND the month before. Way to put it out there.
LisaPrust wrote 27 months ago:
You're DOING IT! Woo Hoo! I'm betting we all have a version of that inner voice that is in utter rebellion to all the hard, good things we are striving for! Be the BOSS of it! Getting outside with headphones and either talking with a friend, or listening to podcasts or interviews I'm interested in has really made a big difference for me. It distracts me from my own personal crazy talk that would hinder me and my time. SO VERY PROUD of you my friend! Walk on! Results WILL happen. Blessings!
ShinyFuture wrote 27 months ago:
"Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Choose your hard." One of the best things ever said to me.
valiantrunner wrote 27 months ago:
Everyone started from somewhere. You can't compare your Day 1 to someone else's Day 100! Good for you for tracking anyway.
conniehv40 wrote 27 months ago:
This is so funny. We are on the "same page" I woke up Monday, saying, I have to do something... I have a very bad ankle that there is nothing I can do--bone issues. I have watched all my mfp pals work out and they are so inspirational. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical. Didn't feel great on the ankle, but it didn't kill me either. So I did it again today. I keep thinking, this won't do a thing, but ya know what? It will! Keep on!!! We can do this!
domesticlydiva wrote 27 months ago:
WOW!!! What a huge amount of support...I agree with a lot of what has been said...especially not comparing yourself to others...they are not YOU!! YOU are not them!!

Also, rather than trying to be motivated by how many calories you're burning, focus on the overall health benefits of exercise...just MOVING your body is the benefit. It doesn't matter HOW you move it, how FAST you move it, just that you MOVE IT!!

Just a side bar, weight loss is 90% food & 10% obviously already have the food part down cause your weight loss in enviable. SO, really unless you are willing to spend A LOT of time vigorously "working out" your effort will not likely result in a huge weight loss, BUT moderate exercise WILL result in a huge health gain in feeling better.

I just motivated myself...heeheehee!!!
PAnn1 wrote 27 months ago:
I agree with domesticlydiva, you DO have a ton of support! I started walking at that same snail's pace back in 2008. I have some neeropothy as well as arthritis in my feet/toes. It killed me to walk, other than just around. I started on what I called the "dreadmill" back then at what is probably the slowest speed possible 0.6mph?? for 10 min. a night. Even that hurt my feet (and my back, I think it's a posture thing there). Gradually I increased my speed a little and then my time. Eventually I became power walker and looked forward to my walks every night after work and on weekend mornings. My feet would sometimes hurt to the point of bringing me to tears, but I knew this was something I had to do, so I made myself get out there and get 'er done. It all takes time and persistence. Start out slow and work up to it, just like with food, small changes lead to big changes. You can do this, in your own way, nobody else's way just yours. No worries bout what YOU think others may think. This is your journey, we all just share the walk with you :-) There is not a single person here that can or should judge anyone. We are hee to help one another and cheer each other on. So, my Secret Pal, Can you hear me cheering from afar????
mgtz69 wrote 27 months ago:
Exercise doesn't have to mean "working out". I have my workout exercises - running, elliptical, weights. Then I have my fun exercise - paddleboard, nature walks/hiking, running (yes I love it), skiing, snowshoeing.

Your are in the starting out stage so the 10 minutes on the treadmill is great to just get going. But, what do you like to do? Even if you drive a lot, park far away and you can get 10 minutes just walking through the parking lots. Meet up with friends to stroll through a local park. Join a kickball team and play like a kid again (great HIIT).

You will have to stay active even after you lose weight to keep it off. You have to get your metabolism up and keep it up. Might as well think about this as having fun while moving and if it works, you might even be able to stay off the torture machines mostly or all together.

This is not a workout, its your reward for losing the weight and being able to have fun again without your body getting in the way.
Valsgoals wrote 27 months ago:
I am one of those people you will see here on MFP that will do workout after workout. What many people don't know about me, unless we've befriended and they've read my bio, is that wasn't always the case. When I started out I had a hard time, lost my breath taking 10 steps to walk across a room. I'd have to stop and rest. It took persistence but eventually it did pay off. It pays off every day when I wake up in the morning, knowing had I not kept trying I could very well not be here today. My heart surely would've given up on me.

You probably never thought you could log your food before you started logging. Now look at you, you clearly do!
tiermckee wrote 27 months ago:
Dear Movie Chair--
I have lurked on your blog for a while now. I've often felt that I should write to you, but this post makes it darn near compulsory for me.

On November 16, 2014, I posted this private blog entry:

I did it. At 287 pounds, I still managed to run--not one, not two, but three whole laps at the Y. I know it's only a matter of time before I'm able to do a whole mile, and then--not one, not two, but THREE. Only a matter of time and dedication. Because this is REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Really."

Less than a year later, I completed my first 5k.

A little over a year after that (January 8, 2017), I finished a marathon.


Today, I've lost 120 pounds since my highest weight of 327. I've run/walked 10 5ks, 3 10ks, 3 half marathons (I'll go for my 4th on Sunday), and a full marathon. I've slogged through a full hysterectomy, ovarian cancer, a torn meniscus, hammer toe surgery, and 4 "jogger's toenails." If it sounds like I'm bragging, please know that I totally am. I couldn't be more proud of myself. I fought like hell to get to where I am. And I'm not done fighting. Turns out, I'm even stronger and braver than I dared to dream I was.

I can't go back in time to talk to my 287 pound self as she labored around that track at the Y. If I could, I would tell her, "I am who you are working to become. Every step you take is a step toward me. Doesn't matter whether those are walking steps or running steps--just keep moving toward me."

I have been where you are. Trust in this: if you are moving forward--at any pace, and no matter how hard or uncomfortable it feels--you are taking steps toward the "you" whom you long to be. She's waiting for you, and hoping that this time, you'll have enough faith in yourself to finish what you've started.

On my journey, I found 3 quotes that are touchstones for me every day. "Do something today that your future self will thank you for." "If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting." And finally, "If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree."

Best of luck to you. Keep moving!

Kfont42 wrote 27 months ago:
It's frustrating when you first get started, but as you keep pushing, it will get easier. You'll get stronger, and faster, and you'll be able to go longer. Log it so that you can see the improvement and be proud of yourself. You've got this.
cyndiesstuff wrote 27 months ago:
Wow. Your blog hit home for me. I was at my heaviest in January 2017. I have lost 20 pounds and I like you are doing it at a snails pace. I have Lyme Disease and I have been sick since 2011. Between the side effects of the medicine, the pain, and lets face it, my overeating spiraled my weight upward out of control. But I am determined to get moving. Walking is hard. But the reason I am commenting is I wanted to tell you what has been working for me. You don't have to do it all at once. I walk 5 to 6 times a day. Only in small segments. I started with 10 minutes and that was difficult. I have now worked my way up to 20 minutes maybe 3 times a day and then 2 or 3 10 minute walks. It has taken me a month to do this. Good luck on your travels. Just work your plan one day at a time.
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