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First Get-Away with Your Girl 101

If you are like me and you like to go on dates, or looking for a women to go away with, then why not take her on holiday? I will give you the tips to go and show off your beach body to the potential special one (or not). 

Vacations and get away with your girl, especially if it’s your first, is a huge step in your relationship. Regardless if it’s a full blown European cruise or just an out of town overnight stay, it still plays a huge role on how your relationship pans out. It can either take your couple level higher or downhill. However, if you do plan on making your relationship work, consider these following tips.


Get the most comfortable hotel. Amenities should not be taken for granted whenever you’re dating. However, it shouldn’t be a top-class 5 star hotel, just go with whatever you’re both satisfied with.

Ask the locals for their recommended dining areas. Again, it shouldn’t be all about spending money in a fancy hotel. Rather, both of you can take a stroll down the street to enjoy some local food joint. Locals know what the specialty of their place is, not some fancy chef serving you some Italian dish you can’t even pronounce.

Plan your vacation. There is no point, really, in taking a vacation if you’re going to end up staying at the hotel for the rest of your stay. Find some activities you can both enjoy. If you plan on visiting some resort, plan snorkelling or diving. Stuff like that adds more stories to your relationship, that maybe one day, you can share with your children.


Don’t compromise on your stay. That is to say, don’t crash at a friends or cousin’s house. Well, unless your friend’s a millionaire in which case it’s okay. But, would you want to come out as a cheapskate to your date? Nah, don’t think so.

Never overplan. Stick to what you can do. Don’t cram all activities into a single day; it’ll exhaust you and you won’t have any plans for the following day. Also, plan activities that you know you’ll both enjoy. As far as we know, girls don’t like to hang out by the beach wasted.

Invite anyone else. This is the time for you guys to be intimate. That being said, it’s your alone time that both of you should connect.

Now that you’ve got your go to guide in planning your vacation, it’s best to start early. Try to have the vacation before summer ends so you don’t have to work every Sunday afternoon just to make up with the days you were absent.

Lastly, if all else fails, then get some relationship tips from WOWDate. This can only be used when worse comes to worst: you have to break up with the girl. Sure, invite her for a getaway. Then invite 12 of your cousins to hang out with you guys in a single bedroom smelling of liquor and wee. Cheers!

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