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Meat and Egg Fast

I am starting the meat and egg fast for 3 days from tomorrow. I heard it is meant to help you out of a stall and kick start the weightloss again. I did my meat and egg shop earlier, think the meat will do me past 3 days though!! 


Just cooked up 6 hard boiled eggs and some chicken sausages so I have some snacks for at work other than peperami!  There is quite a bit of meat here to keep me going and it all came to £16 :) Think I'm going to enjoy this :)

Why Try this Diet?
The meat and egg diet plan works because of the lack of carbohydrates that you're allowed to consume. Carbohydrates automatically raise the blood sugar level, causing insulin to kick in. The premise of a low-carb diet is that the insulin causes blood sugar to take over the cells in the body, which in turn stops the breakdown of fat.

Supporters of this diet take this even further. They believe that by limiting the amount of carbs eaten, lower blood sugars will occur, as well as lower insulin levels, which will cause you to lose weight. Since you are not eating carbohydrates, the body breaks down the fat you are eating to create energy. Many people find that a low-carb diet does help them lose weight, and they can enjoy many of the foods they may have tried to avoid in the past.

What can be Eaten?
One of the main reasons many people love the meat and egg diet plan is because of the foods that are allowed. Protein is the main ingredient of the diet. For example, breakfast can include hearty items such as bacon and eggs, sausage, cheese omelets and steak. Lunch and dinners may be made from lean meats, such as ground meat and turkey, or fish and chicken. Portions can be generous as long as there are little to no carbs. Some diet plans also allow certain fruits and vegetables.

The meat and egg diet plan limits all sugars, caffeine, starches and sweets. Foods that are either excluded completely or limited are breads, pastas, desserts, grains and some fruits and vegetables. There are also many varieties of protein bars and shakes you can buy that stay within the guidelines of the diet.

Why does it Work?
There are many reasons that the meat and egg diet plan seems to work. Many dieters who try this diet note that their appetite is decreased when they fill up on protein. There is a lot of fat allowed in the diet, which takes longer to digest than carbs, leaving the dieter feeling fuller much longer. There is also a loss of water weight with this diet when you first decrease the carbs that you eat. The biggest reason for weight loss, however, is that low-carb diets reduce the amount of calories that are eaten. Since foods such as bread, pastas and sweets, which are usually high-calorie foods, are banned, the caloric intake for the day is usually much lower. 


A bit of info I found on the 'Egg Diet' which I think is the same thing...

The Egg Diet is a diet that consists of mostly eggs and other sources of protein and severely limits carbohydrates. It is similar to an Atkins Diet. This diet is rumored to be popular with some movie stars for the fast weight loss results. There are several versions of this diet, one includes only eggs and water, and others have more choices for protein in addition to eggs. However, eggs are still main source of protein. The Egg Diet is a said to be a fast weight loss solution. As with any low to no carbohydrate diet, it may not be for everyone. There are initial side effects of the diet such as fatigue and nausea, which are said to subside in a couple of days.

Product Features
The Egg Diet is so named because it is a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and the most convenient source of protein is eggs. The premise is that by limiting carbohydrates that the body would normally use for energy, the consumer will used the stored fat for energy instead. This will be eliminated from the body in the urine in the form of ketones. There are several versions of this diet. One version requires the consumer to strictly eat eggs and drink water. There is another version that allows minimal amounts of other sources of lean protein in addition to eggs. The third, least strict version allows for more sources of lean protein and vegetables in addition to eggs. All of the versions are allow little to no carbohydrates. They also allow no soda, except for limited amounts of Diet Rite soda, which is sweetened with saccharin instead of aspartame. All versions require the consumer to drink up to a gallon or more of water a day. The Egg Diet has no restrictions on the amount of approved foods that can be eaten and has no restrictions on the amount of fat in the diet either.


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RedVelvetCurls wrote 72 months ago:
Man I may do this... looks so good!
franic1017 wrote 72 months ago:
So basically all you do is eat eggs & meat for 3 days? Any kind of way?
Stephie_J wrote 72 months ago:
Yes Fran! I tried googling the meat & egg fast so I could add a description in here but I couldn't find a defined set of rules for it.
Anonymous wrote 44 months ago:
What about all the cholesterol in eggs
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
Can you eat things like you would on the egg fast , cream cheese pancakes , snicker doodles made with egg and cream cheese?

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