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Fitness Character Requirements

It may seem easy for some to get in shape especially those that are still young. But getting in shape and staying in shape for a life time requires some special qualites. Among these character traits are: faith, discipline, patience, preserverance, determination, knowledge, wisdom, and honesty.

Be honest about where you currently are and where you want to go. Be honest about your actions, responsibilities, and accountability. Be honest also about what you are putting in your mouth. You may be able to fool others and even yourself temporarily. But the truth about how many calories you are taking in will quickly show up on your waistline.

Be faithful and believe you can accomplish your goals. If you don't believe it, it probably wont happen.

Be smart enough to educate yourself and link up with other caring and knowledgeable individuals who share your goals.

 Good luck to all in your fitness and self empowerment pursuits.

Skip Hicks / Fitness Trainer

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