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60lbs Lost - Picture Comparison

I have found it very helpful to take pictures for every ten pounds of weight loss.

 Mostly because I rarely feel any different and because the weightloss is so gradual it is sometimes hard to notice where it is coming off of.

But every ten pounds DOES make a difference in your body, even one as big and bulky as mine. So if you do not do it already, I seriously recommend you take pictures of your body one a month or so.

I have been lucky in that I have been losing pretty steadily. Although it took me three weeks to take off three pounds to finally get to 60 lost. I don't know what the hold up was, but I'm glad my body seems to be back on track.

Another benefit to slowly losing weight is that I have noticed my skin is not sagging. Even though I do limited amounts of exercise, it seems like my body is being kind to me. I also keep fairly well hydrated and that is said to help.

Anyway! On to the picture comparison.


I think I see a definite difference in my butt. It seems smaller to me than at 50lbs. I'm always happy to see my ass shrink since it happens to be the biggest part of my body. Now if I can also make it smaller width wise, I'd be on to something great! haha

 Take care everyone!

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twogirlsmama wrote 75 months ago:
You look great! There is more confidence in your stance from the first picture to the current photo. I have yet to take the photo's, but I do have all the measurements. I might go home and see about that picture even though I woke up feeling like a damn heffer today!
onmyway31 wrote 75 months ago:
go girl =)
janjan369 wrote 75 months ago:
Audra - you look amazing! You are doing so well, it's an inspiration to us all. I've been taking pictures after every 10 lbs too, but these last 3 weeks it has taken me forever to lose 2 lbs! Great job :)
amybrauch wrote 75 months ago:
Looking good! You can really see a difference.
MsRoxyPepper wrote 75 months ago:
looking amazing doll! Great job =)
MumMumOfMany wrote 75 months ago:
the difference is amazin hun! you can reli see it! wtg!x
msudaisy28 wrote 75 months ago:
You look fabulous! And 60 pounds is like two small toddlers - so you've lost a ton!
wthrs4 wrote 75 months ago:
You look amazing!!! Such an awesome transformation, way to go!! :)
xnevergiveinx wrote 75 months ago:
You look FANTASTIC!!!!!
firlt22 wrote 75 months ago:
you look wonderful thanks for sharing pictures i should take pictures when I hit my 10lb mark.
lolafierce wrote 75 months ago:
amazing!!! very proud of you!!
violet456 wrote 75 months ago:
You look great, the progression pictures are a good NSV.

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