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How I Watch The Biggest Loser

Ok, now that I've outed myself as a watcher of the show, let me share how I enjoy this guilty pleasure of mine.  

I do not watch the show live.  Thank god for my DVR- I don't think I would be able to handle having to sit through all of the over-produced crap.  I fast forward through the intro, the commercials, most of the challenges, all of the Subway promotions, most of the weigh-ins, any time Anna K. opens her mouth... come to think of it I fast-forward through most of the whole damn show! I watch all 2 hours in like a half hour.  

I watch TBL during my kid's nap time.  I also make myself a nice 'carb-y' snack and munch munch munch as I watch.   I can't explain it but watching that show really makes me want to eat.  OK now even writing about the show is making me want to eat...  

My husband does not understand why I even watch it.  I think it is because I'm fascinated by watching peoples bodies transform.  I also like watching people workout.  weird, right?  

The strange thing is that I never watch TV during the day or during my kids' naptime.  Only on Wednesdays and only Biggest Loser.  I really look forward to it but then I fast forward through most of it!  Go figure.   

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Amanda_Runs wrote 81 months ago:
OMG! I FF most of it too...the bologna part of the show just irks me, but I watch them in the gym and at the challenges!
DKBelle wrote 81 months ago:
lol I am addicted of the show, watching it from 2004 on Netflix, even when I am working out :) It helps!

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