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I think I could use some extra motivation.  SO, I've decided to post a "before" picture of myself!  That's right- today is a brand new "day 1" for 30DS!  I hope to see a more toned version of myself at the end of the month.  

Here I am!


Like my "pose"? ha. sigh...not fun looking at my big white belly on my computer screen...  I guess my actual before picture, if I had taken one 11 pounds ago, would have been much worse!  

I'm not brave enough to wear a bikini or to post a larger size of this picture...  maybe I'll be more brave with my "after" photo :)

In other news, I'm excited that I figured out how to add pictures to my blog!  Yay! 

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smurfette75 wrote 76 months ago:
hate taking before photos..but without them we can't appreciate the after!

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