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Eat badly yesterday? Skip a workout? Get over it.

I shared this on my profile but I really hope more people read it so I'm sharing it here also.

Read this article.  Bookmark it and read it again when you need to:

 I've been at this since June of 2011.  In that time, I've lost 129.5 pounds, going from morbidly obese to just shy of normal, reaching a weight I seriously didn't even consider a viable goal.  It makes me giggle sometimes when people comment on my food for the day or a workout log with, "you never miss a day!"  

I HAVE missed a day.  In fact, I've missed lots of days.  I've gone on vacation and eaten mac and cheese covered hot dogs.  I've been to birthday parties and eaten cake and Doritos.  I've taken a day off of logging for no reason other than that I want to remember what it felt like to eat without thinking about it.   Food is good.  Unhealthy food is absolutely wonderful.  But you all know that. 

I don't really skip workouts unless I'm out of town, but I've had some incredibly bad workouts.  Lackluster, "I'd rather watch paint dry than lift these weights" kinds of days. But I go through the motions - "fake it till you make it" is my motto.  

Bottom line: I haven't been perfect.  But whether I've consciously indulged in a homemade dessert or let my emotions lead to a bag of chips, you won't see me complain about it to my MFP friends.  You won't see me whine about how the scale has gone up 6 pounds after a camping trip where I drank way too much beer.  You won't see me talk about giving up, say it's just too hard, refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of my choices.  

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:  Perfection is not required for results.  What is required is consistency and dedication on the LONG-TERM.   

So often I see people here post that they skipped their workout so they just give up on the day.  Or I've watched MFP friends go on vacation and then just never log on again.  Or I've seen people go on a weekend excursion then lament the eight pounds they "gained" and cry that they've undone the hard work of weeks (an impossibility, as we all know).  

Stop looking to next week and start focusing on who you want to be one year from now.  There are 365 days in a year.  If you fill at least 300 of them with pure awesomeness, you're going to see amazing results.  

Too often people let a bad day turn into a bad week.  They skip one workout, then the next, and then since the week is already bad, "I'll just start again Monday."  Sound familiar?  Or, and this is especially prominent with women, you make some unhealthy food choices and then beat yourself up emotionally so badly that you are convinced you don't deserve to be healthy and happy.   You let that arbitrary  number on the scale - the one so variable, so susceptible to fluctuation based on nutrition or exercise - decide whether you are worthy or you are not.  Instead of focusing on the long-term, all you can see is the lack of results right now.  

It's not easy to get beyond those setbacks, to look beyond the temporary feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction.  

But please believe me when I say that  the determination it takes to overcome all this IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH THE RESULT.   Shopping wherever you want, because the clothes everywhere will fit.  Wearing a skirt without your thighs chafing.  Going on a five mile run and knowing just as you stop that you are breathing normally, that you were breathing normally the entire time because your cardiovascular system is performing better than ever.  Catching a glimpse of yourself in a window and looking to see who is behind you, not realizing that reflection is YOU. Putting your actual weight on your driver's license.  Having ideal blood pressure and cholesterol.  Fitting comfortably into an airplane seat. Feeling proud of your accomplishments.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin again. Realizing that you've always been a superhero inside and out, it just took some work to uncover it.  Accepting that your worth is not in your appearance, but comes from something much more intrinsic.

You don't have to be perfect.  You just can't give up. 

So seriously, get the **** over it. 

Stop making excuses.  

Do the work. 

To quote the article linked above:

"Quietly and consistently work towards building a better you.

Stop worrying about where you’ve been and put your focus on where you're going.

Go. Start. Now."

 The only thing stopping you is yourself.

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eyeforinfo wrote 85 months ago:
Yes. Yes. Yes.
tjwesson wrote 85 months ago:
And this is precisely why I came to you for advice when I was ready to make the commitment. (And, I don't say "finally ready," because I refuse to judge what I have done in the past, only to hold myself to what I do in the present and where I want to be in the future.) Thanks for your inspiration, your support, and your positivity!
ShannonMpls wrote 85 months ago:
@tjwesson: I love the thought on "finally ready". I HATE it when people congratulate me on my weight loss and then say, "don't you wish you had done this years before?" Ugh. This wasn't a cake walk (ha, pun intended). I made the commitment when I was ready to make it, end of story.
sdurrahMpls wrote 85 months ago:
And this is why I love you ;)
stephfranke wrote 85 months ago:
Awesome words of advice... we aren't going to do this, if we aren't ready mentally and emotionally. great reminder for me, as I know I will fail miserably some days, but pick me up, brush it off and move forward! Thanks for the peep talk! I need to hear it!

nygrl4evr wrote 85 months ago:
Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
mom2handh1975 wrote 85 months ago:
I love this post! It's SO true! How many times have I given up for the day/weekend/week/month because I fell short of perfection? Too many to count. I won't be perfect today, either. But now I know this is no reason to quit. Perfection is not required. Amen to that!
aqua_girl wrote 85 months ago:
Well Said! I love your quote "Perfection is not required for results" I've been on this journey for over 3 years. Many of those days were not perfect, but the end result is that I did lose 85 pounds and I did gain a lot of physical strength so a lot of those days were awesome days. Thanks for posting!
lisasosweet wrote 85 months ago:
I absolutely love this. I almost cried. As someone who was feeling so discouraged about my goal to lose 150 lbs(I lost 40 so far) this really hit home. Great job and great post!!! I feel like nothing is working and the scale isnt budging even though I have been working out and dieting but I will go on. Thanks!!
ndblades wrote 85 months ago:
Macaroni and Cheese covered hot dogs? never tried that (don't think I will). As always, your truth moves mountains! Thanks!
ElyseL1 wrote 85 months ago:
I LOVE IT!! its so true..i hear this type of talk from my friends all the time! I know not to give up!! I can and will do this!
vBrooklyn wrote 85 months ago:
I love it I just posted the site on my profile! u r so right!!
realme56 wrote 85 months ago:
I think this is the best way to do it. The people that post they are going to give up cause of one thing or another are not committed to their health or future.
ScrappyLiz wrote 85 months ago:
AWESOME! Just what I needed to hear/read today. Thanks for sharing your motivation!
2Shar wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you for spelling this out.. Great post!
trenley wrote 85 months ago:
AMEN! I can't believe people honestly think you have to be perfect every minute of your diet and exercise plan in order to succeed! I recently saw a quote, "Only loving your body when it's perfectly fit is like only loving your children when they're perfectly behaved." Sometimes you misbehave but it doesn't mean you can't still love yourself and be proud of your progress! You are so right and SO eloquent!
coyoteo wrote 85 months ago:
This is wonderful. Thanks for posting it!
loadsandloads wrote 85 months ago:
awesome post!!!! Thank you!!
PaveGurl wrote 85 months ago:
I love NF.

My mantra lately has been "appearance is a consequence of action," thanks to Steve bringing it.
rainbowbuggy wrote 85 months ago:
I love this! Thank you for posting it! Exactly what I needed to hear!
achampionsheart wrote 85 months ago:
well said
furby1 wrote 85 months ago:
Wish I could vote more than once, everything you said is so true, many congratulations on your weight loss, you worked hard and have got the result.....well done :)
Mommoran wrote 85 months ago:
This is one of the best things I've ever read about weight loss. Never really saw the perspective about the 300 good days, etc. My current weight loss journey I have lost 30, on my way to 100,and I am feeling so positive, but worried about long term. I think this will help me a lot in focusing that I don't need to be perfect to get results. Thanks !!!
rebeccalray5 wrote 85 months ago:
This was fantastic! I was personally fighting tears and the urge to jump up and say "YEAH!" I am pretty sure you inspire everyone who reads this. You have a gift!
ldrosophila wrote 85 months ago:
This i needed to hear this. I've been slipping back lately the addiction has been winning. Thank you I needed to hear that.
lcooke24 wrote 85 months ago:
Beautiful!! Got a little teary reading this. Thank you!
JennKoz529 wrote 85 months ago:
WOW, this is amazing! Just amazing!!! And so very true! I wish more people took this perspective! Congratulations on your lifestyle change! You deserve all the best!!! And thank you , thank you, thank you for the great motivation!!!!! :)
ladyfingers73 wrote 85 months ago:
You are awesomeness!!
dskallian wrote 85 months ago:
Wow, that was said beautifully. I am going to copy the blog post and article for inspiration. Thank you for sharing
ccokermilner wrote 85 months ago:
thank you for this!! very motivating...
KauiWilson wrote 85 months ago:
I love this post! It's great! I completely agree with you. It doesn't matter how you do it,or when, it matters that you START!! ALL of us have days when we don't wanna work out!! ALL of us have days when that brownie looks EXTRA delicious! Hell, you're not in PRISON. You're ALIVE. Make crap choices; it's our mistakes that make us who we are! =0) AMAZING job losing the weight. That's freaking phenomenal!! Congratulations.
KauiWilson wrote 85 months ago:
Oops. I posted on the wrong page! SORRY!! lol
happypath101 wrote 85 months ago:
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Here's an applicable quote:

We tend to over-estimate what we can do in a day and under-estimate what we can do in a year.
MTLumps wrote 85 months ago:
Excellent post! I have those beat up on me days and your 300 days out of 365 that are good really hit home. Thanks for sharing!! Congrats on what you have done for you - fantastic. =)
TurtleRunnerNC wrote 85 months ago:
Fantastic post. Thank you.
KaleidoscopeEyes1056 wrote 85 months ago:
I love this! Especially the part about putting your correct weight on your driver's license. One of my weight loss goals is to be to that weight! This is really awesome!
jacque930 wrote 85 months ago:
Thanks for sharing the site. Your post is great and so is the website that you linked to.
mzdavis2706 wrote 85 months ago:
Thats just what i needed to hear after a lackluster workout yesterday, I felt like a complete lamo. Thanks for those encouraging words. with this awesome inspiration I can give my 100% again and realize if i only give 50% at least im still "Giving" something. Thanks for your heartfelt thoughts!
Liasings wrote 85 months ago:
Wonderful! Well said!! Hear, hear!!
I am a perfectionist. I tend to feel that I can't do "x" right, I should never try, because imperfection is failure. This kind of "all-or-nothing" thinking has led me to morbid obesity and many of the ills that too much flesh is heir to.
I am going to print out this blog (and the linked article) and add them to my motivational journal. I'm also going to add Happypath101's quote. (Awesome covered in a decadent awesome sauce!)

Strobins05 wrote 85 months ago:
I could not have said it better! Love this post!!!
msmithevv wrote 85 months ago:
Love this! You are so right!!
RaynahTh wrote 85 months ago:
You make SO much sense! Thank you!
kg2run wrote 85 months ago:
I think I need to re-read this every week. Thank you for your words of wisdom!
brunette_gurl_66 wrote 85 months ago:
I needed to read this today! Thanks!
2012asv wrote 85 months ago:
love it! :) battle within ourselves.
derbygurl13 wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you so much...perfect timing and I so needed this today.
MrsR0SE wrote 85 months ago:
Yes! Exactly my philosophy - beautifully expressed :) congratulations on your excellent attitude and your success x
Cillygirl wrote 85 months ago:
I'm fairly new to this and I still give into cravings (going over my calorie goals) and forgot to exercise - and the scale shows that too. It can be discouraging, but these are words to live by!! So true! Its important to remember our long term goals and just get over it! It's life and things like this will happen! Thanks so much for this post :D I needed this boost :)
August_1958 wrote 85 months ago:
As so many has just stated, "I" needed to hear this. It is so easy to just give up, once you "mess up". Afterall, we have all learned that we aren't on "a diet". We are not doing this for a few months, until we meet our goals and then eat like we used to! This is a lifestyle change, a permanent dietary change.
Reading the replies, I have to smile at "putting the real weight on the drivers licence" statement. I have 1 year (to the exact month) to make an honest woman out of myself and have my true weight recorded on mine! AND, my goal is that I will have to lower it!!!!
jebreject wrote 85 months ago:
pjsayler wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you! I needed this today. I'm posting it on my profile as well.
weekendworker wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you so MUCH! I've had a really bad couple of weeks, you know a real emotional roller coaster. What did I do, I had CHOCOLATE and lots of it. I've been beating myself up and feeling worse because of it. You made me feel so much better. I'm saving this. Thank you.
MrDangerSass wrote 85 months ago:
Great post! Always need a good reminder to keep perspective.
LALOCHA34 wrote 85 months ago:
This is perfect and so true. :)
rayjess wrote 85 months ago:
Kcats wrote 85 months ago:
Amazing! So inspirational. Thanks for posting this!!!
priyaFitnessFreak wrote 85 months ago:
This is such a great post. Some times its good to take a little break just to rejuvenate yourself.
gioisa75 wrote 85 months ago:
Awesome! Well said!
lilylight wrote 85 months ago:
Great post - thanks for taking the time to write it!
TaraFTMVA wrote 85 months ago:
I say the same thing. If I have an off day or we have a hectic week and decide to take a week off to have some flexible/free time, I tell my boyfriend we have made a lifelong commitment, 1 week in a life is nothing, even in a year. And honestly when we have taken a week off it has done us well. We let our bodies rest and we ended up losing still. Plus life always throws curveballs, so I know I wont eat healthy everyday for the rest of my life and I know I wont workout everyday, things happen, but as long as we get back on the grind and dont take too many breaks i feel we are succeeding!
allinoelle007 wrote 85 months ago:
Loved your blog and checked out the link. Awesome! Thank you and I am looking forward to following your blog.
LLGlenn50 wrote 85 months ago:
Great Post.
If the journey was too easy, the destination wouldn't be worth it.
2012sr wrote 85 months ago:
That's real life right there!
JNadon wrote 85 months ago:
Awesome post! Thank you!
slrrese wrote 85 months ago:
Faye730 wrote 85 months ago:
Needed this. Great motivation.
estrange22 wrote 85 months ago:
Thanks for this:-)
jfatheree78 wrote 85 months ago:
This may just be the best post I've ever read. I really needed to "hear" these words. Thank you!
mellowmerlot wrote 85 months ago:
Perfect words for today! I blew the morning and had the mind to give up! Thanks for remotivating me!!!
120weeks wrote 85 months ago:
You stated this so perfectly Shannon! I've generally had really great days all linked together but I am going to bookmark this blog for any tough days ahead. You are so great with words. I big puffy heart you!
Jacole18 wrote 85 months ago:
What an amazing blog!! I'm so happy I ran across it!! :)
sandra1921 wrote 85 months ago:
So true..cant always be a perfect day where you eat everything right and have a great workout with awesome takes work and you fall off..get right back on, eat right your next meal, work out the next big deal.
ReclaimingSarah wrote 85 months ago:
Amazing!! I needed this so bad today.
MaryRegs wrote 85 months ago:
I love EVERYTHING about this post-thank you!!
linebobine wrote 85 months ago:
Love love love this. So well written, so true and definitely something I want to live by! Thank you!
gaylynn35 wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you so much for the inspiration!!!!
ScarlettIsSpiffing wrote 85 months ago:
Thanks for sharing this inspiring blog xx
MammaC66 wrote 85 months ago:
Great advice, very well written!
Mandy7698 wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you so much! It is very inspiring! You put into words how I have been feeling lately!
Laura80111 wrote 85 months ago:
Excellent! The hardest workout is the one after you have missed a few days because life got in the would have been so easy to just say no but we didn't and got right back on the plan. Very inspirational words. Thanks for sharing.
fitwithin wrote 85 months ago:
I needed this today. I have been trying to be perfect on my diet and went off yesterday by having a cup of ice cream for the first time in 4 months. Then I weighed in today and gained 2 pounds! Ready to throw in the towel, but no way! I have worked too hard to lose 25 pounds and one little set back is not going to blow my diet. Thanks for the great post! You rock!
mammacano wrote 85 months ago:
"There are 365 days in a year. If you fill at least 300 of them with pure awesomeness, you're going to see amazing results".

The best advice!! So many people feel that in order to see results they need be be perfect..Not true!

Thank you so much for your inspiring words!!
jubeesh wrote 85 months ago:
This is exactly what I needed today. Thanks for posting!
VanessaHeartsMasr wrote 85 months ago:
YES!! Love this!! Thank you so much!
Jillian130 wrote 85 months ago:
AMEN! beautiful post and so needed this! thank you
happyvitale wrote 85 months ago:
Soooooo very true. Thank you for post this. It not only is inspiring but is one of the best way to look at things.
lilpe5512 wrote 85 months ago:
Amen sister!!
fbranch7 wrote 85 months ago:
I really needed to hear this TODAY! Thank you for the post.
kruggsy wrote 85 months ago:
This is just what I needed, thank you.
santitamh wrote 85 months ago:
This is awesome and sooo true! One bad day is not the end of the world! I have been at it for 2.5 years and still making some progress, sometimes small sometimes big.
carolebville wrote 85 months ago:
You brought a few tears to my eyes. Thanks for the reminders and I'm committed to continue in my quest for a healthier body and healthier lifestyle. Hugs for the inspirations.
BSchoberg wrote 85 months ago:
Very well said --- I may have to link this on every thread that starts with a whiney: "I've been working SO hard for TWO WHOLE WEEKS and the scale hasn't budged! What am I doing wrong?" On my down days, I remind myself I'm not doing this "until" -- until I lose 20 more pounds or until I fit into a smaller size or until some other stupid benchmark is reached. I'm not doing this "until..." I'm just doing this. This is what I do.
autumnk921 wrote 85 months ago:
Love love love this!!! It is one of the most MOTIVATING blogs that I have read...I am definitely going to share this link with my MFP friends b/c we ALL need to read this and BELIEVE IT!! Thank you for sharing!! :)
cjlooz60 wrote 85 months ago:
Wow that was me! Thanks for the inspiration to start now!!!
BigBrewski wrote 85 months ago:
Great BLOG and Thanks for sharing the LINK!!!!
kristen_lynn wrote 85 months ago:
sigh. i needed to hear this, too. thanks, love.
stubbysticks wrote 85 months ago:
Word. Preach girl!
unhinge wrote 85 months ago:
Total awesomeness!
Chou_In_Motion wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you for sharing!!! It is nice to see it in writing, even though it was filed away in my filing cabinet of my "brain". I love working out and get upset when I don't. However, I get discouraged when I have not seen results, but then again. I started working out 2 1/2 months ago. I am glad I ran across your post... Again, Thank YOU!!! =)
Italiano7 wrote 85 months ago:
I love this post!! Thank you soo much for posting this. :)
ShannonMpls wrote 85 months ago:
huge thank you to everyone who has up-voted and commented. I appreciate it more than I can express. <3
SALLAIN88 wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you for the "truth"
jonesyx6 wrote 85 months ago: forgot the salutation...Dear Lisa....and the Love Shannon! LOL. Thank you again for being such an amazing inspiration. EXACTLY what I needed to hear...exactly when I needed to hear it!

Thank you Shannon.
djmed wrote 85 months ago:
Rodamort wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you! Really needed that just getting back from vacation and having a terrible weekend for food. I have a long ways to go and really appreciate you sharing this!
2Sweet wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you for reminding me that I don't have to be perfect on this weight loss journey. I was feeling a little down this morning because I haven't been logging in my food intake EVERY single day due to family obligations or fitting exercise in the way I would like to. Wearing the "Fitbit" everyday at least lets me know that I am moving around in some form or fashion and not sitting on the coach.
remisenforme wrote 85 months ago:
I absolutely needed this today.
eloverman wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you. I so needed to here this today. The stress of a illness in the family caught up with me yesterday resulting in a few too many beers. So I feel crappy today and have that "hungover and want to eat everything" feeling. Working out is the last thing I feel like doing. I was really beating myself up. Thanks for reminding me that this is a marathon not a sprint and even though I have a couple off days I can still succeed.
LilHitaly wrote 85 months ago:
I totally needed to read this today.
april_nicole1981 wrote 85 months ago:
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!I have never read a more straight forward, honest and no BS post/blog before. I absolutely loved it and needed it. Hope more people find this and read it also!
puddies01 wrote 85 months ago:
You're good. Are you a writer? If not, You should consider it! I booked marked this blog to refer to on days I'm feeling discouraged. Thanks! <3
mxv1 wrote 85 months ago:
Well put. Very encouraging.
Godsendlesslove wrote 85 months ago:
Thanks for the inspiration, you leave no room for excuses and thats just what I needed.
ronatobe wrote 85 months ago:
Awesome read, thank you.
lidiflyful wrote 85 months ago:
OMG soo had one of those days yesterday, skipped a workout AND had a curry. Ive been beating myself up about it all morning! But today I have a healthy lunch and dinner planned, I am doing an extra 30 mins of cardio and I'm flushing my system out with green tea.

nofeardiver wrote 85 months ago:
Wow this is awesome, thank you, i have needed a pep talk, i am a man i struggle the same way, i eat something bad and say screw, not on purpose for that day, just don't realize it, and keep eating badly for the day. I always start over the next day... but have been struggling to get back "on track" for a few months... again THANK YOU!!!
elmetl wrote 85 months ago:
Thank you. You were ableto articulate everything wrong I've bene doing. Sometimes it just taked readng it in black and white to get the obvious. I would always start my diets on Mondays or Sundays - or at the beginning of the month and make an excuse to start the following Monday or Sunday or next month if I messed up. How ridiculous! Thanks again for your inspiring post.
JadaRG wrote 85 months ago:
LOVE THIS! You're very articulate! AND ongoing congratulations for every day you are AWESOME this year!
ikkledevil wrote 85 months ago:
excellent..... with in two days of starting my diet fitness regime ,id left home for 8 days partied hard eat to much drank to much and exercised far to little..... but i knew i had 358 days to put things right.....greta blog....loved it !!!
jody0726 wrote 84 months ago:
Thank you for posting - for being "real." It's people like you, sharing your story, that promote motivation. I am thankful and encouraged today.
erinnstreeter wrote 84 months ago:
I just want to frame this post and hang it some place where everyone can see it.
lilteepot wrote 84 months ago:
I second erinstreeter's sentiment. Right here. On my wall... Where I can read it every day.... :D
PomegranatePriestess wrote 84 months ago:
I've been there and I'm going back now, and I will not stop. It's good to see someone else making it happen, and sharing their experience in a meaningful way. :)
wingednotes wrote 84 months ago:
This might be the single best thing I have ever read ever.
caro1275 wrote 84 months ago:
Definitely what the person ^^^^ above me said!!! Wow. I've read this 3 times now. Thank you!
KH9107 wrote 84 months ago:
I love love love this post!
Shellsmiley wrote 82 months ago:
I have to save your AMAZING post - so I am copying and pasting into my Blog with your name and all credit to you as you are so awesome! Thank you so much for this!!!
madijo41 wrote 81 months ago:
Thank you! I needed that.
Runninglibrarian13 wrote 79 months ago:
I am soooo printing this blog out and sharing the link... I have friends who need to read this! (and I might have to print it out for myself and tack it on my refrigerator as a reminder!) LOL
GIAngel222 wrote 79 months ago:
Avnish8793 wrote 78 months ago:
Wish i had read this a year ago. I was eating 800 cals a day. Imagine an 18 year old eating 800 cals a day ! then i binged and almost gave up. except its a year later and im eating 2000 cals a day and guess what? STILL making progress! Gaining muscle and torching fat like a BAWS! Great post.
Erikagraceee wrote 77 months ago:
I kid you not, I almost started crying in the middle of my class. Thank you for being real and providing some perspective!
KellyOnlySmaller wrote 77 months ago:
Amazing & true! It just needed to be put into words! I'll be keeping this! Thank you for the inspiration to quit the bitching :)
bagsandbows wrote 77 months ago:
Wow, I feel like I can smile and feel okay after reading this post. I thought I was the only one that had thoughts of "giving up". It will be a year next month that I've maintained my 100 pounds weight loss but with the night I had last night and the scale this morning...I had the overall sense of just wanting to give up..and not knowing why. I am so thankful to know that how I felt was normal and okay. It honestly puts my mind in a totally different space, I needed this blog post so so much. I will refer back to it often. I too have always suffered with the "all or nothing" thinking. I used to be the girl that "falls off the wagon" and in turn abandons everything. I know that I am not that girl anymore and for that, I know, I will be okay.
donaldap wrote 77 months ago:
You are AWESOME and an inspiration to so many people. Keep up the fantastic work! Your perspective is incredible and helpful to all who read your posts!
AggieFan2011 wrote 77 months ago:
This article is awesome, and you are equally as awesome for writing it! Thank you. I know all of these things and I typically don't get down on myself when I screw up, but it's something that I constantly have to remind myself about. Mentally undoing your hard work is a lot easier than physically undoing it. So thank you again for writing this and congrats on your amazing success!
tahiri07 wrote 74 months ago:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.
bofus wrote 74 months ago:
We have all not stayed on the diet and excercise and hate ourselves after that. Your article has done so much good for all of us that have fallen off the wagon. Would like to hear an update one year later and see how you are doing.... I know when I have "cheated on the diet and excercise" we have a tendcy to say well I didn't stay on the diet and want to give up.....but gotta stay focus and hit it again.
Like you said no one is perfect....
ShannonMpls wrote 74 months ago:
Not sure if you'll see this, but I'm here, a year later. Still maintaining, constantly reaching new fitness goals.
Anonymous wrote 70 months ago:
Thank you so much for this. Because of this I sucked it up and did my workout tonight. This post reminded me that fitness is a journey, not a destination.
howejoyous wrote 63 months ago:
Trying to live an all or nothing life is impossible. And can make you want to quit as a failure. My hubby and I went cold turkey to a vegetarian diet last year due to health concerns. It wasn't easy, since we had no idea what to eat "instead." But 1 year later we are still pursuing it, in spite of many days when we were traveling or visiting friends/family and did not. I recently began using MFP to track calories and exercise and have been nervous about the days I might not be able to do so, i.e. company visiting, vacations, holidays, etc. Your words comfort me in realizing that just as we are vegetarians 90% of the year, I can diet 300 days and not feel terrible/unsuccesful about the other 65. Thanks for giving me the long-term perspective.
44scoobydoo wrote 58 months ago:
I needed to read this today. Your blog post is still helping people! Wow!

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