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SexyCook Jamie Eason/P90x Hybrid 1st Month Results

The Next Level of my Fitness Journey
    I wanted to document my first Blog with this account...On my old acct(SexyCook) I had many stories with doing several Jillian Michael's plans. Unfortunately those were loss with the deactivation of that acct. Anywho...I am so excited to start off documenting my journey thru this blog....and also youtube... hope this will inspire someone...
    On January 7th after 1 week off from working out I decided I was going to try a new plan . I heard raving reviews about Jamie Eason 12 week LiveFit program so I said I would give it a try. It couldn't hurt after not sticking with anything else that I have tried outside of JM.  I researched via Youtube and read on the plan thru and listen to her tips, foods, etc. I loved the details of it and the encouragement she gives on a daily. I knew then that this would become one of my favorite programs. I had also committed to another group doing P90x which would be a first for also. I said what the heck I could at least add 2 days a week and get even better results. Both programs are for 90days So that's what I did.... and the story still continues.... Here are pictures and measurements from then to now. I am still planning/prepping my foods each week for 5-days... This has been the best I think that has really took this workout to another level..Thanks for checking it out....and stay tune to more updates as I continue...
Appreciate my fit family here, Instagram, Facebook, and youtube for the support... 
January  7th(Start Date)  Measurements and weight as of(Jan 24th)
Height: 5'4- Apple Shaped-GRRRRR LOL 
Weight- 144.1-142.2 
Left Arm- 13.5 - 13.25
Right Arm- 13 - 13
Under Bra-35 - 35
Mid Section-33 -33
Belly Button-36.5 - 33 ( This area is so important for me)
Lower Stomach-38.5 -37( This one to =)
L. Thigh(Upper)   27-26
L. Thigh(Lower)  26-25
R. Thigh(Upper)26.5 -26.25
R. Thigh(Lower) 26 - 24
Hips-42.5 -41.5
I figure Month 2 and 3 can only get better...I will remain focused and dedicated... 
The ultimate goal is to feel healthier and look good naked while getting there... 
**I apologize if the typing is not the best or grammer*** 
This is Before/ End of 2nd week/ Today ( Front and Back View) 
 photo PicsArt_1359911583044_zps3167190a.jpg  photo a00db280-4b0c-40dc-91bf-a1385e1a6f5b_zpsffaa41a9.jpg  photo 2013-01-26150004_zps64112eb3.jpg  photo IMG_20130128_203755_zps27da7521.jpg  photo IMG_20130127_215048_zpsb2b522af.jpg

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gabby365 wrote 65 months ago:
You are an inspiration to me, Steph. You've done more work in 3 weeks than I have all year... I mean all last year.
SexyLovinmeCook wrote 65 months ago:
Thanks Phil....I appreciate that...
LovingCruz wrote 65 months ago:
awesome sis now is that chicken broccoli and pecans? Love it!!
BridgetForFitness wrote 65 months ago:
Great dedication Steph. That chicken & broccoli dish looks so good. Keep up the great job.
shannypoo21 wrote 65 months ago:
Love the progress Steph and thank you for the food post. I definitely need help in that area. I limit myself too much with the food selections. Keep doing great!
new2locs wrote 65 months ago:
What an awesome transformation in such a short time!
Keep up the good work Steph! You truly do make me want to do better. I even cooked up a couple of meals for the week & my groceries looked just like yours! WIN!!
jamerican23 wrote 65 months ago:
MzNisa wrote 65 months ago:
I just can't get enough of how dedicated you are! Keep it up girlie! :)
MsQt wrote 65 months ago:
You looking and and so is your food babes! You are one tough fitter in this lifestyle and I love watching and getting motivated from you. Keep going full speed ahead my dear xoxo
nikki_mar wrote 65 months ago:
You look amazing and so does that chicken broccoli. Nice smiley-butt you got there too! (LOL)
jassyjan1 wrote 65 months ago:
Look at you Hollywood I am so proud of your progress. This is only 1st month so imagine what the next 2 months will bring. Keep rocking and pushing this program.
jaeone wrote 65 months ago:
You will do awesome Stephanie!! You are plan to succeed looks top notch!!
Healthy_4_Life2 wrote 65 months ago:
Wow!!! You look awesome, hun. Awesome progress. You're one hardworking lady. Am proud of you my dear!!
amy_wills wrote 65 months ago:
Ive done - and am doing again - the Jamie Eason Live Fit Program! I love it!!! Stick with it, it only gets better from here. I have progress pictures on my profile page, too, if you'd like to check them out. Good luck to you -- your body will thank you!
Tsmartin07 wrote 65 months ago:
Girl! this looks sooo good :)

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