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P90x 30 Workout Progress

So, I tried to start P90x in June but I failed. Without going into too much detail, someone I love really needed my help and it totally consumed my life for a few weeks. Then I went on vacation.

Happily, while I was on vacation I talked my daughter into doing P90x Lean with me, so once we got back home and settled back into 'real life' we got down to work. (My husband is also doing P90x but he's doing the classic program).

We started P90x Lean on July 23, so a couple days ago we took some new measurements to check out how our progress was going.

I had mixed results:

Weight: -6lbs
Chest: -2"
Waist: -1.25"
Hips: +0.5"
R. Thigh: +0.25"
L. Thigh: +0.5"
R. Arm: +0.25"
L. Arm: +0.5"

I feel like I'm feeling more results than I'm seeing, so that keeps me from being too disappointed in what feels like small progress (considering the amount of effort required for these workouts). I have more energy in general, I don't have headaches like I used to, and I feel stronger overall than I did before I started.

I'm happy to see my weight go down, and my waist decrease. I wouldn't mind if my chest didn't get smaller LOL but I think we all know how likely that is. My hip measurement went up, but I think that's actually a good thing -- it's not because I'm getting fatter there, it's because my ass is much perkier than it used to be. It's got a long way to go before I'll be happy with it, but still, perkier is better. 

I'm not sure how I feel about my thighs getting bigger. I can feel that they are stronger and that's good, but slimmer might be nice. Jo says to give it time and not get discouraged, but dayum. I'd also like to see my arms getting bigger faster, but when you consider that when I did my fit test for P90x you couldn't see a difference between when I was flexing and when I wasn't, I'll take the progress I've seen ;)

I'm most excited about the growing definition I can see in my calfs, and also how flexible I feel doing hamstring stretches. I've actually been using a yoga block lately to extend my stretch and grab something beyond my ankle. My belly still gets in the way *eyeroll* but one of these days....

If I'd been following the diet plan I suspect my results would be more spectacular, but eating right will always be my biggest challenge, I think. For the month of September, however, my family and I have decided to cut sugar out of our diets*. I'll be interested in seeing how that interacts with P90x and effects my results after another 30 workouts :)

Just have to wait and see, I suppose :)

*We each got to pick one thing to be exempt from the no sugar rule. I chose P90x recovery formula, my daughter picked peanut butter and I don't think my husband has chosen yet.

Day One

I finally started P90x today. Yay!

My knee is still bruised and my ankle is quite swollen. The good news is that I'm still able to walk and put pressure on them as long as I'm not stupid about it. The bad news is I'm not willing to run while my ankle is even a little bit swollen because I don't want to make it worse. However, there's good news in that as well.

Since I can't run right now Danica and I have decided to do The 30 Day Shred (level one) instead of running as our thrice weekly workout. The 30 Day Shred (modified slightly on account of the ankle) is not really much of a challenge to me these days so I feel like I can do P90x in the morning and The Shred in the afternoon. That means I get to do P90x as it was intended(ish) for a couple weeks at least. Yay!

I'm doing the lean version so I began with Core Synergistics. I had to modify several things because of my (still) bruised knee and (still) swollen ankle, but I still felt like it was a complete and effective workout. That despite the fact that my three year old niece (who is staying here with her mother for a few days) decided to "help" me all the way through. I don't know how many reps I did on several of the exercises because I couldn't count and process her chatter at the same time.

Still, despite my handicaps I've begun and I count that as a victory.

Tomorrow is Cardio X. I'm concerned there's going to be a lot of jumping around I won't be able to do, but I won't know until I try, right?


P90x On Hold

Yesterday afternoon I went for a run with Jo and Danica, and had a nice stretch in the park afterward. I was feeling pretty good as we were walking home, and then, for no reason at all, I fell. Again.

I've twisted my ankle pretty badly. I'm doing the RICE thing and trying not to feel too sorry for myself, but I need to put my P90x plans on hold for a little while because I'm currently not in any shape to be pushing myself.


Day One

Today is Day One of my P180x challenge, but this story starts before today. It begins on Friday.

We'd just spent six hours in a vehicle driving from Edmonton to Champion to visit my parents, so Jo and I decided to go for a little run.  Champion is pretty teeny tiny, not very well lit, their roads are uneven and it was past 11pm. I should have known better than to go for a run, but I didn't.

The run was lovely (we were doing the intervals from week 2 of Couch to 5k and I was finding them challenging but enjoyable) and we were almost done so heading back toward my parent's house when it happened. I'm not exactly sure what I tripped over. I think it may have been a manhole cover, but I'm not sure. What I do know is that one moment I was jogging along behind Jo and the next I was very much not. 

I haven't had a really bad fall in many years so I'd forgotten how much they sucked LOL It was interesting in that my awareness was spotty but when I was aware of something I was very aware of it. I was running, and then, as I said, suddenly I was very much not. The first thing I was aware of was the blinding pain in my right knee, then the sound of my ipod skittering across the pavement in the dark. Then it was like the whole world slowed down so I could feel my face impact with the ground and scrape along behind my ipod. When time sped up again I was one freaking hurting unit. 

My right knee was quite badly banged up and has a lovely assortment of scrapes and cuts, my left ankle had been twisted and was not happy, and the palms of my hands and the right side of my face had left DNA samples on the road.

 Jo ran over to me and asked "What did you hurt?". My answer was a pathetic and tear-filled "Everything". Eventually I recovered myself enough for him to help me off the ground and back onto my feet and we started back to my parents again. I was so angry at myself for falling and not finishing the run that once we came to a well-light part of town I ran through the pain. Mostly I wanted to feel like I'd finished the run, but Jo later pointed out that it was probably good I ran again right away, despite how much it freaking hurt, because otherwise I'd blow it up in my brain and be afraid to go running again.

So, I took Saturday and Sunday off of serious exercise, though I walked a fair bit. Today when I woke up the inside of my left ankle was still slightly swollen and a bit bruised, and my knee remains quite a mess. Happily the road rash on my face and hands wasn't as bad as it felt and aside from some lingering tenderness if I poke at them, they are pretty well healed. My right knee though *sigh*. It's still all cut and bruised up and it radiates heat if I hold my hand against it (though much less than on Friday). It mostly hurts if I put any weight on it (like by kneeling) and tends to stiffen up if I stay still for too long.

That's the shape I was in when I woke up to start Day 1 of my P90x program. Wheee!

Happily today is Monday, which is a C25K day with my daughter. That means the plan says I'm only doing X Stretch today.

I did X Stretch. I had to skip one stretch (Frog) and modify a couple others because I couldn't support my weight on my bad knee, but it was nice. Challenging, but not freaking crazy. I am really optimistic that over time X Stretch will help loosen up my bad ankle (which isn't the one I pooched this weekend, thank goodness) and improve my overall flexibility. I'm also hoping it helps my balance because on a couple stretches I struggled more with not falling over than I did with stretching LOL

I'm supposed to run tonight with Danica and I'm optimistic I'll be able to. My knee doesn't seem to mind if I put weight on it while I walk and stuff so *crosses fingers*. Jo is going to come with us though, just in case. If I can't finish the run he'll be there to finish it with Danica so she's not stuck running by herself or "suffering" for my injuries.

Tomorrow Core Synergistics is on the P90x calendar. I hear it's pretty brutal so I'm hoping to really heal up some more over night LOL Wish me luck.

Also, we haven't been able to start the P90x diet yet because a serious trip to the grocery store is in order first and our weekend was taken up with family stuff in Champion. Hopefully we'll manage a shopping trip today.


Jo (my husband) and I are staring P90x on Monday. Before the package from Beachbody arrived I was 90% excited and 10% nervous. Now, after installing the pull-up bar, reading over the booklets and doing the fit test I'm 70% nervous and 30% excited.

We did the fit test and I passed... mostly. I did find the results somewhat surprising. I would have guessed that my thighs would be one of the strongest muscles in my body and that I'd fail at upper body strength because a large majority of my workouts over the past 5 months have been on the stationary bike or running. I'd have been wrong.

I failed pull ups and my wall squats test (I only held the position for 44 hellish seconds, not the minimum requirement of one minute) but I rocked pushups. I did 20 off my knees instead of the minimum of 15 and I think I might have been able to go harder, but I thought I was only allowed to have a one second pause between each. That's what you get for not reading close enough. As for bicep curls, where I was supposed to do a minimum of 10 curls with 8lbs? I did 12 with 30lbs.Yay!

Jo pointed out that the things I did well at (push ups and bicep curls) are things that are in The 30 Day Shred, so it makes sense that I'd be good at them because I've been doing them a lot along with Jillian Michaels. (Can't we just do bicep curls? No you can not. You need to work big muscles in with the little ones because they don't burn enough calories on their own!)

So, anyway. I passed enough to go on and start the program (especially since I'm modifying it a bit. More on that later) but didn't do well enough to feel super confident going in. *sigh*

Now, about those modifications. I know everyone says P90x works but you have to follow it exactly. Well, I can't. I accept that means my results may not be as dramatic as some people's, but that's my reality. First of all, Jo and I are pescatarians. That means we can't follow the meal plan exactly. We're going to give it a shot, and try to follow it as closely as we can while substituting out meat for other protein-y options but if it becomes a problem (especially with our daughter) we'll reconsider. We eat pretty well already, to be fair. Not much junk food (except on my cheat day which I'm going to give up for the duration of P90x) and no fast food aside from Subway -- there aren't a lot of meatless fast food options LOL Still, it's a modification.

The other big modification applies only to me. Jo is going to be doing the P90x classic workout plan but I'm doing a modified version of the lean workout plan.

I'm currently in the midst of doing the Couch to 5k running program with my daughter. I'm not willing to give that up because these runs are the only real excercise she gets (unless you count gym class at school, which I don't). Not only is it good for her health and mine, but I'm enjoying the time spent with her doing something active.

I don't think I'm capable of doing an hour long intensive workout and running with her on the same day. The runs still take a lot out of me (mentally and physically) and trying to do both in the same day would just lead to burn out. I'm not into that, oddly enough.

She and I run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so on those days I will not be doing P90x (At least at first, I may talk myself into doing the X Stretch on those days eventually, but I'll have to wait and see how my body feels). That means instead of a typical P90x Lean schedule that might look like this:

Day 1 - Core Synergistics
Day 2 - Cardio X
Day 3 - Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X
Day 4 - Yoga X
Day 5 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
Day 6 - Kenpo X
Day 7 - Rest or X Stretch

My schedule will look like this:*

Day 1 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 2 - Core Synergistics
Day 3 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 4 - Cardio X
Day 5 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 6 - X Stretch or Rest (I always make exercise on Saturdays optional)
Day 7 - Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X

Day 8 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 9 - Yoga X
Day 10 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 11 - Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X
Day 12 - X Stretch & C25k
Day 13 - X Stretch or Rest
Day 14 - Kenpo X

That means I'm only doing the program at half intensity (and thus, in theory I should do something more like P180x) but it's the best solution I've come up with to combine C25k with P90x. Maybe once I start the program I'll find I'm able to do more than I think, but I want to avoid injury or burnout at any cost so it's the best plan I've got.

It would be super awesome if I found I was able to do P90x in the morning and still manage to pull off c25k in the afternoon, but I'm not optimistic LOL I am far from being in awesome shape ;) Did I mention that I'm slightly sore today and I'm blaming the fit test? LOL I am, and I am.

What I'm hoping to get out of this program is some more muscle mass, increased flexibility and fitness and a kick in the butt out of this weight loss plateau I've been stuck in for what feels like forever. Especially the last point. I really, really want to start seeing the scale move in the right direction again. I'm hoping if the workouts don't do that the menu plan will.

I keep reading that I need to eat more to lose more, but the idea scares me. I've read all about it, the theory behind it seems sound but I'm scared I'm going to have to re-lose pounds I've already ditched. Having the food plan helps a bit with that anxiety though because someone has done all the work for me (other than the actual cooking, of course).There is no question about portion size or whatever, it's all figured out and written down for me. It feels a little bit like having a dietician holding my hand while I step out into this new calorie level. That gives me the courage to give it a go. Hopefully I won't regret it LOL

Oh! One last thought before I hit 'Save' on this post. Jo and I took our before pictures and measurements yesterday. I really regret not taking before pictures five months ago when I started watching what I was eating and exercising more. I think that if I had them and I could see actual progress it would help keep me motivated. So, while I freaking hated posing for those pictures, I did, and now I can't wait to see if I can see a difference in three months, even though I'm doing a modified program.

*fingers crossed*

 *that is a crapton of X Stretch. Maybe I can try and work something else in on occasion too. I can't really make an educated decision right now though as I've never tried any of the dvds yet

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