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The quest for perfection - my top 5 musts!

Day 3 on my quest to be back to looking 'normal' is feeling good. I love my fitness pal and the motivation it gives me to stay on track. I think i have learnt a lot about myself since i have become a personal trainer and funny enough been in the worst shape of my life - in terms of body fat and weight specifically.

 I have learnt alot from myself and my clients...

1. Having an amazing support system. To have 1 or 2 people you can share all your thoughts and struggles with is vital in the quest for perfection (in whatever format that maybe) as well as someone who can stick to the clean eating with you. Im so lucky to have Nathan and Laura, to listen to my rambling and crazy talk.

2. Finding an eating plan that works for you. I have tried many different 'plans' since becoming at PT  to see what works and doesn't work for me so I can pass this knowledge onto my clients (Also contributed to putting on body fat). I think knowing whats good and bad is vital and most people don't understand what good nutrition is. I believe eliminating the word 'diet' is vital in changing food habits. The word diet makes me feel like i am missing out on something when actually words like 'nutrition plan' 'clean eating' suggests i'm doing something good for my body.

3. EXERCISE. 50% of the effort we put in must come from exercise. We eat to fuel our body's for our everyday activities and for most people exercise is not part of that. 30 mins a day is all it takes to keep on track. For the most part women believe lifting weights will make them big... think again. This is THE most effective way to lose body fat. we make our body's more effcant at burning even at rest, so pick up those weight - and lift big!

 4. Mix it up... keep your body challenged. We want our body to keep thinking so it can adapt, keep dropping body fat and also this keeps us motivated. Having said that if you walk in the gym and your body isnt responding and isnt up for the session... leave. This is important as it means many things can be going on in your body. Start again tomorrow, and re-focus.

5. Keeping a track of EVERYTHING that passes through your mouth from food to drink and record how you feel after you have had it and at certain times of the day like morning, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon, dinner time and before bed. Even if the food you eat is terrible and totally embarrassing... this is the 'reality check' you need to see that the bingeing has to stop. We all have different relationships with food and until we can see how that relationship is effects us we will never be able to crack the nutrition elliment of the process . If you have had 1,000 choc bars and 200 doughnuts you must put it down. You will start to see the corrilaton between good and bad nutrition habits, how you feel at certain times if the day, motivation for exercise and mostly how its effecting your end goal.

  Right - time for my training session :)

 PS sorry for the spelling mistakes, i cant get the mac to change my mistakes! 

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