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Day 9

Didn't step on the scale this morning at all. Going to up my calories to at least 1200 today and try to keep it low carb. Will check my weight in one week. Adding more physical activity each day. Will be starting Couch25K on Monday (gotta get some shoes)

Day 8

218 lbs

Still no change in my weight but keeping up with the exercise. Finally feeling a little hungry I think. I am going to add in more solids tomorrow and up my calories to see if that helps. Lots of school work to finish.

Day 7

Still at 218lbs

 I was a little bit discouraged this morning but when I looked in the mirror I can just see changes. Those rolls on my back are disappearing so I took a deep breath and put my pants on and then it was really clear. My jeans I have to lay down to fasten went right on and buttoned without a struggle, had a little extra room in the seat even! So I am going to step away from the scale for a couple of days. I'd like to say for longer but right now I am trying to guage whether I am doing the right thing or not. 

 Today's Log

Day 6


No loss for today, kind of disappointed. I don't remember if I had days where I didn't lose right after I had my surgery. 

I am kind of wondering if my calorie deficit hasn't already put me into starvation mode. Any thoughts and info would be appriciated. 

I had a minor melt down earlier when my personal drink blender burnt up. All I could think was oh crap I am not going to be able to get my shakes in now. I can't afford to buy a new one right now, I just put $1100 into my car repairs and maintenance(timing belt, a/c belt, alternator belt, brakes, new tire, rotors and bearings) Then I remembered that mammoth of a blender in the back of the bottom cabinet. Can I add using that piece to my daily exercise? j/k



Day 5


I didn't report yesterday so this one will be short and sweet. Had an unexpected visitor so my day was a little busy.

 Here is my food and exercise log


Below goal the first time around

This is me, in 2005 I was 118 lbs, well below goal. I don't want to get back there but I want to head in that direction.

Day 4

Originally posted 2/20/12


Well its 11 am and I am just now getting up. Thank goodness it's a holiday and everyone is out of school. I feel very tired today. I knew there was going to be a day like this and I guess I expected it to be day 3 and since it wasn't I thought I was in the clear. I didn't get my 3rd protein shake in for the day and I didn't get enough water. Going to do better today though.

Today's Food Diary

Day 3

Originally posted 2/19/12


Good morning! God is sooo good!

I don't know if it has anything to do with what I am doing right now but I slept all night again! I could get used to this!

Kind of dreaded stepping on the scale this morning but I did it anyways and I'm down another 2lbs. If I can keep losing this way I can get back where I need to be quickly. I know my body is capable and I know it can handle it. It did it before.

Just in case you are wondering, I am staying on top of my supplements. I take daily the following
 Disclaimer: I am in no way saying this is what you should take, you should always follow the advice of your doctor and nutritionist, this is just what works for me.
Calcium + D
Super B-Complex with vitamin C and Folic Acid
Sub-lingual B-12
Biotin/Collagen/Gelatin (Hair, skin and nails)
Cinnamon 1000mg
Vitamin D3
Chewable Easy Iron

Going to get my first work out in and the jump in the shower and get ready for Church! I am so excited about Church this morning!

Today's Food Diary

Day 2

Originally 2/18/12

222 lbs
Not going to get excited about my loss because it's just the first day and I realize it's probably just the water weight. I went to bed early because I was having such a rough time not going for that late night snack. I slept all night which is rare and I am up and ready to go this morning. I'm not hungry and really battling with myself over knowing I need to get that first shake down and just not feeling like I want it. I know if I don't have it I'll regret it later. Already got one workout out of the way so I better just suck it up!

Here's my food and exercise log from today.

Gonna leave you with a good night, going to Church in the morning, my oldest said that he would go with me and I am sooo excited! Gotta get a good night's rest. Oh and BTW, my last protein drink of the night was AMAZING! It was a  Spiced Caramel Hot Chocolate! I'll be sure and link you to the recipe tomorrow!

Day 1

Originally posted 2/17/12

 225 pounds

I don't know what else to add to that. It makes me sick to read it but even more sick to type it. How in the world did I let this happen?

I'm going to see if I can't reboot my mind, body, and maybe my soul while I'm at it.

Today's Food Diary


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