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A slight difference in a month!

It's slight, but for the very first time, I notice it!

Jan 23 2012 s 195 Feb 22 2012 s 189


I guess I just didn't want it badly enough until now.



I plan to get up in the morning and head right to the gym.  This should help me get there:




 2-18-2012 1-24-48 PM

Man, ain't THAT the truth?   Do I want it bad enough?  (YES!)  Have I been making excuses... for hanging onto this one pound for almost three weeks now?

Hmmm... I dunno. 

Time for some introspection.

OK, I introspected.  I DO want this badly enough. I Do, I DO, I DO!

When you feel like quitting...

I'm at the very beginning of this journey.  Yes, it's been about 6 weeks, but, given how long I expect to be involved in this lifestyle change (oh, about a lifetime), this really is only the beginning.


So it's important for me to keep this in mind. There is NO QUITTING to simply (simply?  ha!) doing what it takes to be healthy again.  Quitting is for... quitters -- and I refuse to be one of those!

The Rule of the Journey

 I tell myself this about 130 times a minute at the gym!  :-)



The three Cs

This really hit home when I read it on my friend's Facebook wall this morning. 

3 cs

Her motivation for posting it had (I presume) nothing to do with diet and physical health... but I immediately thought of my current journey that I'm sharing with you all here on MFP.

Broken down to its very simplest component, getting healthy consists of only ONE thing: A CHOICE -- one choice after another, all day long.  Multiple times each day, we are confronted with a choice to head down one of two roads --  the road toward health and fulfillment or the road toward obesity and misery.  

If I can be strong and resolute when faced with my next choice, the next opportunity to take a chance toward real change, then I have made one more small step toward health.  I'll deal with the next choice when I'm confronted with it, but if I can just chose wisely right NOW, I am doing better than I was 10 minutes (and 10 days and 10 months) ago.

That thought is what gets me through each of the many choices I encounter each day -- and what creates the multitude of milestones that I'll look back on as I delve further into this journey.

Three ways that My Fitness Pal appeals to my personality

This is not the first time I've committed to losing weight and being healthy.  I also did it 50 pounds ago, and 40 pounds ago, and 30 pounds ago and...

So what makes this time different?  Three words: My Fitness Pal.  No, this is not a paid endorsement... though, if we're talking money, the fact that I don't have to pay a penny to use this tool is one of the big reasons I like it so much.

It might beer sheer coicidence, because I don't remember being contacted by any pre-launch marketing team for a new site that helps people stay motivated and on track in their quests to get healthy, but it really is almost as if the My Fitness Pal team had contacted me, asking what would really make the difference and would really, finally, help me in my quest to lose weight and be healthy.

And I would have told them to make sure that this new site/tool would appeal to three distinct sides of my personaility.  Maybe THEN, I'd tell them, would they -- er, I mean I -- be successful.  Those three sides of my quirky personality?  Well, since you asked:

  1. It'd have to appeal to the social butterfly in me.  I find huge amounts of motivation and inspiration in a supportive group environment, both in real life and online.  To be successful with an online tool, there would have to be a great sense of community from which I could garner connections, support, and information.   CHECK.
  2. It'd have to appeal to the project manager in me.  This is what I do.  I use online tools to bring a project from point A to point Z, tracking information and milestones along the way, organizing information, and "connecting the dots" to bring about success.  An online tool that allows me to remain completely objective and which allows me to track details of my journey to be healthy is a tool after my own heart.  CHECK.
  3. It'd have to appeal to the social media geek in me.  Facebook and blogging are fun, and yeah, I'm kinda sorta addicted to both, but I don't necessarily want all my Facebook friends and blog followers in on the details of this struggle journey.  It'd be great to have a personal social media destination dedicated solely to my quest to get healthy.  CHECK.

I'm afraid to make any promises because, after all, this is not my first attempt to lose weight and get healthy.  But it IS the first time that I feel so embraced and so supported, both socially and technically, and somehow I think that, thanks to My Fitness Pal, this time I will be successful.


I was huffing and puffing through a You Tube workout, got up to pause the video, and came back to this:


No, I'm not giving up.  But since it's snowing like crazy here, schools have been canceled, and my husband left work early before the deluge hits, we're heading to the elementary school to play in the snow with both dogs.

 So we went out and did this instead:




Negative self-talk from an otherwise successful project manager.

As a project manager, my professional life is focused on process.  That is, I move projects from Point A to Point Z with aplomb, rarely allowing a trivial -- or even a major -- set-back to hinder the overarching project goal or my commitment to reaching it successfully.

As a project manager, I am responsible for being nimble and flexible, predicting obstacles to success, remedying them, and continuing to move forward with as little impact to the original goal and timeline as possible.  This has become second nature to me and I am usually able to effectively navigate a project, complete with road blacks and obstacles, so that the original goal is met and everyone is happy.


I don't have an answer to that question.  I have plenty of excuses, but no real answer... except, perhaps, I simply don't believe that I can really achieve my personal goal as deeply as I believe that I can accomplish my professional goals. 

Can I bring that professional project to a successful completion?  Of course!  Just watch me

Can I lose those 50 extra pounds and exercise regularly so I can live a long and healthy life?  Well, I can try.  I'll do my best.  I think I can probably do it, if I don't encounter any obstacles.  I'm not sure. Maybe -- time will tell.

What the...?!

My biggest current struggle isn't really to move the number on the scale; it's to move my attitude from MAYBE to YES. Because without that change, I really can't expect to see a change on the scale.  It's to move my thinking from I MIGHT FAIL (AGAIN) to I WILL SUCCEED.  It's to manage this journey toward health exactly as I manage a professional project -- with confidence, effectiveness, tools to remedy road-blocks and obstacles, and with a definitive goal in sight and a way to strategize effectively reaching that goal.

I'm not there yet.  For some reason, the personal challenge of managing my own health is so much more daunting and filled with so much more self-doubt than the challenge of successfully completing any proffesional project I've managed.  Once I've tackled this demon, though, I do believe that I will be successful -- that I can lose weight, move daily, and improve my health. But first I have to truly believe it, and for some reason, for this otherwise successful manager of difficult projects, that is belief is illusive.

And that's why I'm here at MFP.  I'm here because I believe that some of those tools and strategies for success, as well as the community to help me embrace and use them once and for all, can be found here. The journey is still mine to make and the project is still mine to complete, but I now realize that, to get to that elusive YES-I-CAN point, I need the help, the friends, and the tools that can be found right here.  Thanks in advance to everyone who relates and who truly wishes success for others.  It's golden.




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