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Week 18, Lost no weight, or did I?

As I stepped on the scale for my Monday morning ritual of weighing, measuring, and tracking all that I can track, I was not surprised that the scale had not changed since last week. This week turned out to be a bigger food challenge than Thanksgiving and Christmas. Superbowl weekend. I ate enough sodium yesterday to coat the runways at Anchorage International Airport, and oddly enough, I am okay with that. Despite not losing any weight, my BF% went down .4%, and I lost 1/2 inch from my waist, neck, chest, chest over arms, and bicep. Once I get this sodium out of my system, it should go back to normal. Though cramming 128 ounces of water down my throat each day will be a challenge.

Here are my numbers for the week (I changed some terms to reflect common nomenclature, and added my starting values to each so I can see where I was without looking at old blogs.)

  • TDEE: 3864
  • Calories Consumed: 1983
  • Calorie Deficit: 1881
  • Physical Activity: 70 minutes
  • Steps: 10241
  • Weight Loss for the Week: 0 Pounds
  • Total Weight Loss: 74 Pounds
  • Current Weight: 276
  • Waist: 48.5 (Starting: 58)
  • Neck: 17.5 (Starting: 19.5)
  • Hips: 43 (Starting: 47)
  • Chest: 48.5 (Starting 53)
  • Chest Over Arms: 57.5 (Starting 63)
  • Bicep: 16 (Starting: 15.75)
  • Thigh: 26 (Starting: 28.5)
  • BMI: 38.5 (Starting 48.8)
  • Body Fat %: 26.3 (Starting 38%)

This week, I have successfully increased my calorie intake to 2000. I averaged 1983 per day for the week. I would say it is hard to get much closer than that. I also incorporated a second rest day into my schedule. I have to say the additional rest day is a real bonus, as I am not as sore for the entire week. I was still able to average over 10k steps per day for the week. I just have to remember, rest day, does not mean sit on the couch all day.

This week, I also added in some body weight workouts using Jefit and broke out the old resistance bands for some strength training. If you don't  think you can do strength training with a resistance band, my arms will argue that point.

Mentally, this week has been good. I have remained in a pretty good mood for most of the week. I attribute that to the increase in calories and the extra rest day.

I still need to work on sleep. I am going to continue to try to get to bed before midnight. I did it once last week, and that is one more time than I have done it in the past year, but I am going to work harder at that.



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BeingKevin wrote 65 months ago:
Great attitude, I am glad to hear you are doing well mentally - especially with the knee injury and such. Not easy to do. Great job.
Bepositivenow21 wrote 65 months ago:
That is great weight loss and deciding on skipping some days and focusing on strength training is awesome!
ChanaRo wrote 65 months ago:
Also remember that as you build muscle, which weighs more per square inch than fat, your weight can remain the same or even go up some weeks, but that doesn't mean that positive changes aren't taking place! Measurements and body fat percentage are good indicators of your success. Way to go!
darcyinmo wrote 65 months ago:
LOL! My hips are only 2" smaller than yours and I'm only 5'4" and a girl. Soon you will have smaller hips than me! Been watching your workouts this week ---- applause, applause! So glad your knee is feeling better. And as far as the sodium....a few days of water, water, water should take care of that and next week should be better - hopefully! (you know how tricky the old body is!) So inspired and motivated from you as always!!!
hanniejong wrote 64 months ago:
Well said Tom, we forget that although we may not be losing weight we are losing inches/cm's and thatt is just as good. My clothes felt tight last week but I notice this week they feel looser.
Thanks for writing this blog

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