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An Idea I Have

So I have this idea in my head.  I want to 'blog' for 30 days.  I hate New Year's Resolutions.  People just give up on those after about the first 5 days.  I don't expect anyone to really read my musings, but if they do--then they do.  I am hoping to accomplish something else on my 30 day challenge though.  I am hoping to get into the habit of coming to MFP every day.  Not just M-F.  Because right now, that is all that I do.  I log in M-F, read some blogs, like some updates, read some success stories (I can't see the pictures at work), and then log off.  I have a friend on here that has a crazy long logging streak.  I would like to get to 30 consecutive days.  Then I can move on from there.  Plus, I read somewhere today that members that log consescutively for 7 days and log there food, lose weight.  Just simply because they are aware of what they are eating.  After the month that I have had, I am all for that!  So this is my next goal.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Just to log in everyday, put food in my food diary, and blog something about the day each day.

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Jacquikav wrote 53 months ago:
Excellent idea I am going to follow you as I am starting ( again today) so I so I shall look out for tomorrows blog!! good luck
_Zardoz_ wrote 53 months ago:
You have the right idea. Consistency is the key good luck.
tishfitfifty wrote 53 months ago:
I like your idea, I will join you too. I just created my blog today, but since the first I've been logging my food intake. Consistency is my challenge ...
MSClark11 wrote 53 months ago:
You may have started a trend! I love this idea and I think I'm going to start a challenge today.
joandue wrote 53 months ago:
I like this idea too. I have never blogged before, could be interesting. I do log my food but I think blogging might be good too for the mind. Thanks for the idea
Jacquikav wrote 53 months ago:
Good Morning well I found you again how has it been going? So far so good for me got the food organised now back to work today so ready to go go go!!!

Good luck with the Blog I have not done one myself but may try it if this works cheers and good luck today. Cheers Jacqui

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