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It's a start . . .

I was so excited to talk about a plant-based diet I didn't update you at all on my trip to VEGAS!  

As I mentioned in my last blog, I watched Forks over Knives in the airport.  If you have watched the documentary you would understand how I could feel so compelled to change my diet immediately.  It correlates with everything and more that my friend had said to me about my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis pain.  I was so excited about the possibility of something "as simple" as diet could have such a huge effect on so many health issues.  Since then I have received comments, emails, joined some groups here at MFP and read testimonials about what a plant-based (PB) diet had done for others.

I actually couldn't believe how much the idea of eating this way invaded my thoughts all weekend (watching slot machines spin over and over again gives one lots of time to think!).  What will my husband think of such an idea??  Can I do this?  What will my husband think?  I will have to learn to cook delicious plant-based foods in order to maintain a lifestyle like that.  I know some vegetarians/vegans I can talk to and will contact them as soon as I get home!!  My step-daughters!  They will be a huge help to me.  What will my husband think??  Can eating like this really make a difference to my health??  Oh!!  I have that "Oh How She Glows" cookbook!!  I will have to pull that out and try more recipes.  Do restaurants serve food that would fit in a PB diet?  What will my husband think??  

Obviously one of my main concerns was what will my husband think.  So I decided to have a conversation with him about it over dinner our first night in Vegas.  We went to the "Burger Bar" for dinner and after browsing the menu I decided to order a veggie burger (which BTW was to die for!!).  I knew this would cause raised eyebrows so I told him about the movie and how I was interested in trying a PB diet, reiterating what my friend said to me.  At first he was cautiously encouraging but as the weekend progressed and I talked more and more about it he became more and more supportive. 

Today we went grocery shopping.  Throughout the day I realized that transitioning was going to be necessary because I have so much to learn about cooking and preparing PB meals.  But I have a good base of recipes that I already know I love from all my many years of dieting.  I pulled a number of those out and bought groceries with those recipes in mind.  Dinner tonight started with a large spinach salad -- not entirely PB but still a salad and much smaller portion of the lasagna that was dinner.  This evening was spent chopping vegetables and cleaning fruit.  

So my weekend in Vegas?  Life-changing even without hitting a jackpot on the slot machines!  I discovered that my husband didn't think I was as nuts as I thought he might and that restaurants really do offer many spendid PB foods.  I've already made some contacts and am feeling good about a decision to transition to a PB diet.  I am excited to move forward and learn to cook . . . maybe even sneak in some PB foods onto my husband's plate!  

I guess in hindsight . . . I really DID hit a jackpot in Vegas! 

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SassyCookieMe wrote 6 months ago:
Wishing much success on your new style of healthy eating. You can do this.
Hoppymom wrote 6 months ago:
What a great thing to be able to do. Healing your body with food is a concept as old as mankind but has been lost for many years, due in large part to the advent of processed foods. Even our meats are changed by chemicals and medications that our grandparents never dreamed would be in their foods. Taking charge of your life through healthy eating will be a great adventure for both of you. I hope that you keep us posted.
Goin4goal wrote 6 months ago:
I am going to watch your diary and see what I can learn from you. Good luck with your new journey!!
PAnn1 wrote 6 months ago:
Having a significant other who supports you can make the difference between winning and losing (even at slot, lol!)
TrainWelladmin wrote 6 months ago:
I went 100% raw vegan when I found out I had breast cancer. Since healing, I have remained about 80% raw, but my kids tend to like their food cooked!! I found an amazing website with vegan recipes if you would like to My kids will eat recipes I have made from this website...even for holidays! Just thought I would pass this on!
twenty2324 wrote 5 months ago:
My husband has been super supportive as well. He's been telling me "I never really liked sausage anyway" or he thinks the food is less salty now without the meat. And he hates salty.

Also, my change came from watching the documentary What the Health. Then I watched Forks over Knives. Same concept, just different presentation. Great movies. Yay for PB friends and contacts!

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