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Every Day a New Day!

This morning I got up and stepped on the scale.  I'm really trying NOT to do that too often but as my clothes get looser it is hard to not have a peek!  I was down another 1.9 pounds!  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw the number on the scale!  I couldn't believe it!  That makes my total loss for February (since I started tracking and now changing to a plant-based lifestyle) just over 10 pounds. *doing happy dance*  

I'm a little amazed at how easy it has been so far.  I realize that I'm in the honeymoon phase of my new lifestyle but I am actually loving it!  I'm enjoying finding recipes and new ideas for introducing protein.  I can't believe how satisfied I am with the foods I'm eating nor how good I am feeling.  This mornig my husband had a homemade Egg McMuffin -- white English muffin, egg, cheese, Canadian bacon -- and I had a whole wheat wrap with avocado, sauteed onion, zucchini, and spinach.  He was hungry in about an hour or so and into cookies I made for him the other night.  I was still not really hungry at lunch time and was not even tempted to join him with the cookies!  This might sound like a little thing but trust me . . . THIS IS A BIG THING!

I'm looking at my  new lifestyle totally different than ever before.  This time around I am not forbidding any foods.  I mean, if I wanted the cookie I would have eaten it.  But the longer I go without eating sugar the less I want those sweet goodies.  My husband (and I) also LOVE M&Ms.  We almost always have a container of them in the cupboard.  Now when he gets his handful and offers me some it doesn't even look appealing.  *what has happened to me??* 

Nothing is forbidden . . . I think that is part of the magic.  If I want a cookie or some M&Ms I can have them.  Finally it is a choice not a restriction.  I plan to think of meat and dairy products the same way even after I have completely transitioned.  I will think of those things much like "the old me" would think of a donut.  I might have some today but it isn't something I would do EVERY day.   I know a true vegetarian or vegan would not think this way but the minute I tell myself that I can't have a burger or a piece of 3-meat pizza . . . that will be the first day of my downfall.  

We all know it's a journey, not a destination.  I am a work in progress!  I will stumble and I know it -- but for TODAY I'm going to enjoy the high I'm on for eating right and seeing changes in my body because of it.  

Regardless of what today brings, tomorrow will be a new day to embrace.  A chance to do better than today!  A chance to increase my knowledge.  A chance to change my life for the better.  

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minstrelofsarcasm wrote 7 months ago:
I am so proud of you! You're doing great, and it sounds like this change is working wonders for you. Keep it up!!!
Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:
Karen is this the new Weight Watcher program or something else?
Teerai wrote 7 months ago:
You know, I find I feel that way after adding avacado to a meal. Hmmm... just saying and learning too 🤔.
Thx for sharing!
melissarose4 wrote 7 months ago:
Great job! It is amazing once we can see our favorite "old" foods as treats rather than necessary staples. Allowing the choice to still eat them makes saying "no thanks" just a little easier!

Congrats on the loss and keep up this positive outlook!
pizzafruit wrote 7 months ago:
I can't tell you how long it's taken me to get it right. Going from "I can't have"..... to "I choose not to eat"... made a big difference in my attitude and relationship with food. I don't always get it right but the change in thinking has made such a difference. Great post!
PAnn1 wrote 7 months ago:
I'm so glad you are finding a good fit Karen. Life is good :-)
RetiredAndLovingIt wrote 7 months ago:
Congrats on the loss and for being happy with your new dietary change. My sister & brother-in-law have switched to a low fat, plant based diet and so far are loving it. Not sure I could do that, but I agree with the "No forbidden foods" rule. Knowing I can have something anytime I want, I usually want it a lot less. Hope Arizona weather is good now.
domesticlydiva wrote 7 months ago:
Mindset is definitely a key to maintaining a lifestyle you said, you CAN have whatever you want but you are CHOOSING not to. It does take the pressure off & the eliminates the perfectionistic part of restricting your choices. Keep strong!!
healthyi7 wrote 7 months ago:
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brenn24179 wrote 7 months ago:
I think you are smart to have whatever you want and not deprive yourself, just watch portions. I have tried everything and when I deprive myself, I go nuts later. Some people can do it, have to decide what is right for you. My hubby and son can do no carb and then go off for a while and back on but it is too restrictive for me.
LeeshaSeal wrote 7 months ago:
The journey of awareness is awe-inspiring. That's the best part of this community is that we can share our discovery. Our bodies and minds are capable of so much! Thank you for sharing yours.
Anonymous wrote 7 months ago:
Thanks for the motivation and congratulations on your progress!
ysache13 wrote 7 months ago:
what a GREAT blog, Love it and can relate - I don't worry about "what" I eat, as I think only about calorie intake (that works for me) - isn't it great to try out new ways of doing "life"? I'm proud of you! Also, would you mind sending me an email on here on how to make more blogs - I see you have many and I'm either not doing it correctly, or it's maybe only allowing us to do one a month? I wanted to do a new one for myself today on day 2 of blogging and it won't let me??? thank you in advance and keep posting, I LOVE reading your blogs!
goldenbronze59 wrote 7 months ago:
FixItImp wrote 7 months ago:
You read/wrote my mind. Something is different this time around for me as well and I think it's the "nothing is forbidden" mindset. I've had it all: chocolate, ice cream, chinese, tacos, etc. etc. But not nearly as much as I did a month ago. And I can stop. And I can walk past it. And I feel better physically when I don't. Thank you for sharing.
darcit2018 wrote 7 months ago:
You are doing awesome! Congrats on all your progress and keep up the good work. You have the best attitude and that will serve you well in this journey.
thamerb wrote 5 months ago:
I loved reading this! It gives me inspiration/ I just started today. My daughter has been on MFP for awhile and the results are amazing. She is working very hard and it shows. Thank you for sharing.

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