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I have so many BOOKMARKS on my browser!  Today I decided it was time to go through them.  Probably more than a third were connected to sites that no longer exist.  But by far and wide, the most popular bookmarks were attached to food and diet sites.  "Super Foods" "Best Fruits" "Best Vegetables" different diets and diet websites, calorie sites, and dozens upon dozes of recipe sites.  

Since I have adopted the whole food/plant based (WFPB) lifestyle I feel fabulous.  I really cannot say enough good about this way of eating.  Additionally, I have found MFP being the only "aid" I need.  It has everything to offer -- a food tracker, a food database that is better than any I've ever encountered in all my many years of dieting (and there have been many), a wonderful community, blogs, health tips and more.  

Given all of the above, I deleted more bookmarks than I can count this morning because I realize that, even if I backslide and slip back into unhealthy eating habits, for me the WFPB way of eating is the answer.  To me that means that if I do backslide as I have on all my other "dieting" attempts -- when I come back to healthy eating this is where I need to come back.  I don't need all the other sites anymore because WFPB and MFP are truely all I need.  

Now I'm emassing NEW recipe sites!  I'm removing the ones that are full of cheese and meat and replacing them with plant-based recipes.  I really want to continue to make this my way of life so I'm filling my bookmarks with things that align with this thinking.  

I feel like I have previously kept all those bookmarks in case I needed something to fall back on and in case I wanted to change my mind about how to eat.  I don't want to change my mind!  I want to live and breath a WFPB lifestyle!  When I stumble (and I'm sure I will) I don't want a myriad of places to find unhealthy recipes from which to choose!   

The moral of my blog is this:  You might not be interested in a WFPB lifestyle.  Everyone has to do what works best for them.  But regardless of what you chose, fill your bookmarks with things that are in line with it.  Make a committment to your chosen lifestyle.  I really believe if it is in our face, we will chose it!  

The only way to fail is to quit!   


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1theresamcvean wrote 5 months ago:
Have you tried this site: ?

It is wonderful and Canadian - but world class. I love Angela's recipes and have two of her cook books. Here are a couple favourites:

Anonymous wrote 5 months ago:
As a matter of fact I have one of her cookbooks!! I forgot there was a website though so thanks!!
SassyCookieMe wrote 5 months ago:
I am so happy for you and your success with your new diet. It seems you are fully embracing the change and it is fun to follow along each new discovery you make. The results you are getting are amazing, but don't go getting to obsessed with worry of backsliding. Continue to focus instead on the wonderful successes you are finding. You can do this, I have no doubt of that, and even if you do have a bad day, let it go and move on.
conniehv40 wrote 5 months ago:
I am embracing a new plan that I would have laughed at a year ago! My bookmarks are probably the same as yours were--Great idea! Love this idea...
spepper50 wrote 4 months ago:
You are an inspiration. I tried a plant-based diet several years ago for a couple of month, but decided this was not for me. I am now on a high protein, low carb diet that works well for my lifestyle. MFP is great because it accommodates all healthy lifestyle choices while it helps me stay honest with myself. I love reading other people's successes, struggles and ideas.

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