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I have been overweight most of my adult life & while I do admit that I didn't care much about calories before which was one of the factors that made me overweight but I never ate anything like as if there's no tomorrow, even at my highest weight of 75kgs/165 lbs.  I was overweight for the most part because of the pills that my gyne prescribed me as I have abnormal hormones & I have been taking hormonal pills since I was 13 plus lately because of my PCOS & insulin resistance. However I get many comments from people, including my own relatives when we are at a party or simple gathering. Whenever they see me getting food from the buffet table, I always hear them say "Only get some because there's still plenty of people who haven't eaten yet" or "No wonder you're getting fatter".  Yea I know they're just joking but those words really hurt me so much because I've never been eating a whole box of pizza or a whole plate of fried chicken in one sitting, NOT EVEN ONCE IN MY LIFETIME! Now that I'm at my healthy weight of 54.2 kgs. & a BMI of 21.4, people starting to notice me even more & I no longer hear them saying those phrases.

I feel sad whenever I see TV shows that portrays obese people eating 2 boxes of pizza, bags of potato chips plus a 2L coke, I can't help but feel sorry for these people. I really don't understand why the heck the media stereotypes all fat people as if they're gluttons!

We need to understand that obesity is only the end result of many factors, not just by excessive eating.  What are these factors? Either medical conditions such as Hypotyroidism, PCOS, Diabetes (like in my case); if the person is undergoing medications for Hypertension, Diabetes, Anti-depressants, etc. that has a side effect of weight gain; or simply genetics. Yea its true there is such a thing as being prone to obese like if both your parents are obese, theres greater chance you will get obese too or if you've been fat since you were a child. Though this doesn't mean that we cannot change what mother nature gave us. Its just that there are some people who loses weight faster than others but we can all lose weight. On the other hand there are also those who are naturally skinny that no matter how much they eat, still they have hard time gaining weight.

So you can pig-out all day & do nothing but still stay slim while on the other side of the fence, you may eat very little & almost kill yourself to the gym but still remain fat.  Its due to genetics & not because you overeat your way to obesity! 

I wonder why people don't say anything bad when they see a thin person pig-out & yet they make nasty comments whenever they see a fat person eating something? Its because of their narrow-minded point of view on overweight people.

So next time that you want to poke at a fat person whether in the buffet table or just about everywhere you go, think about the real cause first & not just jumping into stupid, insulting conclusions that associate obesity with gluttony!


I used to be a thin young girl until I reached my puberty stage where I started gaining my weight.  When I was 15, I was one of those "bigger" girls in class with a height of 5'0 & a waist line of 32 inches and weighing close to 138 lbs. (pretty much heavy considering my age & my height) & despite taking up Taekwondo classes, I just gained more weight. Despite being a "tomboy" then, I became very conscious on my weight, lost my self-esteem & more importantly my relatives & even my mom started to make some nasty comments about my weight which wasn't helpful at all.


First I did the "after six o clock diet" or not eating beyond 6:00 PM but what I did was more on starvation then come next day, since I had to get up very early to prepare for school so I didn't had time for breakfast & so my daily breakfast consisted of Coke & Pepsi. After which I developed ulcers that I had to be brought to the hospital.  Despite of that, I hadn't lost any weight.  I decided to stop dieting and just continue to eat normally and just submitted myself to the myth that I will never lose weight since I thought I'm big-boned & also I have abnormal hormones.


A few years later when I was 19, at the time when Bangkok pills were very popular, an overweight classmate & I decided to give it a try & see how fast can it be as we were both curious on it.  We divided the pills among us two & in those days that I was taking it, I suddenly felt something different. I felt very light but somewhat dizzy (I had no idea that the pill contained few grams of illegal cocaine) & every morning I had to go to the bathroom.  Then as days go by, I saw myself shrinking my waistline from a size 32 to 28 & weight dropped to an all time low of 110 lbs. (imagine how many pounds of water & muscle is in that loss) however I didn't liked how I look in the mirror as I could see my arms & face sagging. After sometime, I ran out of the pill but didn't buy new one anymore since I didn't have money.  Then all of a sudden my weight came back, even more!  Though I eventually lost it because of so many pressures & stress associated in making those deadly college thesis & also because I was playing basketball in our college. Another few years gone by & now at 5'3, I started to work in a night shift on a data processing company early November.  Slowly I saw myself gaining weight once again.  I remained overweight until I had an amoebiasis last 2005 that made me lose weight though only very briefly & after just 6 months, my weight came back again. I tried out many diet pills & slimming teas or those laxatives like Xenical & other Chinese diet pills that are sold over the counter, just to name a few. Not to mention that I had sign up in 2 fitness centers on separate years but after only few months, I quit because I was too busy at work & no time for gym. During those times that I was on those pills, laxatives & exercising at the gym, I lost a little weight but in a short span of time, it came back again & more and once again tried out those pills & laxatives. Then I lost & then regain weight once again. The yo-yo cycle kept on repeating itself for about 4 years.


Late 2009 when all of a sudden my weight ballooned from 140 lbs. to 165 lbs., my highest weight ever & an all time high waistline of 36 inches! Suddenly I found myself having nothing to wear at all since all my entire outfit are all getting tighter every week. So I had nothing else to do but squeeze my big body into my smaller pair of 32 inch jeans with the help of a safety pin to had it all up since I couldn't zip it anymore. At the same time, it was that year that I was diagnosed with PCOS after so many years of occassional bleeding caused by my abnormal menstruation & it was there that I learned that the biggest factor of my weight gain was due to taking oral contraceptives and hormonal pill that my gyne prescribed me before.  Even worse was that I was already prediabetic beforehand & because of my condition, I also became a full blown type 2 diabetic. On July 2010 came what would be I consider my wake up call.  In my pre-employment medical exam findings, I discovered that I had hypertension & my BMI classified me as obese-class 2 or severely obese despite losing 4 lbs.  My supposed employer rejected me because of that findings.  I felt very sad, depressed & my self-esteem was an all time low.  My doctor recommended strict proper diet & exercise 5-6 days a week! I was like, whaaat 6 times a week...uffff???

Me at 165 lbs.


That made me decide to take charge of my health since I have been so sickly & would always excuse myself from going to work 2-3times per month. I decided to start slow since I don't want to do any crash diets anymore. First I eliminated fruit drinks, iced teas & sodas out of my system & just drank more water.  It was a struggle for me at first since I didn't like plain favorless water but eventually I got used to it.  At the same time, I did hip hop abs, my first workout, started out 3 times a week. After a month, I added another workout day & at the same time started to eat brown rice. By October, I lost 10 lbs, weight dropped from 161 to 151lbs.  


Then all of a sudden, I hit my plateau.  My weight remained at 150-155 range for 6 months & worse was that my measurements hadn't changed as well.  I even felt more depressed come January when a tailor was taking my body measurements for our office uniform. I felt that I lost weight & could wear a size 31 jeans so I supposed my waist would shrink to 31 inches but voila, the tailor told me it measured 34 inches & not 31 that I hoped for. That made me sad, I thought I had been doing everything I can & then just to see that I was just 2 inches away from my starting waistline of 36.  It was then that I decided to eat veggies as a snack & dinner.


Last May, I went to a pharmacy to buy my medicines when I got tempted to weigh myself on the kiosk machine.  It said that I had 148 lbs & I was very happy. Finally I was out of the 150 range. After a week while I was exercising at a hotel gym, I saw a weighing scale & decided to weigh myself.  There I saw that I was 145 lbs. Another one for me! :D 


Me at 145 lbs


First week of June, while I was doing a research, I accidentally came across this site through google.  Since I was so wanting to know the calories I'm eating in, I decided to click the link.  From there I saw that this is actually an online fitness community support group & also saw a food diary wherein I can log everything.  Since I heard that logging your food is a very effective tool in losing the weight so I decided to give this site a try, anyway its free.  So I registered with a starting weight of 145 lbs. As I was logging every food I eat, I get surprised by the calorie content of every food that I eat & also the exercises burned.  No wonder I didn't lose weight.  I realized that I was underestimating my calorie intake while overestimating my exercises.


After a week of religiously logging all my food & exercises, I decided to have another weigh in.  This time my scale shows 142 lbs. WOW! Then came another week & my scale shows 141 lbs. I said to myself WOW this is actually working! Another week has passed & I was now under 140 lbs! This time around I added some strength training exercises.  Then 3rd week of June I was down to 135 lbs. & now under the healthy BMI of 24.6.  This time around people were starting to notice the big changes in my body & appearance.  Some people commented on how great looking I am now which is so flattering. In fact, I had the tailor make some adjustments on my uniforms because it is now too big for me after I tried it on.  My waist size dropped to 30 inches. 


July came when I decided to enrol in a martial arts class & at the same time added another day of  exercise making it 6 days a week. 3 days for cardio & 3 days for strength training.  I saw my pounds drop off from 135 to 130 & at the end of July, I was down at 129 lbs, my lowest weight ever after a decade!  This time around, more people saw the big change in me & every people I know commented on how much I lost weight & how pretty I am now. I'm getting thinner as days gone by.  Waist gone down to 29 inches & I was able to wear my size 29 jeans that I last wore way back when I was 19 years old & with my then weight of 110 lbs!


August came & still getting slimmer, my weight has gone down to 127 lbs. Then 3rd week of August, I was able to reach my goal weight of 125 inches. It is then that I changed my goals from losing 1lb. a week to maintain my current weight but still I keep on losing weight & inches.  This time I focused myself more on muscle toning.  End of August, I surpassed my goal weight at 122 lbs. & reached my goal waistline of 27 inches.  Presently, I weigh 120 lbs. (just weighed in this morning), waist still at 27 inches.  This time around everybody who knows me including my online friends commented how slim I am now & I look really great.  Men are giving me a second or even fifth look again as I passed by them. My former collegues & other friends who saw my latest pics on facebook even asked me for some advice on weight loss.  


Me at 122 lbs.


Me at my present weight:


I have never been this slim all my life, not even when I had 28 inches a decade ago as my arms and belly were flabby.  This is the first time ever that I wear a size 26-27 jeans, first time to have a toned arms & body. Before I could never imagine myself getting into this weight & size.  I was already feeling contented at 140 lbs., my lowest weight since 25, but I had a feeling to lose more if I still could.


After all what I've been through, I learned that with all right attitude, determination, hard work & discipline, anything is possible.  All you have to do is believe in yourself, never give up especially when in plateau & be positive enough to believe that you can do it. Weight loss has never been easy for me. It has been a very tough struggle for me. There are times wherein I feel lazy to workout, crave for anything sweet (even if I'm diabetic), I miss eating ice cream & cakes. I miss my powdered orange juice & iced teas, I miss my sodas. There were times that I also want to give up as I got stucked in a plateau for more than 5 months but my inner conscience told me to be patient & soon the pounds & inches will come off.  Many times I succumbed to weight loss mistakes & oftentimes failed.  Its just that I never let those circumstances ruin my momentum.  


I think my greatest weight loss advice that I can give to you is NEVER GIVE UP! Weight loss can be tough. All of us go through hard times.  But remember that we are all here in this site to learn & support each other in times like this.  If other people can do it, so can you! 


 (PS:  Sorry I'm having hard time putting the pictures.  I can't figure out how it works.  Tried lowercasing the "img" but it still won't work)






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