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The New Mrs!

This Saturday I married my long-time best friend. We met as kids in Sunday school and grew up together. Around high school we parted ways and had no contact for 15 years. Through the wonders of the internet and Facebook, we reconnected and became good friends as adults. Then we decided to try out that thing people call dating and after 2 years he popped the question in November.

After LOTS of planning over the last seven months, it was finally our wedding day and it was wonderful!! Better than I could have ever imagined. I can't wait for our pictures to come back. Here are a few from the weekend.

 photo null_zps9106e1b6.jpg

My sister and good friend, my bridesmaids. We had a small wedding party and that was perfect for us.

 photo null_zps877ee949.jpg

My bouquet was stunning with roses, green dangly things, hydrangeas, and peacock feathers.

 photo null_zps216c559f.jpg

Mr. and Mrs.!!!!

 photo null_zps092ae7f8.jpg

Someone signed our guest book in character as Lady Stark from Game of Thrones. Classic!!!

 photo null_zpsa41251e4.jpg

My husband checking out the view from our balcony. It's so cool and weird and new to call him that!


 photo null_zpsd6ee9d5b.jpg

We stayed out at Dana Point in a great little inn that was personal and wonderful. We hope to go back as an anniversary trip each year. We were over the harbor and could watch people paddle boarding and we could check out the tall ships below. It was awesome!

We're still in recovery from the weekend. Everyone was SOOOO tired but it was very very worth it!!!

Yay!!! We're married!!!!

May Progress Report

Starting in April, after months of no loss on the scale, I decided to take pictures and focus on how my body looked and felt rather than the numbers. Here are the pictures I took from April 1st, May 1st and, June 1st.


 photo null_zps6e2eaa28.png

Tummy is looking small and my sides look slimmer.

Lots of change from the side. My arms look smoother.


 photo null_zps5462708c.png
More changes. The side views shows so much!
 photo null_zps3b211e3a.png


And the last. These back pictures really show changes around my waist, my back and my hips. Just shrinking away. And my weigh-in after two months showed me down 5 lbs from the start of April but up a pound from May. Go figure....

The process of taking progress pictures is really humbling and also uplifting. When you don't see the changes in the mirror, it can be defeating. But these pictures show a while different story.

Wedding is in 5 days!

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