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Mid-May Progress

Looking at these makes me feel like the incredible shrinking woman. The scale isn't budging but the pictures have proof that something is changing.

 photo null_zpsc5168879.png
 photo null_zps6eaf8eaa.png
 photo null_zps7bfc24e0.png
 photo null_zpsd172c2ad.png
I'll follow up at the end of May and then I'll have two months worth of pictures to show my progression.


Down to 24 days till our wedding!

April Progress Report

For the month of April, I buckled down and made some goals. First I wanted to see 6 lbs gone. Also I wanted to stick to logging and firmly stick to a workout plan.

Out of the three things I wanted to accomplish, I did pretty well. I'm down 4 lbs, I completed 24 out of 30 logs, and I'm pretty satisfied with my 25 out of 30 days of exercise.

While I would have loved 2 more pounds to be gone, my pictures tell another story. I can see SOOO much progress that those 2 little pounds don't even bother me. 

Now to see the evidence!


 photo null_zps396b915f.png


 photo null_zps4c3a8430.png
 photo null_zps2aef44a5.png
 photo null_zpsb68b6352.png
And there you have it! Lots of improvement! I see it mainly around my midsection and my back. So much smoother and smaller!

I'm not sure yet what I'm doing for May but I have 31 days for the pictures on the right to become my before pictures! And I plan to keep up the workout routine in the morning before work and I will continue to log 6 out of 7 days a week. By the end of May I'd love to see another 4 lbs gone and to see myself shrink just a bit more.



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