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Mid-Way Progress

So it turns out that blogging at home on my Mac is near impossible. It does not like the HTML program here. Which means my daily goal of blogging my food and meals and whatnot is no longer as much an option. Coming back to work on Monday and then writing three days worth of stuff is annoying.

Anywho. It's mid-April and I'm in the midst of a cleanse by Sambazon. 

 photo 2E52A8F6-1E31-4271-B6F0-D6B047F02B14-2901-000000F258438C3A_zpse077d3cf.jpg


Do I love it? No. Do I hate it? No. It's a nice break from the daily grind of coffee/breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner. Just a little digestion break although I'm still eating foods, just no meat.

I miss meat...

My real reason for posting is to show my progress pictures I took yesterday. This is a perfect month with 30 days, making the 15th the exact middle of the month. Ok here it goes. It ain't pretty but it's progress.


 photo 69404D5F-1BB9-44CE-B090-7E7FF24D4331-2901-000000F116E02930_zps1619c616.jpg

Front and center. I can see a little around my rib cage and my face. Small changes.

 photo 482412C8-90B8-40FE-9197-AA45A8B1879C-2901-000000F1182E9773_zpsda418571.jpg


Not much changing on the side view though I wish my little tunny bulge would go!


 photo 59739244-2EF1-455E-8BDA-7A679A17C24E-2901-000000F11949C449_zps716b68e4.jpg


Same on this side.

 photo EE48DF62-E84D-4AB2-9A53-011C08C228DF-2901-000000F114AD7642_zpsb41dafe3.jpg

Now I do see a lot here, I look smoother and smaller around the upper rib cage. I'm not completely happy but not completely down about it because I do see change. I just wish I could see more.

15 more days!

Man Down!

Day 5 and I'm hurt. Not emotionally or anything sappy like that. No, for real, I'm injured.

I went out for my Thursday run with the group and around 3.5 miles I had to walk and finish off with limp. I'm super pissed that I can't run tomorrow. I was planning to up my mileage and now I'm down and out for a bit while my heel heals.


But I've logged and stuck to my challenges for 4 straight days now. I'm pretty happy with my diligence and my progress so far. I started this week at 196 lbs and saw 192 lbs.

I have been as low as 189 lbs so I feel that the numbers shifting right now is just water weight. I'm working to get to my base number of 190 lbs. When I get there, then I'll start to really see a difference. But I'm still happy to see lower numbers.

Picture time!!!

 photo 397E2FC7-D599-4CD1-B4C0-C5A630FB0AD8-2531-000000D4FC5C2443_zps1f76907d.jpg


We are out of breakfast burritos to so I had to make breakfast. Love me some egg whites with crumbled sausages. I added a little cheese and salsa for flavor. When I was shopping this week and picking up salsa I made sure to read the labels and find a salsa that didn't have any added sugar. It was harder than I thought! But this La Victoria was great and without sugar added in.

 photo D55D3503-35B6-4833-8B9F-904654C0B961-2531-000000D4FFF386B8_zpsd7c19604.jpg


I changed up my snacks again and added a nice trail mix of seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and yogurt chips.I bought bags of these trail mixes when they were on sale and the guys didn't like them. I was bummed because I was hoping it'd be a slam dunk at home. So they are now in my snack drawer at work. More for me!

 photo ACDEB92B-367E-4E61-90A0-DB99E9E6EC2B-2531-000000D5021290C9_zps1cc1b79d.jpg


Sorry, no lunch picture. I kinda ated it all. I took my chicken breast and instead of reheating it, I left it cold and shredded it over my salad. I took the left over cheese from breakfast and sprinkled that on top. Delicious!

 photo 58BFA874-6A4B-4E49-85A4-DEC6101CDEE4-2531-000000D504714D5B_zps50b9a837.jpg


I did some shopping yesterday to refill my empty snack drawer. I allowed myself some dark chocolate treats. These were very tasty and totally satisfied my sweet tooth.

 photo 2D5FA368-7A18-4DF6-A5E5-58389FEF63F0-2531-000000D50727B752_zpse10ae226.jpg


After work I suited up for my 5 mile Thursday run with my group. I was really really looking forward to it since I had been off for over a week. But I had a nagging ache in my right heel that I hoped would ease up as I ran.

I've been testing out different types of energy supplements for my running and last night I tried these. They were not the best tasting things but I found that they gave me a boost but didn't make me shaky. I liked them but I may need to find another flavor. Chocolate cherry just isn't so yummy.

 photo 360D054E-4326-4124-A1C1-1B40F611C119-2531-000000D510032CB3_zps4031d6c0.jpg


My run was going really well until my heel pain just took over and I couldn't push through it any more. We walked most of the way home and I was super pissed. I don't WANT to be injured! I'm blaming my new shoes and I'll be heading to the running store tonight to have it checked out. Three years of running and never a problem with heel pain then I buy new shoes and BAM! Heel pain.

 photo A5402C27-2CED-4727-8BB0-3CE41073F1B3-2531-000000D509AE0F1A_zps66bede70.jpg


I came home tired and upset and sweaty to find my love had brought home dinner and a treat: HUMMUS! This time he got the raw garlic and cayenne hummus which has a major kick. WOAH! So good!

 photo 0D554547-BC21-4F28-8CFA-3E06B9214C74-2531-000000D50CAC6B00_zpsed8c60c2.jpg


Dinner was grilled steaks, green beans and a wonderful basmati rice salad that was sweet without being too sweet. It was TOTALLY worth the pain of running/walking with a bum heel!

So now to work through the aches in my heels and get better without losing my motivation. I can overcome this and as long as I log my food, keep myself accountable and maybe focus on arms and abs the next few days, I'll be good as new and back on the road again soon.

 photo 0A3FEDFC-D861-45B9-9779-1A4EE074F899-2531-000000D510F8AFEB_zps4f1f38c1.jpg


Routine and Change

This April I've realized is an experiment. A test to find a balance between sticking to a routine and changing things up here and there so that things don't get boring and I don't lose focus. It's a tough balance to find for me since I tend to be so very letter of the law.

Yesterday I logged my food, did an interval routine at home and drank my water. I stuck to my planned routine but was able to mix things up just enough to not feel stale. 

And now for PICTURES!!!

 photo 53252A78-0CEB-4819-87C1-7FD408A3D756-433-00000021676DA6DA_zpsf3faf5d9.jpg

 First snack was a clementine orange and some nuts. Love prepackaged snack baggies! And having Emerald snack packs are great because they keep well in my desk drawer and come in a few different flavors. I usually have the cocoa and cinnamon flavored ones but I'm all out! Time for a shopping trip!

 photo 0340E058-F35C-4CD2-8479-D7675E35A58C-433-000000216E49D431_zpsa092b5b0.jpg

My second snack of the day was my same old garlic hummus (which is sadly all gone now) but I changed up the veggies to tomatoes and cucumbers. Just as tasty and filling.

 photo 86894FD0-8E06-4AAB-AA13-97B8A46E852B-433-000000216B376ED5_zps0e97f827.jpg

Had some low energy levels so I added some energy supplement to my water to give me a little boost. I drink two of these bottles a day bringing me up to 3 liters. The packet of energy boost says to add to 16 oz but I think it'd be too sweet so I just filled the whole thing up and add it to that. It seems to defuse the sweetness but still gives enough flavor to the water.

 photo 995d2918-f96e-4a6c-885d-c1a501c0ebc3_zps03a0d1fe.jpg

I made my own interval workout at home for my sister and I to do before dinner. I could have added a fourth workout and will next time. I'll also cut down on the minute rest between rounds. Oh and I need a bigger kettlebell. My 15 lb blue one just isn't heavy enough any more.

NSV? I'll take it!


 photo AA9DD748-AD1E-4AB4-BEC7-9B91E5E39FEE-433-000000217294091B_zps7dfefe0a.jpg


Been trying out different energy gels and supplements to use while running my longer distances. So far I'm up to 7 miles on Saturday but we're talking of upping it to 8 miles. YIKES! These are tasty and work well. I have to be careful because they can make me jittery if I take it on a mostly empty stomach.

 photo 97EF564D-B86B-4389-9D0C-B06330257226-433-0000002A5CF034E0_zpsd5a55d66.jpg

And dinner was baked salmon with roasted potatoes and zucchini with squash.The salmon was a bit over flavored but still flaky and juicy. There were a few fillets left over so I have my lunch protein all ready for me tomorrow!

I was pretty happy with my day. I logged everything and changed up a few meals here and there but was able to stick to the main idea: be accountable and log it! Make it a routine. I was also good with my after dinner "dessert". We poured some wine and I had maybe a 1/2 a glass.

But the biggest challenge was saying "No Thanks!" to some M & Ms. I'm doing so well I didn't want to spoil it by eating a trigger food. Chocolate is a food I really can't have when I'm tired or cranky because those moods lead to overeating. I'll start with a single serving and next thing you know, the whole bag is gone and I'm stuffed. So I just stayed away from them all together.

 photo 7885213D-1419-4EB6-9B9A-2F8450CB4A76-433-000000216700D205_zps7e1345bb.jpg


The last bit of my April transformation is to work on my sleep. I NEED MORE! But unfortunately this hasn't quite worked out yet. I'm still feeling tired and I know I need to be more persistent with an earlier bed time. 

But last night my sister and my friend both came over to help me stuff wedding invites. Without them I would still be stuffing envelopes and I really appreciate their banter and help. It got done (ALL OF IT!) and now I just need to address and mail the suckers. But that meant I wasn't in bed until 10:30.

Hopefully I can get more rest tonight. I have a run planned while the boys all get their tuxes fitted.

Until tomorrow!

Ups And Downs Kinda Day

I think to keep me on track I'm going to be blogging throughout April. A post everyday would be nice though I bet some days will be harder to get to the computer than others.

Yesterday was one of those days where I wasn't sure how it would end. Would it be a good day? A bad day? I decided it was a moot day. It kinda negated itself with an even mixture of good and bad.

This blog will be picture heavy since I documented most of the day on Instagram.

My lunches for the week have all been pre-made. A salad of spinach and arugula with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side of chopped veggies. The main portion is either steak or chicken. If I have steak for lunch, I eat chicken for dinner and visa versa. 

 photo 46EB890C-872F-4BE8-A430-A2E0EC8D8472-435-0000001F6F826B7C_zps1d29d15f.jpg


I had raspberries as my snack and decided to through in some cocoa roasted almonds. It was very satisfying and amazingly tasty, the dark chocolate and raspberry making a sweet and tasty mix.

 photo BA7633C4-6588-453B-BC7C-D9BFECA574D9-435-0000001FC9686817_zps6eb5115e.jpg


Then we went out last night for a show and had to dine on site to keep our place in line. I ordered some rather bland grilled chicken tacos that I spruced up with the salsa they had on the table for chips. It's amazing how something so simple as grilled chicken can be ruined so easily by not seasoning it properly. But I ate it and substituted the refried beans for black beans.

 photo 093ECD6A-ACD0-40D7-AC2B-D6C7BFE9CF1D-435-0000001F876D5789_zps9661e0c9.jpg


I probably could have left the beans alone because who knows how much sodium is in there! I could feel it in my ankles as the night wore on and I made sure I drank a lot of water after the show to help restore some balance.

 photo F968B778-FAB1-4729-B2AC-C02E0C73FDEF-435-0000001FA0BB9F66_zps435c4919.jpg


Another snack that day was a raw garlic hummus with carrot sticks. In the past I've bought Sabra hummus which is pretty good but I would always end up with stomach cramps. Pretty painful to deal with and so not worth the tastiness of the hummus. So I looked over the ingredients and found the offending one: tahini! It's ground sesame seeds and I am sensitive to anything sesame. 

So I had to lay off the hummus and that disappointed me because I do love hummus. I tried to make some at home and just couldn't get the right balance.

Well to my great pleasure, Mother's Market near us makes a raw garlic hummus without tahini or sesame seed oil and it's TO DIE FOR! I'd eat this for every meal! 

And guess what? NO TUMMY ACHES! Yay!

 photo EBEEEAC3-0657-44D4-B58F-FBF1A4A92174-435-0000002023BA7A80_zps035e326b.jpg


One of the bummer parts of the day along with the bland (kind of expensive) dinner we had was that I found out my maps for my wedding invites were wrong by a single digit. Grrrr! Luckily I can go home and reprint them with the correct address and move on. It's just annoying that I had to shred 100 maps because of one little mistake.

 photo 0B8C5F68-ABCD-4732-B3C1-8D5F5C38CA8E-435-0000001F437563D1_zps7d416f10.jpg


An awesome part of the day was taking my son to his first concert!We took him to see Lindsey Stirling at the Anaheim House of Blues and had a little moment with her before the show to take pictures and meet with her. My fiance and I have already had the chance to see her last year so this was all for the little man. And she was awesome. Totally attentive to Jake and very sweet. She even signed his VIP pass!

Sadly though,that pass was lost throughout the night. My son is still pretty young and short. When he went to use the restroom he took it off and put it in his pocket so it wouldn't get caught on something and it somehow fell out. I was heartbroken for him but we still enjoyed a fantastic show.

Check out Lindsey's song Crystallize. It's my favorite!

 photo F4EDD325-E11D-4147-B043-8A595B01EF99-435-0000001F46C623D1_zps2d4169cc.jpg


My little man and me :)

 photo F4B4E2F6-2035-4B32-8478-3348F0C8209C-435-0000001F4C879DBA_zps552b5695.jpg


The Guy and me! <3

 photo 465FB61A-C521-44BE-B556-29711F93B5B6-435-0000001F6A1A965F_zps9c2b93e4.jpg


My final through for today is on logging. I'm onto Day 3 of my April challenges and so far I'm doing ok. I still have enough snacks and lunches pre-made to make it through Friday. Then I'll have to settle down and make some more to make it through the weekend. The weekends can be so tough because we get SOOOO busy. But I plan to log through it and stick to be accountable for all my choices whether during the week or on the weekend.

My fiance has been super supportive and helpful. I don't know why I struggle with logging especially since it's what makes or breaks my healthy eating attempts. The moment I stop logging, I stop caring and then it starts with some sweet treat to another and then a lot. Next thing you know I'm eating sweets with every meal and the scale tips in the wrong direction. 

I know this behavior, I see it and I know how to change it but I just....don't. So I'm working to adjust my thinking and just work with logging everyday. No matter what!

Fresh Start With Before Pictures

I decided that April would be a good place to kick start a few new routines. Pre-packing my meals, keeping up my water, logging, keeping a regular workout schedule. All that good stuff I have been avoiding up to this point.

Along with the posting of my meals and finishing my diary each day, I also took some before pictures. After I had my Guy snap a few, I realized I've never taken any with the intention of using them to track my progress. I think I have some really old ones from a few years ago but I needed something more current, something to use here and now.


 photo AE656015-F94B-425F-A87C-852BFB373986-19137-000006873DE20AB8_zps4e2b69f5.jpg


 Here I am currently. I'm 196 lbs.
I'm 5'9".
About 3 years ago I was my highest at 202 lbs.
 photo 5FC75DB6-E0B6-4FA7-92F6-F3E188739261-19137-00000687408791BD_zps9643062d.jpg

 I've been running for 3 years and have recently been adding in weight training.

 photo AFCF8352-BA11-4D08-939F-42DA6EAA0F81-19137-00000687445E25BC_zpsffb18c63.jpg

I consider myself to have a curvy figure, very hourglass. I have a petite waist but broad shoulders and wide hips.

And I have a pretty curvacious backside. 

 photo A12BDA5B-6CB7-4235-B341-7BF31C435E8F-19137-000006874806A61A_zpsb6c75e7b.jpg


 Ooof. Not so pretty.

I was wearing the tightest workout clothes I had to really show off my problem areas and my figure without being all nekked and stuffs.

There I am, all my 196 lbs and whatnot. My plan is to hit 190 lbs this week and stay there. To I firm up and balance out my weight training schedule and my running schedule. 

Everything I'm working to improve this month I've done before, I've just struggled to stick to it. I'm hoping that posting about it will make me more accountable and will help me to really do my best.


 photo 455582C6-25D0-4E22-AAD3-2DB7B54C8D2C-19137-000006874BDDA832_zps769a4f0a.jpg


Make It Work: April Goals

I know they say you can start new goals at any time you want. And while that's true for some, for me I work better when a goal can begin at the beginning of something else, be it a month or a year or a week.

So it happens to work perfectly that April begins on a Monday. A perfect time to reflect and refocus.

This month I've set some personal goals, some weight loss goals and some fitness goals to accomplish before April 30th. I tend to slack a bit so I figured writing them down and committing to them via this blog would help with me sticking to them.

First a similar goal I've tried (and failed) to reach this year: 50 miles in a month. I want this number and I think this will be the month to finally hit it. I also want to work on my wall-sit and start out at 10 secs and work up to 5 minutes.

Second: Eat clean(er). To me this means making my own lunches, including veggies and leafy greens. Cutting out the pre-packaged foods and going for more whole foods and snacks.

This will take planning on my part and lots of will power to stay away from sweets and snack treats. So this weekend I buckled down and pre-made all my lunches this week.

I baked 6 breasts of chicken with some seasonings. Then I cut them up into servings of 4.5 oz each. After that I chopped some bell peppers and cucumbers to add to baby spinach for a salad. Then I roasted a bunch of potatoes for some small potato wedges on the side.


 photo 8CFB2A9F-0481-4137-AE3A-F28525C331D3-17960-00000624102053AD_zps7c4a2b7a.jpg

Turned out pretty good I'd say. I have green beans and carrots at home along with a nice raw garlic hummus to add for a snack. All I need to do tonight is make a salad dressing. I added a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar with pepper and while it was good, it could use more flavor.

Another goal: To see 190 lbs and stay there. That's my breaking point. That number gets to me every time and I think it's because my body gets stuck and I lose my willpower to work it through. Gotta stick with it!

And my last is a personal one. We cleaned out our closets this weekend and I realized I either have dream jeans or jeans that are too big. I have nothing that fits just right at the moment. So I threw on the closest to fitting jeans today and my goal is to fit in them comfortably by the end of the month. A small task but a huge one for me!

There you have it. My April goals!

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