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Another Race For The Books

Another year, another race. Or two.

It's only the second week of 2013 and I've already run my first race. I hit up San Diego for my annual Resolution Run 5k around De Anza Cove. This was my third year running this course.

The back story of this event is that I got the bug to run my first race in 2010 while my son was away for a week. I signed up for one in San Diego where my sister was living at the time. But before the race could happen, an issue came up with the event organizers over permits or something so they canceled the and offered everyone an entry into their January New Years race. I was bummed and had no clue how I was going to get myself down there with my son and run the damn thing so I wrote it off.

Then January of 2011 arrived and my good friend/now fiance and I made the trek down to Mission Bay to get me across that finish line. Little did I know what this race would spark.

I finished in 41 minutes and struggled most of the way but it created in me a fire I didn't know I had. After fighting to finish this race I found myself hungry to do it again. And again. Now three years later, I returned a better, more experienced runner.

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This year was no different than the ones before. Down we went on Saturday, just the three of us. We spent Saturday visiting around the area, picking up my bib, checking out little sight-seeing spots and spending time together. Then we checked into the Hilton there in Mission Bay and enjoyed the time spent in each others company the night before my race. Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and I was up and dressed, sneaking out of the hotel room to jog to the start line and race.


The Guy and I started this trek as romantic friends and now come full circle as a soon-to-be-wed couple. It's kinda fun to think back and see how far we've come together and how this is the way we've started each year, no matter where we were in life. He was there for me in the beginning, cheering me on at the finish line and look how far I've come.

Last year I proudly boasted a new time for this course. I started in 2011 with a time of 41 minutes and in 2012 walked away with a new time of 36 minutes. I was so pleased with this improvement I practically cried. And it began my 2012 journey to run 12 races.

This year was even better. I woke up to a soggy morning and got myself ready to run. I took my time getting to the start and enjoyed the energy of all the people coming out to race. This year seemed bigger and they were sending us off in waves. I took a conservative approach and started in the third wave of 5k racers and stuck to a reasonable pace of 12 min/mile.

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I crossed the finish line with an app time of 36 minutes which I was ok with. But I waited for the official results knowing my chip time would be most accurate. In the end I finished with a time of 35:48, my best thus far!



I don't foresee myself starting my year any other way. It's become a tradition to make the trek to San Diego and spend a night there, awaiting the morning of my first race. We're even talking about spending two nights next year and making the day before the race a nice family day out.

Now to set my sights on a goal for 2013. Along with making it through our wedding with most of my sanity intact, I'm planning to run the See Jane Run Half Marathon in Seattle this July. It's one big goal so I'm just going to focus on training for that, surviving my Big Day and then making it to Seattle to run this race.

I'm excited and nervous for both events but looking forward to extending my mileage and pushing myself to improve my running even further.

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