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First 10k and 5k Personal Best

This weekend I ran the Coast Run 10k in the Green 10k Series here in Southern California.

It was a chilly morning on the California coast but perfect for running. I was sore from my workout Wednesday but not nearly as sore as I had been days before. I was just hoping to make it to the end and to come in around 80 minutes.

My first race was a 5k in January and I ran it in 41 minutes. That was the first time EVER that I ran more than just up and down a soccer field. I hadn't trained and I wasn't as prepared as I'd hoped to be but I did it.

Taking my time from that first run I figured I could do a 10k in roughly 80 minutes, just two 5ks back to back. Again, I'm not a runner and I don't have much freedom to really train for running but in the past year I've been more active and more in shape so I was hoping that would translate into a good run.



(I'm in the blue shirt)

In the end we ran our 10k in 1:22:51. Not bad being that around mile 4 my hip started to bother me and running became painful. Coming in at aroud 83 minutes is not bad at all for a non-runner with an injury around the 4th mile!

I came in at 109th in my age group and 434th overall. And I see this race becoming an annual challenge to see how much my running/time improves each year.

As for my 5k time, I ran it in just under 37 minutes! So I beat my original 5k time of 41 minutes! That was probably the biggest moment for me overall. To see my time improve by 4 minutes.

Now I'm looking forward to my run in January when I get to challenge myself again.


Goals for 2011: September Report

People...It's September. We're in the last quarter of the year. That means only 3 more months to wrap up my Goals for 2011. I've checked in every 3 months and you can go back and see my posts in January, March and June.

For each goal I set out to accomplish in January I also set a reward for myself.  I've got them all listed below along with the updates/successes in bold

Here are my 2011 goals and rewards along with updates on each:

1) Read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. I already have the first volume in a 2 book series that includes A Study In Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles. 

My reward? Buying the graphic novel versions of A Study In Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles.  Redundant, I know, but I'm a comic book geek and the idea of owning these makes my mouth water. They are beautiful and I have my eyes set on them.

Update: I'm now at 87% finished! I must say I love Sherlock Holmes and Watson. They are great characters and the stories are fascinating. But...reading them back to back to back in an anthology like I am gets a little boring. So I did put it down and finished some other books then picked it up again. I'm now into The Hound of the Baskervilles and almost to the end! I see myself finishing this soon!

2) Continue to cook/bake. I conquered my fear and loathing of all that is culinary this past year. I taught myself to cook and bake pretty well. Ask my many fans who have reaped the benefits. I have no measurable goal for this like the first but I don't want to stop working at improving my skills in the kitchen. I guess one marker would be to take at least one class, preferably a basics course on knife skills.

My reward? A professional grade kitchen knife set. I haven't picked one out yet but I'm eying a few sets at Sur La Table. I made my virgin trip to Sur La Table this weekend in Irvine and fell head over heals in love with the store. It was a culinary heaven.

Success!!! I took my Essential Knife Skills course in May with my dad and my sister. We took it together and learned a lot of basics. PS: It was at one of my favorite stores, Sur La Table. I can't wait to now pick out my new knife set and get to really chopping and dicing. 

Next I have a Groupon to take a cooking course with a friend.

3) Lose 10 lbs by January 2012. Ok...this is the kicker. I'm setting the bar low and making this a LONG term goal because I'm struggling so badly with my weight-loss goals. I've not met one yet. So, I'm setting up a small goal to be met over a long period of time. This way if I do more than this, I'll have far exceeded my initial goal.

My reward? A spa day followed by a shopping day for some new clothes. I'm horrible at keeping up my clothing. I allow them to fade and fall apart long before I replace them so I end up in frump mode. So I am making it a goal to treat myself to a mommy-free day of massages and clothes shopping.

Success: I did it!!! I've hit the first 10 lbs marker! It was a long and tough road but I stuck it through and now I get to plan my me-time and get pampered!



4) Finish a big quilting project by mid-April. I've been working on this thing for a long time. It's been touch and go due to my hectic schedule and also due to my self-taught quilting style. There are so many things I learned from this process and things I'm still learning that I've signed up for a quilting class to fill in the gaps of my knowledge. So the goal is to finish the quilt (I'm 85% of the way done) before May and then finish the course work for the class I'm taking.

My reward? A quilt fabric shopping spree! There are some great quilting shops in my area that I don't visit because I know I'll go wild! But I'll go in and allow myself a little shopping time to bulk up my stash and treat myself to some purdy fabric!

Success!!! I did meet this goal (and then some) back in April.The quilt came out great and I've been having a blast picking out new material for my fabric stash.

5) Run the Resolution Run 5k in January in under 41 minutes. In January 2011 I ran this 5k in 41 minutes. In 2012 I want to see some minutes shaved off.

My reward? Nothing but the total pride and joy of having improved my running time and my health. 

Out of five goals, I've accomplished two. That's not too shabby. And two of those goals are long term, not to been completed for another 6 months so I'm feeling pretty on track for not being really all that....well....on track!

Update: I've already paid for and scheduled this trip to San Diego for this race on January 8, 2012. I'm looking forward to seeing my stats after this run and to see if after a year of working out and running/dancing/pumping iron has made an improvement on my time.

3 out of 5 goals accomplished! Not too shabby I say!

Next check in will be after my race in January where I hope to see 100% completion!

One Year Anniversary Of The Come-Back Kid

On September of 2010, I found this little weight-loss tool in the iPod market for apps. I downloaded it and began to play with it, only really understanding the very basic uses for this tool.

It wasn't until I found out it had a website a couple of weeks later that I finally got my health moving in the right direction. That tool was My Fitness Pal.

In the past year we've gone from Pre-K to Kindergarten. I now have a full grown boy in my house that eats all the time and can add and uses big words like "electricity" and "constricts". We've been camping on our own (and survived). We had friends come and go but found the deepest of friendships in our family members. I've made it through two heart breaks to only find myself better and stronger.

Today is my year anniversary here. And below are my stats that have seen some changes over the course of 12 months. Most of my original measurements started last Fall but some I began tracking only this year so please excuse the inconsistent dates.



37.5 inches


32.25 inches

Lost: 5.25 inches



40 inches


39 inches

Lost: 1 inch






Lost : 1.25 inches



14.5 inches


13.75 inches

Lost: 0.75 inches

Overall loss: 8.25 inches

And now for the weight.

9/2011 (heighest) 202 lbs

9/2011 191 lbs

Lost: 11 lbs

NSVs for me:

  • I can make it through a 1 hour Zumba class only taking breaks for the music to change.
  • I have muscle definition in my thighs.
  • I can't wear size 16s, 14s are a little too big but wearable and 12s are snug.
  • I can hold a lunge position (properly!)

I have no real tips for those starting out except, no matter how hard and far you fall, come back. Just promise yourself to always come back even if it means starting from scratch. I'm not consistent (not here or even in life) but if anything, I try to always come back to what works and being here, logging and checking in is what works for me.




Wish the pictures were better but being that I'm still about 20 lbs away from where I feel best about myself, I stay away from the front of the camera as much as possible.

Here's to the next year.

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